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September 8, 2020

Memories Of Astral Projection Experiences Upon Waking UYT255

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How To Recognize That Your Astral Body Is Leaving Your Physical Body

We have spoken about how to astral project for beginners previously. The next step in the astral projection how-to’s is about remembering the astral projection experiences that you undergo. Basically, remembering your dreams.

You all astral travel in dreams; however, you don’t always remember them or even recognize that you are leaving your body to take flight in the universe. A lucid dream is one form of astral projection source.

Memories Of Astral Projection Experiences Upon Waking

Signs Of Astral Travel In Dreams

When you feel that you are flying, it is a sure sign that your astral body is leaving your physical body to experience timelessness and spacelessness.

Some of the other signs or hints that you are about to leave your body as you fall asleep are falling, floating, or sinking. All these mean that you are about to have an astral journey.

Experiencing buzzing, clicking, or humming as you rouse from sleep are good signs that your astral body or energy body and physical body are again uniting after an O.O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experience).

Dream Memories, Signs Of Astral Projection

If you have awakened suddenly, being jolted out of a dream is another sign that an astral body projection has occurred.

Some other signs of astral traveling upon awakening are:

  • Being unable to move
  • Feeling that you have awoken but are still in a dream
  • Experiencing Lucid Dreams
  • Being able to control what is happening in your dream state
  • Seeing a shining cord attached to your physical body while dreaming
  • Wandering around familiar places while dreaming

However, some of the most common experiences are that of your astral body floating above. I may also float beside your physical body during sleep or unconscious, such as during a medical procedure.

Remembering Your Astral Travel For Beginnerslearn all about astral projection for beginners

The simplest and most efficient way of remembering your astral experiences is to use a dream journe=al. Most of you will awaken in the middle of the night from a vivid dream. The dream will be so striking that you will feel assured that you will remember it in the morning. What happens to those dream memories, Poof? They are gone in the morning.

All that remains is the knowledge that you have had a very fantastic experience, and you can still feel the emotion. Just like a daily diary helps you remember past events during your awakened state, a dream journal will do the same for your sleeping states.

The simplest way to keep a journal is to keep a notebook or recording device beside your bed. Every time you wake from a dream, quickly record it in as much detail as possible. When I kept my first dream journal, I used a mini-cassette recorder ( am I dating myself).

At first, I would remember having recorded the dreams. But as I progressed, I would have several dreams recorded and not remembered doing so. These experiences were and still are amazing. My astral projection stories are beautiful adventures, and I still enjoy recalling them. You can do the same.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why we forget our dreams and astral projection experiences
  • Signs that you are having an Astral Travel experience
  • How to remember your dreams and Out Of Body Experiences

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Memories Of Astral Projection Experiences Upon Waking, and you too could remember the astral journeys that you take.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • K.K. – Is there a specific dream world? I have a schematic of my dream world like a map.
  • J.T. – ​Is there a way to tell the difference between a dream which is created by your imagination and a dream which is a memory not of your own (yet)?
  • K.W. – I have a quick question. I don’t dream. It’s sporadic now when I do. I’m so exhausted when I go to bed that it’s like I blackout when I sleep. And I put meditating music on, and it hasn’t brought it back. How can I get my dreams back? If that’s possible..?
  • J.T. – ​Is there a way to tell the difference between a dream which is created by your imagination and a dream which is a memory not of your own like a past life memory, for instance?
  • K.A. – ​I had my dog, that passed, come to me in my dream. It has never wavered in the dynamic. I wish I had more?
  • S.G. – I don’t have a problem remembering my dream sometimes, I can get answers to questions I have, but lately, I’ve wanted to connect with my higher self through dreams and can’t seem to. what can I do
  • T.L. – Hello, I am working on a recovery atm, currently 68 days clean from my alcoholism, and am looking to what I can do to get back into my meditations again truly and in my dreams. I’ve always believed in a higher power. I have a tattoo to remind myself that states,” by the grace, heaven will be my sanctuary.
  • K.K. – I feel disconnected from myself and desire “flow.” This results in my creativity being stifled because I don’t know how to step back into my total completeness? What do you think I can do, and is there maintenance I can do?
  • F.M. – ​Hope for a reading. Please give me a ​reading about my health and my mission in life, if possible. Thanks
  • S.G. – ​I know you said I have past-time things going on with my 3rd chakra; however, I’ve been feeling powerless and unable to make decisions. I have anxiety and slow digestion. how can I balance this chakra
  • K.A. – ​Could you scan my third chakra, please.
  • K.A. – ​​Was it him coming to me or me manifested it?
  • J.T. – ​Thank you very much! Your explanation made a lot of sense. Perhaps I should confess, but as of late, I’ve had this wild feeling that the dreams I’ve been having aren’t mine. ​And not a past life either.
  • A.Z. – ​Hi, Can I get a reading? I have been having some issues with my mental clarity. I have recently reunited with someone I used to love. Now, I am always thinking about him. ​Specifically, should I keep talking to him? Do you think it would end well? It has very much preoccupied my mind. Thanks.
  • L.A. – ​I wake up every single night at some point. Sometimes it’s midnight, sometimes 1:27 (etc.), and sometimes at 3:00 am. is that sportier waking me up, or more just me waking myself up?
  • L.A. – ​I have been reading your book and decided to pull out the intuition Blueprint you gave me in December, and it makes so much more sense going through it WITH your book! Thank you!

Astral Body Healing

Have An Astral Body Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

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