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what is the ego in relation to your spirituality
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Why Are You So Attached To Your Ego?

What is the ego and especially what is a big ego? The ego is a huge part of every human being’s makeup. Not only does it affect their interaction with other people but also with the individualwhat is a big ego themselves. It also has some bearing on a person.s spirituality. We are going to take a look at the inflated ego or otherwise known as a Big Ego. Basically, answer the question ‘what does having a big ego mean’?

First, we need to rake a look at some ego theory, what is the definition of ego and more to point what is a big ego or super-ego? A quick note I feel that the opposite of ego is Humility or being humble, being teachable.

So What Is Ego

The ego is your personal and individual nature that is of your own creation. However, this identity is actually false. You can assemble all your beliefs about who you think you are such as those about your skills, character, and capabilities and you will have the composition of your ego. These are actually components of your character yet it is not the base ego. The mental construct of your ‘id’or “self” is not real. Your ego is alive and powerful part of your personality and plays a huge role in generating emotional intensity in your life.

Your thoughts about who you are are what can be called your self-image. This self-image is something you actually create over the span of your life and it changes. It is created with your thoughts such as…

  • “I am the best.”
  • “I’m terrible at biology.”
  • “I am intelligent.”
  • “Everybody hates me.”
  • “My nose makes me look funny.”
  • “I can be such a dummy.”

These ‘me’ and ‘I’ remarks about who you think you act as a veil and hide your ego. Whenever you think thoughts about yourself in this manner you are creating or strengthening the ego. This self-image begins to be constructed very early in your life. It is built brick by brick as people in your life comment about you. These are individuals like your family, friends, peers, teachers and mostly anyone who has some importance to you.

This goes both ways, however, strong negative and positive judgments both will affect how you see yourself. Problems arise, however, when that self-image is negative, inaccurate, or even overly positive. This happens in all of humanity regardless of their gender, race or nationality. Reflecting on the fact that most of your self-image is created when you are just a child it probably does not hold true as you mature to adulthood yet it still affects you.

Your Ego Unveiledis ego a structure of personality

As you can well imagine your ego is not any specific belief about yourself but all of them rolled together. It is not stationary. It changes as you do, as you accept and adopt new beliefs about yourself. These beliefs do not even have to be supported by fact. They can also be contradictory in nature. A good example of this is your concept about your intellect. One moment you may feel completely challenged by a task and feel ‘inept’ because you are not completing it. Yet at the same time you ‘know’ you are fully capable of doing so.

How to Recognize Your Ego

Your ego is difficult to pinpoint because it is hidden behind mere beliefs that seem to be true. It is not always evident because just like breathing it is quite autonomic. Yet you can identify it because it usually leaves a trail emotion in its wake. The easier way to spot the ego is by the trail of emotional reactions it leaves behind.

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A good example is with ego problem in relationship. You feel ‘I am right’ and so does your partner. This brings on negative emotions and anger is one. Mostly this ego response is because you feel that if give in you will be weakened in some way. This need to be right actually may stem from insecurity or jealousy that has originated from beliefs about yourself from your youth. It may have been a time when you were made to feel small because you were incorrect about something.

Eventually, things get resolved but the realization that ego had to play a big part in your encounter is hidden. The emotions have been recognized yet the awareness that the ego was the cause stays veiled. Sometimes things do not get resolved because you just ‘have to be right’. These are generally ‘signs of a big ego’.

What Is The Ego’s Responsibility

The interesting thing about an issue like the one mentioned above is that powerful emotions are generated by the ego itself. It then lays the blame for how ‘it made you feel’ and the actions you took on you. Whether you felt like the victim or the victor a sense of guilt or remorse may prevail. These are results of the ego and are all based in the mind.

It is quite difficult to recognize the difference and separating what are real feelings about the specific situation and what is ego. A really good sign of the ego taking over is when all is done the thought “I don’t know why I reacted that way. I don’t know what came over.”

Difference Between Ego And Superegosigns of a big ego

It is not unusual to not be able to comprehend that there is a separation between your autonomic belief system, your ego, and your true nature.

Ego is normally connected with arrogance. Having a big ego or super-ego generally describes someone who feels much superior to others, also known as Arrogance. Arrogance and confidence are two traits that often get confused. The feeling of arrogance is considerably different than that of confidence. Confidence that generally does not stem from ego. You can be absolutely confident in your expertise or self-recognition and it doesn’t go to your head which can affect your interplays with other people.

This can be considered a form of humility. Humility can frequently be confused for being shy or vulnerable. If you are a humble individual you are completely present and in harmony with yourself and also very much at peace. Being confident without being arrogant, humble yet very self-secured are the mannerisms of someone with less of a self-image arising from the ego.

Humility can also be defined as being teachable whereas the ego is not. It is just the opposite. What does having a big ego mean? It means that generally, people with big egos and self-importance go hand in hand. One of the main signs of a big ego that is displayed is having a sense of overly high self-esteem. The big ego definition, as stated earlier, is when someone sees themselves as being far more important than others. They consider their ideas, thoughts, concepts, and feelings far outweigh those of the masses or that of any individual. So how is your ego, alive and well? Living in the lap of luxury? Or is it being overshadowed by your humility?

Big Ego People As Spiritual Teachers!

What does having a big ego mean? Donald Trump’s is an example of one on steroids. Let’s talk about his superego and how it can actually be a spiritual teacher for you. I can almost hear you all now, “How can Donald Trump’s expansive ego, or any women or men with ego issues, possibly be considered to be spiritual teachers?” Sometimes in our life, we face challenges that bend and shape us including someone with a big ego that tries to make us feel small. Regardless of how painful these experiences may be they still benefit our spiritual journey. It is a chance to turn to our spiritual nature and become bigger than the problem. Another way to look at it may be no pain no gain. Donald can be exactly one of these learning tools. A bright and strong reflective surface,

How To Overcome Ego Problem

Once you can recognize the difference between your ego and your true nature the happier you will be as will everyone around you. There is actually more to it than just the recognition. There is work involved. Here are three simple steps to overcome your ego.learn how to get past your ego

Change The Foundation… Mostly each of us bases our lives and many of the decisions we make on our ego. This is also how our world sees. They see the results of ego. Learn the difference between yourself and your ego. This can be done during meditation. Meditation is where you will encounter your true self, your higher self which is Spirit and very far from ego. Learn how to base tour decisions from this place of love and kindness engaging humility.

We Are All One… Ego causes separation between you and others. It likes to make sure that you understand that you are better or worse than someone else. During meditation, you will come to understand that as Spirit we are all of one existence. Each of us is a piece of the whole. Your ego would like you to bury that and never let it rise in you. It wants to be in charge. Once you can take on this understanding, things can change. You can see people in a different light. You can become aware that there is no separation between you and others thus deflating the ego. Competition is removed.

Self-Acceptance… Once you understand your true nature you can learn to accept yourself as you are at this exact time, the present. Self- judgment is removed. Along with this self-judgment, the need to outdo others is also negated. You can accept others as you accept yourself.

This path is not an easy path and is definitely counterproductive in the eyes of your ego however your association with yourself and the rest of the world will be better for it.

In this Podcast you will learn:

  • How Donald Trump can be considered a spiritual teacher.
  • What does big ego mean and why ego is actually important to us.
  • How the Ego is part of creation.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Ego, Related To Spirituality, and learn all about the reflective nature of the ego when it comes to your spiritual path.

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