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February 7, 2023

Psychic Ability List Of Words And Terms Explained UYT360

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Meaning Of Words From The Psychic Ability List Of Terms

Do you understand the meaning of words from the psychic ability list of terminology? The psychic realm has its own words, terms, and phrases. They may seem to be words that you would find in the dictionary but they have different meanings. So the meaning and entomology of words, the study of meaning of words, and the terms we use in the spiritual arena will differ.

Psychic Ability List Of Words And Terms Explained

Why Is A Word Meaning Important?

So why is this topic of word meanings so important? Words are just words, right? However, regarding the psychic arena, words may have very different meanings. And it is essential to be clear so that an accurate message can be transmitted. Every once in a while, somebody will ask, “What is the difference between this word and that word?” For example, one common question regarding words from the psychic ability list is “What’s the difference between an intuitive and a psychic?” or “What’s the difference between having intuition and having psychic abilities?”

But before we answer that, let’s first look at words and terminology in their simplest form.

You, Too, Have A Word Meaning List Specific To Youunderstand the power of words and language

As human beings, you like to label things. You like to categorize things and build neat little fences around things. This is so you can say, here’s this, and it belongs here in this neat little package. And then here’s this other thing. And that is what your intellect causes you to do, create definitions.

A simple example would be this is a sheep, and this is a goat. And it enables you to go, oh, that’s a sheep, and that’s a goat. This would be an intellectual view. A spiritual perspective is it is consciousness expressing itself fully as form.

And again, the human goes, no, it’s a sheep or a goat. So you like to label things. And in some senses, you need to do that, so you can talk about things. This is because you have forgotten how to tune into the vibration. You have forgotten how to see more deeply into what you are talking about. So as soon as you label and categorize something, you limit and minimize it. And then you are only looking at the surface level of it.

Word’s Psychic Meaning In English Transform

Now, the other thing is the meaning of words in any language changes over time. What a word meant 400 years ago when people were using it and what it means today can be completely different. And so you start out meaning one thing, and you can end up meaning another. And most of the words that we use in the English language go a long way back through time.

Some of the English words you use can be traced back a few 100 years. But in reality, they can go back 1000s of years through different languages and meanings. So you can start out meaning one thing and end up meaning another.

Are The Meanings Of Words Real?psychic ability list of words

And one other thing you might say is that words are meaningless. They only have the meaning that you give them. What is a word? What is it? It’s a sound that you are making. It might be some symbols that you are writing on a page. But what gives it any meaning? You are giving it the required meaning to help you navigate your reality. And you project all sorts of meanings on top of words.

You superimpose and project your personal sensibilities, reactions, and traumas onto words. Let’s look at what this means. Here are some words, and see what your inner reaction is to them and prove this point.

God. I’ll tell you, my reaction to that word. Now it is complete neutrality. But likely, if you had said the word God to me 30 years ago, I would have had a recoil reaction. At that time, its meaning, for me, was energized with all sorts of projected concepts from conventional religion.

And that’s the case for many people. That word God is highly charged for them. Suppose you have been brought up in a particular religion by very strict religious parents, a strict Convent, or something similar. In that case, you may rebel against using the word God. You may also recoil at the word God.

It may not be a neutral word. However, if you choose another word, that could feel better to you. A different term like “the all that is” or “nature.” You can associate it with consciousness and release the activation.

Words That Can Activate You

Another word that may activate you is Nazi. That might be a heavily charged word. What about the words snake or spider?

But for any of you, if there was a word that was just said that caused an adverse reaction within you, you can neutralize the word. So, say the word God lit you up like a Christmas tree for some reason. Well, what you can do is you can visualize the word, God. Then dissolve it, and make it vanish. Create and dissolve it and recreate it, dissolve it repeatedly. And you can de-energize that or any other word so that it does become neutral for you, and you no longer react to it.

Again this is because all words are meaningless, apart from the meaning you give them. And the other thing is they all have a vibration and sound associated with them. And the sound and vibration often relate to the meaning you are giving it. So there’s a concept in poetry called alliteration. An example would be saying something like the slithering snake slid over the surface. This phrase creates a specific vibration within you. It makes you think about a snake driving home, the meaning the author wants to communicate.

Are You A developing psychic abilities can be fun and easyPsychic Or Intuitive?

Now on to terms and words from the psychic ability list. Okay. First, the words intuitive and psychic. Again one of the more common questions is, “What’s the difference between an intuitive and a psychic?” And I must say, over the years, I have struggled with these terms. And many people in the same profession may have had a similar struggle. So what do you label yourself?

People know who I am and what I do. And because of all the words you can choose, different people have different projections about what those words mean. So any words you can choose can repel a particular group of people and attract another group. This is because they are looking at the surface level of the word. Also, they feel how that word is charged with a particular energy for them.

In my case, what you are talking about are spiritual abilities that we all have. So that helps us tune in to the nonphysical. So just like we have physical senses to tune into the physical, you have spiritual senses to tune into the nonphysical.

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Okay, so now let’s look at the word intuitive versus psychic. Many people use the word intuitive because it seems more gentle. It seems less confrontational than the word psychic. Because many people project onto the word psychic. Here is a tiny sampling of the words that people think in association with the word psychic:

  • Evil
  • Crazy
  • Weirdo
  • Imposter
  • Wise women
  • Witch
  • Supernatural
  • Paranormal
  • Supernormal
  • Outer-worldly
  • Metaphysical

Some religious people might think it’s associated with Satanism, devilishness, or a fringe level of society. So there can be all sorts of connotations that different people project onto that word that you cannot be connected with God or godliness.

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Derivation Of Psychic

So, if you go back several hundreds of years or even thousands, the word psychic derives from the word psyche. And the word Psyche was present in the ancient Greek language. And in Latin, in ancient Rome, it meant animating spirit. The psyche was that force, the human spirit that animates the human being. And so a psychic is somebody attuned to that animating spirit that animates the human being. So it’s a very close meaning to someone who’s in touch with the soul. That’s the origin of the word. A psychic is someone who attunes to the soul level of reality. So that’s where the word psychic originally comes from. And the original meaning is more accurate than satanic worship.

Clairvoyant And Clairvoyancedeveloping spiritual awareness

Another word that sometimes gets confusing is Clairvoyant and Clairvoyance. The word Clair means clear-sighted, and a Clairvoyant is a clear-sighted person. When it was initially used back in the 1600s. It was just meant to describe someone who has insight or is discerning. Yet the direct translation is clear-seeing, and that’s what a clairvoyant does, sees clearly.


What about the word mystic? That tends to be used less often. So Mystic initially referred to the mysteries, the religious mysteries, and the spiritual mysteries. And a Mystic was initiated into the sacred spiritual mysteries, which included the ability to be psychic and intuitive, tune into the nonphysical realm, and communicate with the soul level of reality.

It’s associated with something obscure and out of reach of most people. The Mystic is considered an uncommon person that has visions or is on the outskirts of society, a bit weird and a bit strange.

Medium And Channelers

Another common question related to terms from the psychic ability list “What’s the difference between a Medium and a Channeler?” “What’s the difference between mediumship and channeling?

Originally the word Medium referred to an intermediary or a conduit. And that word was adopted by Spiritualism in the middle 1800s to describe a person who conveyed spiritual messages because you were the Medium through which the messages were flowing.

The word Medium can mean a lot of different things to different people. That’s the basic Medium. It’s someone who’s a conduit for spiritual messages to flow through. People often define being a Medium and Mediumship as a specific psychic ability, when actually, it’s just the practice of conveying messages. And the psychic ability that is being used or the form of intuition that is being used can be very different depending on the particular Medium.

Difference Between Medium And Channeler

So, back to the original question, the difference between Medium and Channeler. A Medium is a person who is a conduit for connecting the nonphysical spiritual world with the physical world. Basically, delivering messages from the spirit world into the physical world. A Channeler is similar. The original word was derived from the word channel, a stream of water, something flowing through, the bed of a stream. And that’s what a channel is. It’s like a tube, a pipe, a gutter, a waterway for something other than water.

You can see how that relates to that same idea. And it also is used in the idea of a circuit for transmitting radio signals, television signals, etc. A Medium and a Channel are similar. It is a person conveying spiritual information, acting as a conduit for delivering spiritual information.

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So, a Medium is often thought to be communicating with people who have passed on. And a channeler is often the word used for somebody who is not explicitly connecting with people who’ve passed on but more specifically connecting with some higher vibration being who might be able to enlighten or teach us some valuable things.

A Medium can use different spiritual abilities to access the information and could be Channeling. A Channeler can also be using different spiritual abilities. And there are different levels of Channeling as well.

In its extreme form, the one acting as a Channel is giving their body over to another being to operate the body. It’s like giving your car keys to somebody else to take it for a drive. And that’s someone who goes into a deep trance state and leaves their body. But you could also go into a lighter trance state. You would blend with the guide and be present, awake, and aware during the channeling process. In that case, you would give the car keys to someone but sit in the passenger seat. Or you could drive your own car and have them sitting in the passenger seat.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Psychic Ability List Of Words And Terms Explained. Learn how the different terms psychic ability list can have different means or be similar. Also, learn the derivation of these terms.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Psychic Ability List Of Words And Terms Explained:

  • Denise – I am psychic & I have seen monk-like figures who are they?
  • Brian – I believe intuition is more widely accepted even in science, a hunch leading to research for example. It may be because intuition can be linked more to the body, like a gut instinct, a feeling, whereas psychic is something that is harder for science to measure, using s senses that are not physical, a knowing from someplace else. Science tends to lean away from anything that can’t be measured. That‘s the trouble with ghosts, angels, etc. you can‘t exactly hook them up to a machine and test blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
  • Denise – I think in my Scottish line my ancestors were wise women.
  • Lori – I just learned my friend Nick who I hadn’t seen in years, and who was living in Nelson BC just died. That is where I wanted to move, but now I feel like I lost interest in the place. Any insight?
  • SG – I had a dream I felt had to do with a recent reconnection to M.H. I felt it was telling me to slow down and not rush to push him out of my life. I was being driven by a reckless driver. am I correct? if not what else did I mean?
  • Shelby – Am I going to get the new minivan?

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