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June 6, 2018

What Are Past Lives Anyway? UYT162

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Have You Lived Before?

What are past lives anyway? You have heard so many people talk about them. If you haven’t experienced an accurate past life reading or regression then it would be very difficult for you to grasp the exact nature of the event or the significance of a previous life to your life today. Whether it is what people refer to as a past life regression, where you go into a form of a trance, or through past life readings with a Psychic or Intuitive, you can glean some very important information. Clues to your past life are not only fun but can be important. It is not just about the “what was I in my past life” it is about how your life, today, is being affected or sometimes infected by the events of a prior existence. In this podcast, we are going to move from the “who was I in a past life” to a much deeper topic. I am certain all your questions will be answered.

What Are Past Lives Anyway: The Linear Human Perspective On Past Lives…

From our limited perspective as humans living a life on planet earth in bodies with physical our past lives affect our lives at all agesbrains that process our reality, we tend to think of life from a linear perspective.

  • I start my life at my birth, I progress through linear time, my human lifecycle happens and then I leave. So when we start to consider the subject of reincarnation, we superimpose this human perspective. This can be very limiting.
  • I have a life, it starts and it ends and then I start another one. This causes all the recurrences to be separate in your mind.

However, when we move from physical to non-physical, we let go of the thought-form of linear time. This is a construct that serves our Earth journey where there is duality and where we want to focus and have a choice and free will.

We enter our multi-dimensional perspective as eternal beings outside of time & space. From this viewpoint, there is no past or future. Everything exists as a magnificent tapestry of creation. There is a quantum field of all possibilities. The experiences lived and the alternative experiences not lived exist simultaneously. You can visit all of these perspectives from the vantage point of the multi-dimensional self.

The Multi-Dimensional Soul Perspective On Past Lives…

The soul is a magnificent inter-dimensional construct of highly creative electromagnetic energy. It expresses its creativity through eternity across multiple realities. It is constantly evolving, ever-changing, power, light, and energy, formless and forming. Earth reality offers a unique opportunity from the soul perspective to create in a very distinctive way.

Because of the time-space construct of our Earth plane of reality, it can pinch off a portion of its essence and focus it on a few areas of intense interest. You are a spark of soul essence embedded within a physical body seemingly ignorant of your larger reality. The purpose of that is precisely so you can focus intensely on certain aspects of interest with the result that you evolve rapidly by challenging and transforming in ways that are not possible from the non-physical state.

Disco Ball Analogy…what was i in my past life

My favorite analogy for the soul is to ask people to imagine it is a disco ball. One of those mirrored spheres that hang from the ceiling and reflect light so that it appears as sports moving around the dance floor. Imagine each spot is a future or past life on Earth. The soul is projecting all of those lives simultaneously. They all exist at once. They all dance in the light and move around at once.

However, if your life was a spot on the floor all you could see is your immediate environment. You might perceive the spot behind you as a past life; the spot in front of you as a future life and the one beside you as a parallel life. If you look up you might be blinded by the light. There are many other spots that you can’t see at all because we all wear a veil of a singular existence nature. It would be far too difficult for the human to accept all these lives flooding in at the same time.

A Free Past Life Reading

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What Are Past Lives And Are They Inter-connected?

So you can see from that analogy that space-time is an illusion and all lives exist as “simultaneous” projections from the same Source. The learning and expansion of consciousness that happens in each of those lives are communicated to their Source (the light bounces up from the floor and hits the disco ball). The soul evolves and expands as a consequence. All information contained within the soul also belongs to you. Learning from all your lives is your birthright too; your learning belongs to all your other-selves. You grow together in a constant dance of multi-dimensional experiences.

Where Lives Appear in History Is Somewhat Irrelevant…

People are often very concerned to know their most immediate past life. There is a concept that the current life is more closely related to it. Or is it a direct result of it? That can be true butthe dance of life and your precious life isn’t necessarily true. What you are experiencing now in this life might be more closely related to your experiences as an ancient Egyptian scribe than a World War II pilot. Your current relationship experiences might connect with family life in an Amazonian Tribe and the Spanish Conquest. Your career life might relate to life as a Persian merchant at the time of Christ and a scientist from Atlantis.

This is why when people come to me for past life readings we get a variety of things coming up and we always get different lives to come up when people return to me for another reading. What is going on in your life now is not the same as was happening this time last year. Today you might be concerned about your problem children and want to know if the trouble was caused in a prior existence. In six months you might be wondering about a health or financial issue.

This is the dance of life. It’s ever-changing. It might help you today to know about your life as a Eunuch in the harem of an Arabian prince. Next week it might serve you to see the vignette of a lifetime in ancient Turkey or Greece or Stonehenge.

A way that serves my intellect at least is to think of my life experience concerning my past lives as nodes of proximity. It travels through a plethora of experiences that can be closer to or further away from certain points in other combinations of experiences lived in other lives.

What Are Past Lives, Simple is Best…

It’s difficult to conceive this from the limits of human intellect. Your mind is geared to serve your focus on Earth in this life as it should be. Exploring past lives can be fascinating. But it’s always best to anchor the exploration in the experiences of the current life and use the past life information to give an alternate perspective that helps think outside the box about a situation and grow beyond your current challenges. So as can see the “who was I in a past life” is not as important as “how is it affecting me in this life”.

Here Are Some Questions We Answer In This Episode, What Are Past Lives Anyway:

  • Why is it important to know about one’s past lives?
  • Is Karma real?
  • How can I tell if I have been reincarnated?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are Past Lives Anyway, where we discuss the many facets of our eternal journey through multitudes of existences.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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