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March 13, 2021

What Spirit Guides Signs And Types Of Spirit Guides Can I Expect? UYT280

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What Is My Spirit Guide?

When the topic of Spirit Guides comes up, there are usually a few standard questions that arise. The first being, what is a spirit guide, how do I recognize Spirit Guides signs, and the big one, what is my spirit guide trying to tell me. Well, a spirit guide tends to be a non-physical being. Generally, they are beings without a body. You think of yourself as humans and are beings with a body undergoing a physical experience. Your Spirit Guides don’t have a physical body. They exist in a non-physical reality.

What Spirit Guides Signs And Types Of Spirit Guides Can I Expect?

How Do I Recognize Spirit Guide Communication Signs?

All Spirit Guides have a role. It is to assist you and help you with your life challenges. As a human, you have limited perspective because your physical body is bound by time, space, and many other things. You cannot see the whole picture.

Spirit beings such as Spirit Guides have a unique and different perspective than you. They can help you attune to a spiritual viewpoint and give you information that you cannot see from your physical outlook. As an example, they can easily see all your past lives at one glance. Whereas you are mostly limited to only glimpses of the same.

What Does My Spirit Guide Look Like?

Just as there are so many different types of humans on planet earth, there are also many various Spirit Guides. They come in all shapes and sizes. It is not about whatasking spirit guides for signs they look like or even who they may be. It is about how they can help you.

You also understand that each person is an individual and can be in many different evolution and development stages. You might even say the same for the beings in the non-physical realm. They also can be at varying levels of awareness and have different abilities.

It would be a myth to think that all beings who can act as spirit guides should be worshiped and adored because they ultimately evolved. Just like you, they are in the process of developing. They are in the process of learning.

Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides And Their Purpose In Your Life

What often happens is that you will be connected with guides that align with whatever you are learning and with whatever growth it is that you are going through. For example, just like humans might specialize in art and or finances, you can have Spirit Guides who specialize in different things. They can be focused on healing or spiritual matters.

One of my central guides is a healing guide, and I have other Spirit Guides, such as a manifestation guide. Each one has a specialty area that they love. My manifestation guide loves to help me manifest things in my life that I desire, and the healing guide loves to participate in my healing activities. My healing guide helps me very much in the readings that I do for others. He gives me information and insights about the people that I am interacting with.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are not like Guardian Angels who are with you your whole life. Guides come and go as needed. They show up at just the right time in your life to work with you. As you grow and mature, your guides will cycle in and match the stage of your growth.

Some guides can be specialists, and they might not be with you for your entire lifetime, and on the other hand, you can have guides who stay with you an entire lifetime. They may remain with you all your lifetimes or many of your lifetimes, as the guardian angel mentioned earlier.

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List Of Spirit Guides

There are many different types of personal spirit guides on the list of spirit guides that can help you.

Ascended masters: There are some Spirit Guides that exist to help the whole of humanity. These beings are beings who have incarnated in physical bodies. They’ve had many lifetimes. Just like you have evolved through those lifetimes, and eventually, they have come to an ascended state where they have mastered how to be alive in a physical body in a physical environment. They have reached the point where they can decide whether they wish to continue as a being to go on for their own stage of involvement. Or one who oversees this reality and helps other humans to progress and evolve.

You may know some of these spirit guides’ names, such as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and Saint Germain, to name just a few. All of them can be called on by any of you. The brilliant thing is that you could have millions of people all wanting to speak to Jesus concurrently. As an ascended being, he can talk to all of them simultaneously. He can help all of them and does.

Angels: A different Spirit Guides group are angels, and that’s a whole other realm of beings. The angels have a completely different evolutionary path than humans and ascended masters. If you remember, many of these ascended masters have had human bodies. Lived human lives and have had the experiences that you are having now. That gives them the qualifications to help us with specific problems.

The angelic realm is non-physical. Angels have never been in a physical body. They have a separate evolutionary path that doesn’t necessarily involve being fully in the physical realm. However, they can manifest themselves into the physical sometimes to help us.

Within the angelic kingdom, you have different levels of evolution. There are the greatare guardian angels spirit gudes over-lighting angels that you have personified, and you call them names like Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Kryon. The fact that we’ve given them names and embodied them helps us to relate to them. But the archangels are enormous spiritual beings that are beyond your comprehension and your imagination. Yet, they are also in service to humanity and beyond. They are also in service to the cosmos, in service to the Universe and beyond.

Lower Angels: Below the archangels are other angelic beings, such as guardian angels. These angels are not beneath the archangels in status; as humans, we tend to rate everything and everybody, but they have different tasks. They work with us on more of a day-to-day basis.

You also have Archetypes, Devas, Sprites, Nature Spirits, Elementals, Spirit Animals and Totems, and many more. This group of beings is also on their own evolutionary pathway. They are the beings that tend to nature. They look after the flowers, the plants, the rocks, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, you name it. There are energy beings that are responsible for tending to everything within nature on a universal basis. Spirit Guides can be anything from cartoon characters to religious figures and beyond.

How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help

It would be best if you never judged who shows up to help you. In one sense, you are not in charge. An excellent example of these beings is energy beings. They are pure energy and light. They are not actually personalities that you may see, but that is a way of interacting with you and showing themselves.

One thing they all have in common is they all like to be asked to help. All Spirit Guides will not present themselves unless you do so. The easiest way to ask is using meditation to connect with spirit guides. When you meditate, you access your higher self, which is Spirit. As Spirit, your vibration heightens and comes closer to that of these beings. They hear you better because you are more or less on the same wavelength. Also, your physical senses and logical mind are more muted during meditation, lessening the interference they can cause.

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Regardless of what you think or how much you question the reality of Spirit Guides’ existence, I can assure you that they are real and accessible to you. Just ask and then listen or. Asking spirit guides for signs is not out of the question but remember this is a serious effort, and they are not there for your amusement. They are there to help. But they might have a sense of humor.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Spirit Guides Signs And Types Of Spirit Guides Can I Expect, as we discuss all things Spirit Gude, including such things as recognizing signs a spirit is around you and interpreting messages from spirit guides.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Spirit Guides Signs And Types Of Spirit Guides Can I Expect:

  • How do I go about finding what my spirit guide is and get spirit guides’ signs?
  • Hello Dr. Lesley and Corry, I am a fan of your Radio Show. Can you help me with the hearing of my guides? I have had it once. There was a clear voice. Now there is a “hmmm “sound and no words anymore. Thanks a lot, greetings from Germany
  • I am connecting with one guide now that communicates with me with a flashy mirror type ‘thing!’ It gives colors for ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ and will show me things that might be ‘around’ me. This guide is new from the last ones that we worked on together. I have trouble seeing the Guides and the other one communicates with music or rhymes. Yet, this one – Flora – is ‘flashy!!!’ and helps me with psychic protection.
  • I LOVED her Akashic Adventure Workshops! I always get so much out of them, and they are FUN!
  • I am happy that she is there too! I see a lot! My Clairvoyance is pretty good, but there are interference and insecurities! And sometimes my frequencies are ‘rattled!’
  • I have an energy that uses me to connect with her son. He doesn’t believe in Supernatural Energy. She uses the number 711 to get my attention. I pass it on, but he never responds. I choose to continue passing it on and trust it’s serving a purpose. Whenever I stop passing it on, my energy gets convoluted. I believe it stems from Mary Magdalen from my energy research.
  • If we meditate, can that help us to find clarity on who our guides are? I wish I had more clarity on this. I feel like I have beautiful conversations with my angels, but I am not sure about other guides, masters, etc.
  • I’m new to learning and diving into my spirituality and feel a bit overwhelmed. I’m always second-guessing myself and the experiences I’m having over-analyzing everything. Could you give me a quick reading and let me know if I’m on the right track with everything I’m doing, please? I’ve tried connecting with my guides. Still, I’m comparing myself to those further in their journey and maybe missing when communicating with me.
  • I’m sure I have guides, but I don’t think they like me very much, lol. I have not once in my life felt their presence or heard from them, even when trying to communicate. Is there anything I should do?
  • I totally understand…I also am relatively new and even find myself second-guessing things. Still, lately, I am practicing surrendering and just observing. This has given me more clarity.
  • I’ve met a few of my guides in meditations. Still, I don’t know how to communicate with them outside of meditation. I know they are there, but how can I establish a two-way conversation?
  • I am just now able to get on. I have met my guides, but I still try to get to know all of their names.
  • Are my clairs opened? Would you know which one or ones are my strongest to focus on?
  • Are there also beings that wish to hinder us instead of helping us?
  • I feel like my dad is one of my guides cam you confirm.
  • Hi Dr. Lesley! Are you able to see if my guides have a specific message for me? I’m thinking of moving back to the west coast this summer, which is an exciting prospect and daunting.
  • I feel like my guides have a great sense of humor!
  • Am I missing my guides too by not be on receiving level?
  • I feel like I am on the cusp of having a two-way conversation with my guides. But find it difficult to surrender and being receptive fully; any insight for me?
  • What does it mean when I see 11:11 or 1:11 frequently?
  • I get a lot of spiritual information in dreams, so I trust them a lot, but sometimes (last night, for example), I think my intellect high jacks my dreams with fear and doubt. It leaves me feeling uneasy and overall doubtful. I trust my intuition very much. I need to keep healing and clear my fears more.

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