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March 6, 2020

Signs Of Negative Energy And Learning To Cope UYT230

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How To Detect Negative Energy In A Person

We have all had those days when you have experienced mood changes like the ups and downs of a rollercoaster ride and your bubble of protection pops which results may end in misery. Then the signs of negative energy, negative vibes, begin to creep and enter our otherwise happy positive lives. These are serious and can truly affect the quality of your life as one of my students has noted. She wrote me a note asking me the question, “I have been feeling super intense energy since January 1st, 2020. What is going on? I usually feel calm and peaceful but it’s been a roller coaster. Many other people are also struggling.” I felt it was important to look at this for her and you in regards to how to remove these debilitating emotions.

I remember at the start of 2019 thinking what a roller coaster ride of energy we were on then. Now it’s a year later and it is even more intense.

Trends And Signs Of Negative Energy

Here are some trends I have been noticing in the last few months in no particular order. You may be experiencing one or many of them. In general, the energy swings are more frequent, faster, and more intense (deeper ups and downs)

  • Physical Body Symptoms… Rashes, aches, and pains that are either persistent or follow a pattern of intensity then relief, intensity then relief. Many of you have been in touch with me in December complaining about a powerfully intense pain somewhere in the body. So bad they could not use their shoulder, arm, leg, and so on. Some of them commented that it would be alright one minute and then the next minute they would be completely incapacitated. In all cases, they were purging old negative energy that has been lingering around in their lives. This can be a very uncomfortable sign of negative energy taking hold.

Energy is real and it is responsible for everything in the Universe. It “IS” the Universe. It has power, the power to heal and debilitate.

  • Emotional Roller Coaster Ride… Ups and downs come and go but sometimes this shift in emotions can get what seems to be out of control. This has shown up, especially in January.

People have been reporting surrounded by strong waves of emotion coming up. This is also a purging of old emotional patterns. So long as you don’t resist them they flow through you like waves and shift rapidly like the physical symptoms I just described. If you resist them they stay longer. If you try to associate them with the current circumstances of your life they can cause havoc in your relationships and ability to function

  • Beliefs Being Challenged… Your beliefs are the core of your essence. They are how you make decisions and plan your life. What has been happening is that suddenly you have begun questioning things you have believed in for a long time. They just don’t feel right anymore. Belief frameworks that got you this far are suddenly holding you back and you’re being challenged to let them go. This may show up as wobbling between questioning the new and not quite feeling right in the old either.
  • Feeling Another Person’s Energy… Often you can tell that the energy that you are experiencing is not yours. Energy transfer from one person to another is real. The energy you are feeling may belong to someone else and often someone that you are involved in some form of relationship. Some introspection may be required.

It may involve letting go of old relationships that don’t work, or changing them so they do. It can especially look like letting go of responsibility for others and leaving them to cope with their own creations instead of trying to save them. Stopping sacrificing yourself and your energy for others. The important thing is shielding yourself from negative energies.

  • Mass Negativity… As I mentioned previously learning how to block negative energy from others is important. What is more critical is separating yourself from mass unconsciousness. Individuals have specific personal energy but they all combine to create a conglomeration of energy. This energy can be positive or negative which can affect you personally or the world as a whole.

Rising above the collective unconscious, and its thought forms and mental patterns can and will change how you feel especially in times of world crisis and challenges such as war or environmental problems.

It is your choice whether or not you want to attract positive energy from the universe or succumb to the negative forces.

Learn More About Your Energy

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  • Unconscious Experience… You are in control of your waking reality but what about those times when you are not awake. Nightmarish dream experiences, revisiting old scenarios in your dreams can cause negative energy spikes in your day to day living. You can, however, learn how to create positive dream states. When looking to release negative energy meditation can be helpful to not only enhance your mood but especially create a solid grounding meditation practice.
  • Spiritually Connection… Four main aspects of life can give you a firm foundation for your life. These are mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual stability. An imbalance in the first three of these is quite visible. The fourth, spiritual, can be quite subtle. When you are not connected with your true nature, Spirit, it can cause negative energy to creep in.
  • Negative Spirit Entities… One of the issues I have seen in the past year is an increase in the presence of negative spiritual entities, malevolent spirits creating attachments, attacking individuals filling them with the unwanted negative energy of all sorts. There are ways to protect yourself and deal with x the clearing and removal of these entities.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You

So now that you are aware of what may be going on it doesn’t need to become a helpless situation. Let me release negative energy meditationtell you about the certain ways you can get through the low negative states. Here are 9 simple tips that can help when you have recognized any of the warning Signs Of Negative Energy in your life.

  • Connect to the new Earth. Spend time grounding and a good way to do so is to visit nature.
  • Stay in the present moment, Here in the now.
  • Talk to your body about your symptoms. Ask your body what it needs to cope with these issues that may cause fatigue, illness (salt bath, sleep, different food, etc), and then pay attention.
  • Relax, be in flow, be nonresistant.
  • Don’t attach emotionally to any outcome.
  • Don’t grab hold of thoughts let them float like clouds
  • Remember to breathe. Every breath is important.
  • Give other people space.
  • Be forgiving and compassionate for yourself and others.

Regardless of what your issues may be, remember that you are all spirits and are the light of the world as each being is. Treat yourself so.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Signs Of Negative Energy, And Learning To Cope, as we explore how negative energy can affect you, your senses of self, and your journey and 9 tips on creating positive energy.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Recognize the vibes, symptoms, and signs of negative energy.
  • Negative energy and your aura and chakras.
  • How to deal with and clear negative energy.

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