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May 25, 2021

Find Out What Is Blocking Your Psychic Development UYT292

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Are You Having Challenges With Awakening Your Psychic Powers?

When you first start to delve into the realm of psychic development, you may run into blocks regarding controlling them. These blocks are whether one or more of the 22 types of psychic abilities you were born with unfold without any warning or you choose to develop them. The first thing you need to understand when experiencing awakening your psychic powers is that there is absolutely no need to panic or go into fear mode. These abilities are spiritual gifts, and any blocks in regards to your psychic development can be overcome.

Find Out What Is Blocking Your Psychic Development.

Psychic Development For Beginners And Veterans

Let’s examine some of the blocks to developing psychic abilities. Many of these blocks are pretty standard for many of you as beginners and those who have already awakened. The first block you may encounter is discipline.

The number one block to your psychic development may be that you cannot sufficiently dedicate yourself to your psychic expansion. If you are not putting time, focus, and energy aside for your psychic education, you cannot expect real growth.

Just like anything else in life that you wish to become good at, you must practice. Having a regular discipline to focus on and devote yourself to your psychic development will determine the strength anddeveloping psychic abilities can be fun and easy control of your gifts. Psychic development is, in a way, like going to the gym. You need to exercise it; you need to practice it; you need to build your psychic muscle. So if this is something that you are serious about, you must exhibit a certain amount of dedication to it.

You may get fleeting glimpses and brief insights into your abilities. Yet to genuinely understand what you’re doing and get the focused information you desire, you still need to practice. The best way to develop your psychic abilities is through meditation; to have a regular meditation practice.

There are some particular meditation techniques in developing your psychic powers. These meditations were taught in the ancient Mystery Schools and will expand your conscious awareness of your abilities. These specific meditations are the path to connecting with your true nature, Spirit. This connection will help you control your psychic energy and access your third eye, your pineal gland, the center of psychic awareness. The simple reason for this is that Spirit is not limited by this reality’s boundaries such as time or space. As Spirit, you can travel anywhere, anytime. The ability to overcome these boundaries is what psychic abilities are. They are the abilities to overcome this reality’s limits.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

How To Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

The next major block to learning how to tap into your psychic development is mind chatter. Many of you have this constant mind chatter going on. No matter what you are doing or how well you are doing it, your mind mostly has a will of its own. It can tend to sabotage your efforts if not controlled. This form of sabotage holds for psychic expansion as well.

Your intuition doesn’t happen in your mind. Your mind chatter comes from your logical mind, which is like a mechanical device that thinks. It is not who you are. You are Spirit in a human body with this fantastic computer, the mind, that helps you do all the things necessary to live in this reality. But it is bound by the limits of time and space. Spirit is your higher being which has the reins of your psychic abilities. Controlling your Monkey Mind is of great importance. Again meditation is the perfect tool for you.

You have your monkey mind with its random thoughts to contend with as well. However, these very thoughts can be coming from other people and interfering with your psychic development. You may be picking them up telepathically from other people. But that is still not going to help you with your psychic development. These thoughts are random and not relevant to you.

Getting a handle on your disjointed thinking and getting that monkey mind under control is critical to your psychic progression. Learn to control your own mind space so that other people aren’t in there interfering with it.

Learning How To Develop Psychic Abilities Includes Emotional Self-Control

Experiencing personal emotional drama can hinder your psychic development frequently. So if youhow to develop psychic abilities constantly have emotional ups and downs can distract from your psychic growth. This very similar to the monkey mind discussed earlier but is centered in your emotional body.

Another common occurrence is being battered by other people’s emotions. We can be invaded by other people’s emotions and feelings. You can have somebody else throwing their emotional energy at you, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed. You can even be channeling someone else’s emotions, being under emotional attack. Again these emotions are not part of your intuitive body. They do not enhance your psychic ability. They hinder it.

Getting seniority over the emotions doesn’t mean you should ignore them. They are essential to listen to. But if you let them dominate, then they will keep you from your psychic abilities.

Give Up Effort And Learn How To Use Psychic Abilities

Another common block to your psychic advancement that can get in your way is effort. If you’re getting into too much effort, trying too hard, then you’re approaching your psychic development from your body perspective. There are differences between the physical body that you are in and the spiritual being that you are. One of the significant differences is everything your body does take effort. Nothing you do a spirit takes any effort at all.

Everything the body does takes effort because it exists in time and space, a dense material form. It takes energy to walk and talk and move and do stuff. As Spirit, you are not in time and space. You are not in physical form. And how you operate as Spirit is effortless. Again, your psychic abilities are part of who you are, Spirit. They are how you communicate as Spirit, and they are effortless. So if you find yourself struggling and straining and trying really hard to get your psychic guidance, you are not approaching it as Spirit. You are coming at it from the body.

And it’s a common thing for people to do. Because we are just so used to being in our bodies and doing things with our bodies, it’s a bit of a transition to get used to doing it in a different way than that.

Other Things That May Be Blocking Your learn about your psychic powers list

Fear is a big block. You may be worried about what will happen if you can see the unseen. Fear is not real. When you understand that you are in total control of your abilities, your fear dissipates quickly.

Expectations can hold you back. If you have grand expectations and they do not occur, you may be disappointed. Disappointment is the enemy of growth with anything you do. One thing you can learn is the short phrase that comes from a Julie Blue song, “don’t get attached to the outcome.”

Doubt can block you as well. Once you begin doubting, you drop back into your body. And once again, your psychic gifts come from Spirit. If you are in your body, you are bound by time and space.

There are more psychic blocks, but the ones mentioned earlier are the most common. If you find yourself with real challenges, psychic development classes can be a way to get help. A mentor such as myself can help you get through your barriers.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Find Out What Is Blocking Your Psychic Development. If you want to learn how to become psychic or even expand your psychic abilities but are having challenges, you are on the right path. Listen in as we discuss how to unlock your psychic powers and eliminate blocks.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Find Out What Is Blocking Your Psychic Development:

  • Hi Dr. Lesley! Sometimes when I meditate, I try to connect energetically with loved ones who have passed over. I’ve been trying to connect with my mother-in-law, who has Alzheimer’s, but I can’t make a connection. Can you offer advice on how I can overcome this blockage? Or is she perhaps unreachable in this state? Thank you so much.
  • I think that happened to me. I believe I encountered a ghost when I was a kid. According to what my brother told me. This confirmation coincides with some missing memories and dreams afterward. And I closed down that part of my ‘seeing’. I remember my mom telling me I was afraid of things, shadows and shapes in the dark. I wonder if you can tell me anything more about this, what you see. My intuition is getting stronger, as is my other abilities. Not sure. I don’t remember; I have had dreams about this ghost for years. Not sure. I don’t remember. I have had dreams about this ghost for years.
  • I enjoyed the class I did with you several years ago. I feel alone In my interest in exploring my
  • Please read my energy to see if I’m blocked. I’ve been doing your week one of grounding daily meditation practice from the unlocking your intuition course.
  • Which chakra is most likely causing a block in claircognizance ability? Do you see what could be causing blocks for me specifically?
  • That can feel lonely when you are in the midst of going through the transitions from your “old” self and their friends and family compared to who you are becoming. I’m in that as well. My abilities have been starting to really come through, but I know I have some more intuition blocks to overcome. Are you able to give some guidance?
  • Hi, Thank you for the broadcast as always. I am making progress but still feeling a sincere blockage. Can you help me to isolate where to focus or what to do? Thank you.
  • If it’s not too much to ask, I wondered if you could check in on my energy. This weekend, I had a weird spooky experience that felt almost like a psychic attack. Maybe I just freaked myself out, but there were some odd goings-on in my apartment followed by a series of terrifying nightmares.
  • Is there a correlation between psychic abilities and the moon cycle? With a new moon today, are psychic energies heightened and/or on a full moon?
  • Hi Dr. Lesley, someone hit my car today. It was a hit and run. Did I do something to cause this? Am I blocked or ungrounded? I was also rear-ended late last year. Appreciate any insights.

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