April 28, 2012

What Is The First Chakra? 

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The Root Chakra The First Of The Seven Major Chakras!

What is the first chakra? It is the first of the seven major chakras. Many names have been used to denote this energy center. In the Hindu system, it is called Muladhara. It’s also often referred to as the base chakra or root chakra.

The first chakra contains your information on physical reality and survival of the physical body. This includes information important for the survival of the species itself and healing of the physical body; as well as how to function in the world of physical forms and dualities.

What Is The First Chakra Purpose Of Being?

This energy center deals with duality and clearing this dilemma. Yin / Yang are two separate and distinct halves that when united form a complete oneness. These different natures are also the foundation for where transformation begins. When something is deemed to be a whole, it then reaches a status that is permanent, whole, and steady in character. If a whole is divided into its two portions, its yin and yang, it disturbs the equilibrium of the oneness. Each of the halves can be viewed to be in a state of chaos, seeking the other to become whole again forming a distinguished balance as a single entity.

The root chakra is related to the following purpose and behavioral characteristics:

  • Personal and Human Survival
  • Safekeeping, protection
  • Basic primal needs such as nourishment, self-preservation sleep, shelter,
  • Aspects of the body, individuality, and aspects of the id
  • One of the most important, Grounding

What Is The First Chakra Location

Most people refer to it as the First Chakra, as it is the first encounter as you travel up the trunk of the body near the base of the spine. It is the only energy center that is positioned differently between the sexes. It is located slightly higher in women than in men.

The chakra itself is shaped like a cone with the narrow end of the cone touching the spinal column and is oriented so that it is parallel to the ground. This orientation allows for a strong connection to the physical world as the entire base of this energy center can be grounded.

 root chakra blockage can effect all the chakrasWhat Happens When You Open Your First Chakra?

The spirit needs to take charge of the first chakra otherwise the physical body and its natural urges and instincts will predominate. You need to consciously own and operate your first chakra so that you the spiritual being can create the life you want.

If you have an unbalanced first chakra or root chakra blockage it may show up in your physical nature. It can manifest itself in problems like maintaining healthy body weight, nervous conditions, over-indulgence, or even hoarding of worldly goods.

It is of utmost importance to learn how to activate root chakras and keep them in proper balance. This energy center holds the foundation for the rest of your body and it is like the root of a plant. Without this solid rooting, the remainder of the chakras can be affected negatively.

Daily meditation is a great way to alleviate root chakra problems. Grounding meditation, a grounding root chakra meditation to be exact, is a simple but powerful technique that helps us release fear and rebalance a root chakra imbalance. Centering is another powerful technique that allows a neutral perspective and helps us not to get too carried away with our fear or extreme perspectives.

You can find both of these as guided meditations here.

In other articles and podcasts, we will discuss topics such as:

  • First chakra imbalance symptoms.
  • Whether your root chakra is open.
  • How to unblock your root chakra?
  • Root chakra healing meditation.
  • Sensing your first chakra color.

I hope you enjoyed this article. As a spiritual teacher, I meant it as a help for your spiritual evolvement.

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