Your Belief Systems – Are They Really Yours UYT068

how our beliefs and values shape our actions and judgments

Your Belief Systems Where Did They Come From

What are your belief systems? how are belief systems formed? We all have a certain personal belief system about every aspect of our lives. Our beliefs create our reality. We have values and beliefs in regards to other peoples’ lives. These are sometimes called judgments. The interestinghow our beliefs and values shape our actions and judgments thing about a specific belief about someone or something it causes you, the believer, to be effected. This is how belief systems affect society.

Let’s examine a simple circumstance in your life. You have determined that a specific person has betrayed your trust. This is your perception of what has occurred.  Subsequently your emotional state changes. Our beliefs and values shape our actions. So you may become agitated or angry. If we consider the individual who has, in your eyes, betrayed you they may not even be aware of it. Their belief system does not recognize this as an affront to you whatsoever. Who is right and who is wrong. Beliefs and behavior go hand in hand.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth  as we discuss how these human belief systems have evolved and how beliefs affect our lives. More importantly we learn how to examine and alter them if need be.

In this podcast, Your Belief Systems – Are They Really Yours,  you will learn:-your belief systems where did they come from

  • What is a belief system?
  • The importance of your beliefs and how beliefs influence behavior.
  • How does belief influence action?

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