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November 29, 2022

How Your Spirit Guide Connection And Psychic Abilities Can Help UYT354

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Am I Ready To Meet My Spirit Guide?

As you delve into psychic abilities and the metaphysical, your spirit guide connection is bound to come up. There is a strong connection and relationship between your psychic abilities, intuitive senses, and spirit guides. Many of you wonder about these wonderful beings and whether or not you have one or if you can connect with them. Well, the answer to both of these questions is yes. And you are ready to make that wonderful spirit guide connection if you desire.

How Your Spirit Guide Connection And Psychic Abilities Can Help

Your Spirit Guides And Your Spiritual Journey

Spirit guides are among the most popular topics you, my students, and listeners like to hear about. So yeah, you are talking about spirit guides. I was recently listening to Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. And she fielded a question about spirit guides or guidance from higher consciousness. And she said your spirit guide connection is like the wind in your sails.

And that is a great analogy. You go through lots of ups and downs here on Earth in your human physical body. And it’s possible to have the illusion of being alone in what you are going through. Your guides say no, we are like the air surrounding you. We are like the wind that blows in your hair. We are always there.

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They are always there to support you. You have the illusion that you are not present. In my experience, this is entirely true; your spirit guides or Spirit are always there to support you. Not only are you constantly being supported by your spirit guides you are also being influenced and assisted.

When you think about that idea of wind in your sails, it’s frequently there. Sometimes it is strong, and sometimes just a gentle breeze. Your guides are, as well, regularly whispering to you. They are gently pointing you in the right direction. This help can assist you in going further and faster. They are certainly helping you move in a forward direction.

More often than not, their influence can be an aid in you taking the next step. And just like most people, you might not notice the wind, just as you might not pay your spirit guide connection and influence that much attention. And yet, it’s still blowing in your sails.

Spirit Guide Signsasking spirit guides for signs

How do you recognize spirit guide messages? Your guides can whisper in your ear, and thoughts can drop into your mind. You may not attribute these subtle urges to your guides. It might seem that you just had this idea, or you just had this new notion or understanding of something. And really, all the while, it is your guides working with you to help you comprehend that next ‘aha’ moment. To help you to move forward and take that next step on your life journey.

Your Spirit Guide Connection And Your Spiritual Connection To Consciousness

The other reason I like that analogy of the wind in your sail is that it goes along with something that my guides recently said.

And I’ll say it like this. “Sometimes you like to watch. Take the example of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. There are people out there working with their spirit guides. Their guides have a name, like Abraham, Seth, Joseph, or even Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. And when their channel is in a trance, working with their guides giving information, or doing a psychic reading, you never hear them say I. They always talk as if they are a blended consciousness.”

You can communicate with an enormous range of different spirit guides, angels, and different beings. And so what these guides may say to you is that they prefer to say you are channeling the infinite consciousness of self.

Intuition Blueprint

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Who Is My Spirit Guide By Name

It’s paradoxical to say, infinite self. If the self is infinite, then it is everything. It is the entire universe. It is all creation, all existence. And when you think of a descriptor of the wind. There is no accurate word you can use to describe the wind. Maybe ethereal. The wind is ethereal, yet that’s still not the right word.

The wind is not distinct. In a way, it’s indistinct. It’s a force of nature and not a personified anything. It’s simply a force of nature. And so when you, as humans, reach into Spirit, you reach into something similar to the wind. It’s actually not personified. But it will personify itself for you to relate to it more easily. is your spirit guide lying to you

You are used to relating to the personification of things because you are all walking around in your physical bodies. My name is Lesley, my name is Corry, my name is so and so. But in Spirit, it’s like the wind, or it’s like a vast ocean.

This is another excellent analogy regarding these fantastic beings, or non-beings, if you would rather. Think about the ocean. The ocean is full of water. And then you say you are like a drop in the ocean. So you are like a drop, and individuated drop. And even when that individuated drop drops into the massive ocean, everything that makes up that drop still exists. But it’s blended into the vast ocean and becomes the vast ocean. It melds with the ocean, and the ocean with it.

And this is an analogy for when you, the little drops, connect with the vast ocean of Spirit. It’s a melding, a blending with that vast sea of infinite consciousness. You connect with the infinite and the infinite information therein. And you can bring forth bits and pieces of that immense source that relate and are relevant to the lives that you are living.

So, your guides are like the wind. Your guides are like the ocean. The concept is that you are channeling the infinite consciousness of self. However, you think of yourself as finite because you are individuated consciousness projected into these physical bodies. Yet as Spirit, you are infinite consciousness. And so when you have a spirit guide connection, you connect into this vast sea of infinite consciousness.

What Is A Spirit Guide?your spirit guide connection

Generally, you like to consider your spirit guides as personified and individuated so that you can relate to them. However, a different way of looking at spirit guides, angelic beings, and archetypes is to think of them as more fluid.

Reconsider the metaphor of the ocean. There are currents in the ocean, and there are waves in the ocean. Everything therein is flexing and shifting, changing and merging. They are whirling together in different configurations. The same goes for the wind.

And both of those powers, the currents in the ocean and the wind can conspire to help a boat move forward. And you are the boat. You are the one that’s traveling this physical reality journey. And so you are the one that volunteered to be here in this body. And you are supported by this ocean of consciousness to experience both your physical and spiritual journeys.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; How Your Spirit Guide Connection And Psychic Abilities Can Help you move forward in life more readily.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Your Spirit Guide Connection And Psychic Abilities Can Help:

  • Tracy – Should you consult your guides for anything and everything? When is it a good idea to consult your guides?
  • S P – Hello! Regarding Spirit Guides, if we are having difficulty with another person, along with grounding, centering, etc., is it okay to speak to that person’s Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, etc.? Too clarify…I recently had some difficulty with someone doing something that wasn’t “healthy” and could prove problematic. I spoke to their Higher Self to help but not their Spirit Guide.
  • Lorraine – How can you communicate with the ocean?
  • Carol – As there are so many types of spirit guides, it can often get into my head of who does what. Would it be a good idea to ask for a Master Guide like a manager to organize “the” guide to come forward to help? Can you see if I have a Master Guide? I’ve been calling on them, but I’m not sure I’m getting them.
  • Misty – Do you think we manifest our guides, or do they come to us at a particular phase in life?
  • S P – I think I understand what you are saying, but I do find it easy to differentiate Spirit Guides, etc. I am new to paying attention to them, so I’m unfamiliar with how they work. How can we distinguish between our “Higher Selves” and Spirit Guides?
    • LOL, you answered my last question as I typed my question RE: differentiating Higher Selves and Spirit Guides.
  • Lorraine – Thank you, you’ve made it understandable to me.
  • S P – I started giving my Guides and Angels names from my favorite movie and TV characters. Although, I do think some of them are parts of my Higher Self. It was fun to do.
  • Brian – Have I picked up a new guide? The communication style has changed. And though I use one guide for access as it’s easier for me to keep track of, I’d hate to overlook one that may be helpful with everything going on?
    • – My gosh. That was so spot on. You really resonated with everything currently going on, and now I’m more excited about what’s to come. Thank you, Dr. Lesley!
  • Andarini – Can you describe my master guide if I have any?
  • Tina – How would I know if a DNA healing would be helpful for me? What sort of things does this help with?
  • SP – I just thought of something. I think I may have wanted to differentiate my Guides from myself because I lack trust in myself, especially in making decisions that end up hurting/harming me.

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