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August 31, 2021

Ask Dr. Lesley, Your Favorite Psychic, Questions UYT306

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Why You Should Have Psychic Readings

Have you ever asked a Psychic questions about your life, things that were important to you? Questions you just could not get an answer for on your own. What is the question of your day? What is the hot topic in your life that you would like some extra information on? Dr. Lesley has dedicated an episode of her weekly radio show Unlocking Your Truth to do just that. She will give a free psychic reading to her callers and answer all questions that come her way.

Ask Dr. Lesley, Your Favorite Psychic, Questions

Psychic Readings Are Informative

Why should you consider getting a psychic reading?

In essence, psychic readings will give you a spiritual or psychic perspective on any question that you would care to ask. As a teacher, I help train people how to develop psychic powers.

There are many kinds of important questions that people ask about their lives. One of the top questions you have asked in the past was some version of, “what is the purpose of my life?” Basically, you want to know why you are here.

Sometimes the questions asked would be more of a spiritual question. Sometimes it would be more of a career question like:

  • What am I supposed to be doing?
  • What’s my strength?
  • What’s my capability?
  • Where are my skills and abilities best focused?
  • Should I change careers?

But the top question is still remains “what is my life purpose.” You want to know what you should be doing with your time while you are here.

Second Most Popular Psychic Question Askedlearn how relationships and how the chakras influence them

The second most popular question behind life purpose is some form of “who am I going to spend my life with?”. A question about relationships, and obviously most predominantly romantic relationships.

The array of questions that people often search answers for includes inquiries about finances, health, family, and where to live. But questions are generally in the minority. So if you’re listening or reading this article, you, at some point in your life, have asked, “What’s the purpose of my life?” And you most probably have deliberated and cogitated about a relationship that you were in. So you probably can identify with these subjects.

Occasionally there will be questions asked about society or the world as a whole. But for the most part, the most significant percentage of all psychic readings are generally specific to the person asking the question.

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Psychic Reading

Psychic Questions

The answers to the psychic questions that were asked during the radio show are not included. The answers were too lengthy to include. However, you can listen to them in the recorded interviews. The following are the questions and comments fielded from listeners during the broadcast of Ask Dr. Lesley, Your Favorite Psychic, Questions:

Ashly Fae- I have recurring dreams about trying to catch a flight home from somewhere (it might be a vacation, a work trip, or an unknown). Then getting separated from my luggage and spending the dream trying to find my luggage and worrying about making my flight in time. I know there is a message for me that I’m having trouble getting. I wondered if you could get a sense of what this might be about.

Misty- How can I improve my psychic abilities, and what is my strongest ability?

Fran- I’ve had digestive issues for many months. Wondering if there is an energetic significance and if there is anything I can do to prevent a recurrence.

Brian- I am wondering about my life purpose as well. What can you tell me about it? Also, wondering about my financial situation and health? Whatever you can tell me would be great!

Brian- (part 2) Yes, most helpful, is grounding the best way to gain alignment with my higher self, or is there another best process to do that you recommend?

Brian- (part 3) Thanks so much! I assume I need to envision the column of light going through my crown chakra and then the other chakras until I get to my root chakra.

Soulful Connections- I had a dream. My deceased Grandmother gave me coins in my dream and was very protective of them. I have no clue what’s she’s trying to tell me. Can you help me out, please?

Free Guided Meditation

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SG- Hello, I’ve been feeling very sluggish, unfocused, and mentally slowed down. Can you see if there is anything I can do or change in my diet to feel more energy and less stressed?

Natasha- Hi Dr. Lesley. When will the dark forces be leaving earth? How much longer do we have to deal with the insanity on our planet?

Bronwen- In a Show I have been working on over the past year, I constantly clash with the director. Our energies just don’t mesh well, and we don’t seem to be able to resolve this. I have wondered if we share a past life, perhaps, or do you see any explanation for this disharmony?

Marlane- Hi Dr. Lesley. Can you take a look at my energy? I feel blocked from my abilities right now. Usually, I can get past it, but this one seems different. Am I trying too hard?

Peter – I started a new business recently, not sure if this is what I should be doing? What are the major blocks I need to heal? Also, are there any messages from my mom or dad or my guides? Thanks!

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Ask Dr. Lesley, Your Favorite Psychic, Questions. as Dr. Lesley answers their psychic questions.

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