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February 7, 2017

Are You Aware That Words Have Power In Your Life – UYT054

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What Is The Importance Of Words In Your Life?

Are you really awado you understand the power of your wordsre that words have power and can be used for good and bad? What is the importance of words in your life and communication? Words are the basis of our interactions with each other and the power of communication is the skill to build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively.

I will give you one of the most powerful secrets of communication in a quote by the ex-president Bill Clinton, “People do not care how much know until they know how much you care.” This is absolutely true. So how do you do that? This is where the power of words comes into play as well as tone and body language! Mastering communication is learning to listen actively and communicate from the heart!

The Secret Power Of Words

Did you know that words only make up 7 percent of how we actually do communicate? Regardless we base our beliefs and understandings, for the most part, on words spoken and words are important. The importance of using words is very evident. I can’t express strongly enough the importance of using words correctly. This is one reason why there is so much miscommunication between individuals. They mean one thing but say something else which is one of the main issues when it comes to the lack of communication in a relationship, any relationship.

Even relationships outside of your intimate ones such as love and family require attention. In business, the art of communication is the language of leadership.

Sometimes we take our voice for granted. It is a complex combination of airflow and vibration which makes up the sound. This allows us the ability to speak. Speaking, in turn, allows us to make our will and desires know. Without the gift of our voices and words, our thoughts would never be realized.

We have looked at the power of manifestation in your life. One of the important aspects of this ability is to voice your intentions. These intentions will eventually become your reality. Taking this into consideration you can definitely see the power of your words as well as their importance. So one would think that there is a real importance to the words you use. Choose wisely!

The Power Of Words And Affirmations

If you listen to yourself or others you may notice that much of the conversations that you are privy to have a tinge easy love spells with just wordsof negativity. Many people, the majority actually, tend to like to share any problems and misfortunes that have occurred to them or those close to them. There is a saying “what you focus on grows”. I am sure that you have noticed this. The interesting thing about these negative issues is the more you speak about them the more power you give to them. Whether you believe that or not it is a law of the Universe.

The Law Of Attraction And The Power Of Your Words

You have heard the Law of Attraction. This is what we have been talking about. Your words becoming reality. If you study this at all you will definitely realize the strength and the actuality of how it works even if you may not want it to. For instance, the Universe does not understand the negativity. When you make a statement like “I do not want more financial problems” the Universe actually hears “I do want more financial problems. And guess what happens, you get more or the ones you have will persist. There is power in your words!

So by that statement, as you whine or gripe about your life to anyone that will listen, you are activating the negativity and they will become your reality. When you repeat something enough, vocalizing it sooner or later they will take hold not only in your own psyche but to all that hear you saying it.

Words Have Power: Power Words And Phrases

I am sure that in your line of work regardless of what it is there you use or have heard business power words or power words for sales being used. These words, especially in as many are scripted by people knowing the power of the spoken word, are used to increase results and in turn profits. Companies spend many dollars to have these created. You may have seen some of these? They are called television ads. If you think they don’t work. I will guess your laundry detergent, Tide. So why are these power words important to you. Because they are usually part of your pattern of negativity.

You have heard Popeye’s famous line “I is what I is and I am what I am…”. He was right on the money. The two using positive power words can change your lifemost powerful you can speak are “I am”. This declares exactly who you are. It speaks to your hopes, who you are, your achievements, your desires, and your hopes.

So when you use this phrase in a negative sentence about yourself you are declaring not only to yourself, the people around you but also to the Universe. And remember the Universe loves to give you exactly what you want. Regardless of whether you really mean it. In essence, you are slandering “Yourself”. and you will pay.

Remember always that you are more than this mere human being. Your true nature is Spirit and Spirit is perfection. As Spirit, you can conquer all negativity in your life. To connect to this alter ego meditation is a great resource. Once you do for a period of time you will notice that your state of self-awareness becomes more positive, more loving. The fear around your negativity will diminish by using positive power words. Your positive self-confident nature will bubble up.

In this podcast you will learn about the fact that Words Have Power:

  • What is the power of words?
  • Words and their specific, different frequencies.
  • How words are a vehicle of manifestation.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Are You Aware That Words Have Power In Your Life when we discuss the power of communication skills. Words are very powerful in that each carries a certain frequency. We will discuss exactly how they do this and the importance of this.

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