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how do we know what's true

What Does Truth Mean To You, Is The Truth The Same For Everyone?

What does truth mean to you? Is it the same for everyone? How do we know what is true? How do we know something is true? How do we know what is real and what’s not? These are all good questions that we ask ourselves quite often in life when we are on a spiritual path.

We are one so does that mean there is one truth? The answer to this is no! The one that we think we are is ego and many of us have one that is inflated. In reality, the one that we are is God. The Universe which or who is eternal, all-knowing. The Universe feels senses and sees the whole or everything at all times.

What Is The One Real Truth Of Life?

We are mere fragments of this greater being; particles of the one. That means we each have ais the truth the same for everyone unique perspective but still are just the One. What would happen if I pinch off each of these unique parts of this wholeness? Each would be a unique part of the whole. Each one would be different. This means each will have a different perspective and viewpoint and what fun when they get together and interact from their uniqueness?

These are called individuals. Each believes it is right and knows the real truth and spends time trying to convince the others of it. This can lead to conflict. It happens on a global scale and in the home.  Truth and reality sometimes are worlds apart. Your truth is based on your beliefs. The truths I’ve learned about life are unique perspectives that have resulted in my version of the truth. You create your own reality. Can I trust my senses? On the other hand, you know what is truth as you live it. Your concept of truth, of course, may differ, and because you, as I, feel you have and know the ultimate truth of life you have a perspective on how to define truth and to defend it. It is in this defense of our individual, corporate, and country even world truths that the issue arises. These can culminate in feelings of animosity and possibly hatred? Arguments, competition and even wars can arise.

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What Is The Ultimate Truth Of Life?

However, we can all learn from our fellow beings. Neither has the whole truth; neither is right or wrong. Really, how do we know what is true or false?  We only have our individual experiences and views to make a determination and how do we know what’s true in fact. One of us may have a physical perspective. The other wants to meditate and focus on their spirituality because that is what they value.

Each has a unique perspective to teach the other. The physical one is helping connect the spiritual one with the material world and vice versa. As particles of the same Universe, each having a part of the nature of truth, by playing with one another we get to expand in new exciting ways. What would the world be like if we didn’t impose our truth on others? Which is more limiting imposing one perspective on everything? Or accepting there are billions of perspectives, and celebrating our differences, choosing what is our truth without imposing it on others.

Join us on this episode of  Unlocking Your Truth as we answer what does truth mean to you, the truth about life; individual truth and honesty.

In this podcast, What Does Truth Mean To You, you will learn:-what does truth mean to you

  • Kinds of truth in philosophy.
  • Why the truth will always come out.
  • What is the one real truth of life?

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