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the psychic ability of abstract intuition
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e Psychic Ability Of Abstract Intuition, Translating Spiritual Language And More

“What the heck is the psychic ability of abstract intuition ” you may ask. I feel that of all the intuitive do you have abstract intuitionabilities that Abstract Intuition is like one of the psychic superpowers. It is the ability to translate information without the process of thought any intellectual or analytical process. The root of the word itself means “to look at or watch.” If you are given a bunch of numbers to add up you just see the answer. It is like in the movie Rain Man where the hero of the story, Raymond who is played by Dustin Hoffman and is autistic. At one point in the movie, he is in the restaurant and somebody spills a package of toothpicks.  He knows the number of toothpicks instantly, which, interestingly, is in disagreement with the amount stated on the box. He is proven correct. He uses the psychic gift of abstract intuition.

A psychic told me I have psychic abilities so do you have abstract intuition? Maybe, maybe not! If you did you would know if you have it. I have many people that come to me to ask questions about psychic abilities like whether there is “What kind of psychic abilities do I have and is there a psychic abilities test.?” There is in a way but the easiest way is to have another intuitive reader find out for you.

Some other things I, or another psychic reader, can help answer are:

  • How to use psychic abilities.
  • How to tune into your psychic abilities.
  • How to awaken your psychic powers.
  • How to unlock your inner psychic powers.
  • How to develop psychic abilities.
  • How to develop psychic abilities fast.


Let’s get back to the psychic ability of abstract intuition. It is one of the less common ones, however.  This person is the code breaker of the intuitive realm. He or she can instantly understand mathematical formulas and translate abstract symbols into meaning. People communicate through words, phrases, and language. Spirit communicates through light, frequencies, colors, vibrations, formulas, and symbols. Find out how those who can comprehend these messages can be labeled as different or as geniuses and are often the ones who help us progress the most. We speak to this and more in tonight’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth.

In this podcast, you will learn:-the psychic ability of abstract intuition

  • Clues you are using abstract intuition.
  • Challenges of having abstract intuition.
  • Famous scientists whose success was due to it.

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