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November 11, 2017

Tips To Know If You Have you Experienced Past Lives

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Do You Believe In Past Lives?

Would like some tips to know if you have experienced past lives and ways you can remember them? Maybe you are looking for a specific reincarnation meaning of an event in your life? Is there a past life regression test? We discuss just these in this article.

Have you ever had a dream where you were in a different body? This may be because of Reincarnation. This article will give you some tips to know if you have experienced past lives.

“The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced from anyone…; Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain. – Katha Upanishad

Reincarnation is not solely a human trait. The world, the universe itself experiences this. Day fades into the night only to return once again in the morning. Thre travels around the sun again only to return to the same place 365 days later. A beautiful wildflower will shrivel and die. Its seeds scattered to the wind and new life springs forth.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Einstein

Tips To Know If You Have Experienced Past Lives Or Reincarnation

Because we experience this rebirth in our world in so many places we seem to take it for granted or at least not give it the credence it deserves. is past life regression realIt seems to have become intuitive in nature but yet we question it when it comes to the human being or the spirit being in fact. The question, “Is their life after death” is probably the most important question we ask. It is also the one that weighs the heaviest on every being’s shoulders and spirit.

It doesn’t take a large leap to understand that if you know that or even presume that there is existence before or after this earthly journey that maybe past lives and reincarnation do actually exist. There are signs that you may encounter during your life that may give you hints about or access to information from these lives.

I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times.” – Goethe

Is Past Life Regression Real

This concept of past lives and reincarnation is not new to mankind. It has been around for millennia. A cursory study of ancient peoples such as the North American First Nations, the Australian Aborigines, Asian cultures, and even the Greeks has had and currently holds some form of reincarnation belief systems. Even today we find that more than half the population of tiny globe believe that there is life after death and more than 7% believe that will or have lived more than just this one lifetime.

Most of us believe that we have some form of eternal spirit or soul dwelling within us. If we believe that this spiritual entity goes on after our physical shell is shed is that far a reach to believe that we or it can come back.

There are signs that you, may recognize that will point to past lives. maybe you are a woman today and you were a man in your dream. Perhaps you were in a different historical period than now and when you look down you can see you are wearing clothes from another era. When you speak your voice is different. You might even be speaking another language or dialect and there is a feeling you are in a different town, city, or even country. This type of dream experience can be an example of past life recall, stories of past lives remembered.

Past Life Regression Experiences

Have you ever visited a new place (perhaps on vacation) where you recognize it even though you have never been there before? In fact, you have an uncanny knowledge of how to get around without a map. You see things that are so familiar, Yet the more modern things seem alien and out of place. These can also be an example of past life recall.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like they were an old friend. Or had an instant and inexplicable dislike or revulsion towards somebody new. You may be recognizing someone with who you have had positive or negative experiences within a past life.

Reincarnation Evidence

Reincarnation stories told by children prove that some young children can remember their immediate past lives. There are lots of documented cases where they have been able to tell their parents where they lived and who their old family was. Although this tends to be more prevalent in the eastern cultures than in the West

Reincarnation Facts And Reincarnation Examples

Most of us have been here before. So what are some of the more prevalent signs of reincarnation?

  • Repetitive Dreams… Dreams are the state of consciousness when the body can be left by the spirit or astral body. This spirit form is bound by time or space in any way so we can visit our past lives. We may even relive them in our dreams.
  • Future Telling… As I mentioned earlier, as spirits we are not bound by space of time. Our lives and reincarnations may not be linear inexperience. Being able to foretell your future may come from having experienced it already.
  • Déjà vu… as I mentioned earlier having feelings that a certain event that you are experiencing has occurred before. These are very strong signs of pre-existence. These can include tastes, smells, sounds, and much more.
  • Cultural Recognition… You may travel to different countries experiencing the ruins,reincarnation facts buildings, and artifacts of these cultures and feeling recognition of some sort.
  • Spiritual Maturity… Often as a reader, I entertain ‘old souls’. These are individuals that have a real sense of who they are at a spiritual level that is far beyond their physical years, a level that does not come to the young.
  • Unexplained Emotions… Many people have fears and other emotions that inexplicable take over their being. Strong emotions such as fear and love that have no basis in their life. Some of the fears can occur out of nowhere such as an adult who has lived their whole life all of a sudden after a vivid dream absorbs a phobia of water.
  • Alienation… By alienation, I mean that you feel that you are not from this planet. Past lives do not only occur on this planet. They are a universal truth. In other words, you may have been alive as an alien in an alien world.

Dreams Of Past Life Lovers

Once you begin to understand the spiritual aspects of reincarnation especially as a growth mechanism of the Spirit you can also begin to intuitively access these experiences. You can begin to recognize patterns and characteristics in your current existence that may come from other lives. Some of the strongest of these are love relationships and talents.

How To Find Out Who You Were In A Past Life And Past Lives Analysis

There are so many legitimate examples of past life recalls of individuals that come to me for how to find out who you were in a past lifereadings. If you have concerns or questions about your own past lives there are ways to find out about them. The easiest way to understand if you have been reincarnated is to have a past life reading with a psychic or intuitive reader or practice some form of past life regression hypnosis in the form of a past life regression meditation. You can also visit past life regression therapists who use a combination of hypnosis and intuitive abilities. All of the above can help you with learning about other lives you have lived, where, and why.

The single most important thing to glean from a reading or past life regression (where the reader goes back for you), is how it is affecting you in your current life experience. These tidbits of information can shed much light on the things you feel and do. If you want to know your past life free and answer the question “who was I in my past life “ you can get a short free reading so you can get the idea of how powerful it can be.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Tips To Know If You Have Experienced Past Lives Or Reincarnation where we give you more interesting tips to know if you have experienced past lives and exactly why and how this can be important to you.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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Past Life Regression And Akashic Records FAQ’s

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