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How to Acquire Physical Health Using The Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock…

traditional chinese medicine historyToday we are discussing some of the facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine but first I would like to touch on Western Medicine. As we move through our western world’s modern age one of the aspects of our lives that is changing is Medicine. The mainstream medical industry is changing constantly. The advances being made are, to say the least, wonderful and reassuring. Operation recovery times and the length of post-op hospital stays are being drastically reduced with the introduction of Laparoscopic Surgery. Eye surgery lens replacement technology is astounding. Yet for general ailments we are still being treated re actively instead of proactively.

It used to be that annual checkups with your family physician would permit you the ability to chat with them and they would do preemptive tests. They knew you as a person as well as a patient. Our doctors are having issues keeping up with the growing population so the time they can spend with a patient is getting shorter. And of course everything is handled with prescription drugs that may cause side effects causing other issues as well.

One are of medicine that is growing however is the Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine practices. These are natural and also preventative medical alternatives as opposed to reactive. One of the most amazing of these is Traditional Chinese Medicine.  As we all know Traditional Chinese Medicine history chocked full of learning and experience. It has been around for a long, long time. It includes everything from acupuncture to herbal medicine and so much more. Here in the Vancouver area we have many Chinese Medicine stores and each is manned by very learned traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Each of these can give you a very quick Chinese Medicine diagnosis that is accurate and then supply a natural, generally really ugly tasting however, remedy.

One of the less known areas is the Traditional Chinese Medical Body Clock. This clock basically shows how each of our organs has a particular time of day that pertains to the organ’s function and required rejuvenation period. Awareness of the particular areas of our body and the specific time associated with it can help us acquire optimum Physical Health or in the least help pinpoint issues. 


In this Podcast you will learn:traditional chinese medicine

  • What Body Clock actually is
  • Which of our organs are associated whit which hours of the day.
  • How to use the information.



Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock For Physical Health, and learn about alternate sources of healing.



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