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March 7, 2017

Why Is Environmental Protection Important- UYT062

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Our Planet Earth Needs A Healing Badly

Why is environmental protection important? All of us at some time in our lives have been ill. What did you or someone that you love do? Of course, they tried to help you. Has anyone, who you really care about, in your life been ill or even very ill? What did you do or what would you have done to help them heal? I am going to venture an educated guess and say just about anything.

I have heard the stories of people donating their body parts, such as liver and bone marrow, to loved ones or even strangers. This is a wonderfully selfless act of kindness. Would you? Not everyone can do this. Fear can hold us back. However, once the stimulus is strong enough we can and will do anything our power to resolve a situation. Consider the soldiers who have died saving the lives of others like covering a hand grenade with their bodies protecting their fellow soldiers.

Why Is Environmental Protection Important?environmental pollution is killing us

Now let me ask you a different question. What would you do to protect someone if they held control of your oxygen supply? If they died or became incapacitated your oxygen would be cut off. Again let me take a wild stab at the answer. You would do anything! Well fellow travelers, on this beautiful planet called Earth, this is the exact position that we all are finding ourselves in. Let me put it into very simple words, what is the environment; what is the importance of the environment… it is the continuation of life for you and all living creatures.

The Earth is changing; our environment is dying if you will. However, once the planet dies it will remain and it will be Us that may be exterminated. The need and importance of environmental protection are extremely evident. We must preserve our environment. Every one of us needs to take on the task of protecting the environment.

Environmental Issues And Solutions

How to save the environment, ways to help the earth heal is a very popular topic in all circles of life as well as globally. How the Earth is being cared for or not cared for consists of trillions of small, everyday choices, ways to save our mother earth, made them by billions of persons on the whole Earth. So many of us do realize that there is a major issue but yet many of the same people go through their lives not making any changes whatsoever. Is it because they just can’t be bothered? Maybe the issue lies deeper than that. It could be that they just do not know what they can do personally to help the situation. I am certain that the problem seems to overwhelm most individuals. There are answers.

Environmental Protection Examples

The concept of environmental protection is not that alien to you by now. You have heard it many times in the news, during conversations at the coffee shop, and nowhere. So what can we do to save the environment? Here are just a few quick environmental conservation techniques:

  • Choose organic: We are killing our planet with the same solutions that we use to control our pests. This conservation of the environment would really make a change.
  • Different transport choices: Walk, bicycle or drive alternative energy or energy-efficient cars. Take the bus or fill your car with people as opposed to going to work being the only one in the vehicle. These are types of practices that harm the environment.
  • Buy a sweater: Control the temperature at home but choose a lower setting. Put on a sweater or the such. In the summer air conditioning is not a Must but a luxury that we as a whole can no longer afford.
  • Change light bulbs: Use high efficient bulbs such as LEDs that use much less energy and last many more years reducing manufacturing needs is one of the ways to reduce pollution.
  • Use an alternative energy source: One of the big ways of how to help the environment, of course, is moving to non-fossil fuels. Everything from solar to nuclear is a feasible choice.
  • Reuse, repair, and recycle: This speaks for itself as do the energy savings.
    • Bulk buying reduces packing requirements.
    • Reduce the number of things you buy. Who needs 15 pairs of shoes etc.
    • Throw out as little as possible. Donate or recycle where you can.
    • Buy quality merchandises which have a longer life cycle. Buying one better qualitwhat can we do to save the environmenty item is cheaper than buying two inferior units over the same time period.
  • Vote for the issues: Get involved. Stop electing money mongers who don’t give a darn about you and me or this world. Let’s get some statesmen in play here. People who care about the people and this planet.

Is It Too Late?

Environmental pollution is the issue and you and I are the solutions. What are the alternatives? What does the youth of the world have to look forward to? We really do not have a choice. Every one of us must make an effort to do our best, our utmost to stop killing this beautiful home we have. Even if it is too late what are we going to do lay down and die???

In this podcast, Why Is Environmental Protection Important, you will learn:

  • Is our planet going to die?
  • What can we do to help?
  • Connecting your energy with the planet”s.

We speak to some of the issues around ways to save the planet and how we can do our part in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is Environmental Protection Important. Listen and see if there is anything you can take on. Learning how to protect the environment is everyone’s problem and responsibility.

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