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June 7, 2022

Understand Your Third Chakra And Related Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 3 UYT334

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Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Intuitive Gifts

We are taking a deeper dive into Dr. Lesley Phillips’s book, Intuition And Chakras. We have delved into the first chakra, the root chakra, and the seventh chakra, the crown chakra. We now will explore the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the chakra system. The solar plexus chakra is located around the stomach area in the upper abdomen and above the navel.

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Understand Your Third Chakra And Related Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 3

The Solar Plexus Function In Physical Reality

The third chakra relates to energy distribution. What is meant by energy distribution is how you utilize your lifeforce energy. How you are expending and investing your energy. You can look at the big picture of energy and look at every microsecond level as well. So the idea is that you x amount of energy. And the main question is, where are you investing this special force? Is your energy invested in supporting you in following your path and life purpose? Or is your energy being invested in looking after everybody else? Are you a people pleaser, putting other people’s needs first and putting yourself last?

That’s a common thing that many humans do. Your lifeforce energy is meant for you. And it’s meant for you to express your unique, authentic self. But so many of you are distracted and diverted from that. Your lifeforce energy is meant to support you in being your genuine self and living your purpose. But if you think about every day you spend here in this body, many different things happen throughout the day.

You wake up, have a shower, do all your ablutions, and eat breakfast. Then, you may get up and go for a run. Then most of you go to work or do some specific tasks. So every moment of these activities, regardless of what they are, your third chakra modulates your energy. It is shifting it up or down. Your energy is changing gears, directing your energy this way or that way. And regardless of what’s going on with you. Whether your focus is on what you are processing, your third chakra is involved.

The Third Chakra And Your Nonphysical Journey what's an out of body experience like

So part of what the third chakra does is related to how you are using your energy in the physical world. However, it also relates to using your energy in the nonphysical world. So your third chakra relates both to your in-body experience and your out-of-body experience.

So what is meant by out-of-body experiences? A bunch of different things, actually. You could be referring to your Astral experience, which commonly happens when you are asleep and dreaming. Whether you are consciously dreaming or lucidly dreaming.

So when you are awake and in your physical bodies, you are experiencing life on the earth plane. However, you all travel outside of your bodies when you go to sleep, and you have experiences on the astral plane. So the astral plane is very closely related to the earth plane. So part of your energy is invested in your physical body. And part of your energy is invested in your astral body. And the third chakra governs the energy distribution of how you are using those bodies.

The Third Chakra And Your Light Bodythe third chakra and your astral body

So the third chakra controls the energy used in out-of-body experience astral travel, lucid dreaming, and dreaming, which might be put in a similar category. Of course, it also controls the energy used by your body in physical reality. But these two are not the only bodies that you have. You also have a light body. Your light body allows for interdimensional travel.

This form of travel is when you are outside the body as a pure spirit and not in any corporal form. Maybe the most common experience of that is the tunnel of light. Most commonly, this occurs with near-death experiences. People may experience themselves traveling down this tunnel as a disembodied state.

So we are painting a picture of the landscape governed by your third chakra. So, there are specific rules of engagement in your earthly body and during your earth plane experience. These rules include being limited by time and space. Also, you are operating from this vehicle called a physical body. This body is decked out with physical senses, intellect, emotions, and many things that help you navigate the physical reality. These also can limit your earth plane experience.

When you are outside of the body, you are not dealing with the same landscape. So, in your Astral adventures, you may notice that time doesn’t work in the same way while dreaming. And space doesn’t work in the same way.

As an example, you are dreaming. In this dream, you have a thought. Let’s say the thought is that you are chatting to somebody at a train station. And you are asked, “Oh, where are you going?” You reply that you are going to Moscow. In the dream, as soon as you say that, boom, you can be in Moscow. But, of course, if that was happening in physical reality, you’d have to get on the train. So your physical reality experience is limited by time and space. Your out-of-body experience is not so. You are not governed by the same experience of time or space in your astral body and lucid dreaming state.

The Third Chakra Governs Your Out-Of-Body Memoryis astral projection real

And another thing worth mentioning is the third chakra governs your out-of-body memory. So just think about it. When you are in your physical system, it’s not an enormous challenge for most of you to remember things. Mainly because you only do one thing at a time, more or less. You only experience one thing at a time. You experience your life in linear time and space.

But once you are outside of the body, you are in this infinite landscape of possibilities. This landscape is no longer governed by time and space. So your experience is infinite. And you can’t bring infinity into the finite. So your Astral memory is a function of the third chakra. It decides what you will remember and what you need to bring into the body. And then helps you store the information from the out-of-body state.

In a way, some of what you are experiencing in the out-of-body state is happening, nearer to the earth plane vibrationally and some further away. And so the higher in vibration and dimensionality that you go, which you do in your out-of-body state, the less sense much of it makes to your waking physical self.

Some of what goes on in the outer body state will not make sense to you. And sometimes, you do have dreams and wonder what they were all about. What was their more profound meaning? Attempts to symbolize and translate the dream experience can be frustrating. Because the out-of-body experience you have been having is so different from your experiences within the body. So you attempt to bring it down to a level that you can comprehend.

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Psychic Abilities Another Solar Plexus Function

Another psychic ability or intuitive aspect governed by the third chakra is the out-of-body experience of shamanic journeying. And it’s also very possible, rather than waiting until you are dreaming, to consciously step into your astral body and out of your physical body. And all the great spiritual masters can operate both bodies simultaneously. And that’s why you get stories of Jesus teaching in the Middle East and in India at the same time. This is because he was highly evolved. Not only could he operate his astral body and physical body simultaneously, but he could also be observed in his astral body.

This may be that sometimes the experience of seeing a ghost is the experience of actually seeing somebody’s astral body. Perhaps not always, but possibly in some cases.

Third Chakra Healing – Clearing Your Lifeforce Energy learn to heal the third chakra and clear your lifeforce energy

So, what kind of challenges can you face concerning your third chakra? One of the issues is the misappropriation of energy. It refers to how you are using your lifeforce energy. Are you using it to be your authentic self? Or are you a people pleaser running around using it by being responsible for everybody else?

Another challenge you can get into is the idea of competition levels. The third chakra can often have to do with things like status in society. If your solar plexus chakras’ energy is unbalanced or blocked, you may seriously worry about how you are perceived. Also, you may experience genuine concern about your success levels in the world. For example, making money.

And often, it is an out of alignment energy that says there is a hierarchy of people and you need to climb the ladder. You need to be better than someone else, and they need to be worse than you are. And you need to control others so that you can stay the top dog. So all of those kinds of things are third chakra growth cycles.

Your life force energy is your power. And really, true power has nothing to do with power over other people. It’s not being Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump. It actually is being a master of your own energy. This balance and mastery will allow and support you to do what you came here to do. Which is to be yourself and bring your unique vibration onto the planet. and share that with you all. So learning how to unblock chakras and carry out a solar plexus chakra healing is very important to living your life to the fullest.

So, in general, your spiritual life and path should focus equally on healing and developing your intuition. Because in my opinion, you can’t have one without the other. Or you can, but very quickly, you will be out of balance if you do not heal yourself. So one of the blocks to your intuition is that all this stuff you have stored in the energy field of your chakras is like trying to look through a dirty window and get a clear picture of your world. So you need to cleanse the dirty window to more easily tune into your psychic abilities. That activity raises your vibration. Which also is going to help you tune into the nonphysical world.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Understand Your Third Chakra And Related Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 3, and learn the secrets to your out-of-body experiences in conjunction with your chakra system.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Understand Your Third Chakra And Related Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 3:

  • Brian – So that’s how we can bi-locate?
  • Katie – Lately, almost every day, I’ve been waking up during a REM cycle (according to my Fitbit), with or without my alarm. For example, this morning, as I was getting ready for work. I think I was feeling out-of-body, and toward the end of my work day, I felt like I was not like myself, not who I wanted to be. Would you take a look at this, please? Does this have something to do with waking during REM?
  • Brian – What chakra do we use if we can connect telepathically with animals? A friend had mentioned they believe I have that psychic ability. Could You look at that for me? I’ve had some interesting experiences lately, and many memories are coming up to support them.
  • Carol – I always think if I have an out-of-body experience during my dreams. Is there a chance for other spirits to take over my body? Is that why my body won’t settle when I try to fall asleep? My body notices other beings around and tries to protect it by not falling asleep?
  • CM – I always thought that meditation means to silence the mind. I tried so many different meditations until I came across the one you teach from the mystery school, which changed my life. It’s extraordinary…I can literally sit in my meditation for hours!
  • Susan – Is the Devine spark similar to sitting in power?
  • Amanda – Trying to figure out if going thru a divorce after 10 years with a narcissist is worth the energy. I left everything I own with a promise he made now he’s broken it. Will it be worth my energy to recover financially?
  • Shelby – I also believe the tone of someone’s voice helps me learn and do my meditations, so I can physically feel the shifts. So sometimes, when I meditate, I hear your voice.
  • Cole – What about walk-ins. I’ve read where some people literally abandon their bodies/lives, and another spirit resumes the life, but it takes a different path? I don’t think it’s a common occurrence, but I have heard of it. wondered if you could comment? https://drlesleyphillips.com/spirituality/angel-walk-in/
  • SG – How come it doesn’t happen when I set intentions to have a specific dream or get ancestral visits or something to happen? Do I not believe enough in what I want?

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