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what really happens after death
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Proof Of Life After Death, An In-Depth Discussion With Roberta Grimes Brief

Is there evidence or proof of life after death? I am sure that you have asked this question at some point even if just to yourself. There are mediums out there that will give you signs from loved ones after death. They say they can connect you with past relatives and other spirits. Is this real or a hoax? People say that they can channel different spiritual entities. Is it all a sham? Is there life after death or is there proof of no afterlife?

What happens to the spirit after death, does consciousness survive death? One of the answers we look for is what really happens after death and we sometimes turn to those who have had a near death experience to help. Roberta comments on this during our talk. She states that there is a life after death science that exists. Interesting questions to say the least. Well, today we speak to an expert on death, Roberta Grimes and I must say it is an amazing interview. She has lots and lots to share with us about this subject and others.

Roberta surprises you right off the bat. She is a business attorney. However, she has had two extraordinary experiences of light as a child and then spent decades studying nearly 200 years of communications from people we used to think were dead. Using this material and insights from scientific research, which has solid proof of life after death, she has been able to assemble a detailed picture of what happens at and after death. She has majored in religion at Smith College and studied the Bible extensively.  she also has learned that Jesus in the Gospels told us things about God, reality, death, the afterlife, and the meaning and purpose of human life that we could not have confirmed until the twentieth century. Roberta’s books include The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying in Touch, Liberating Jesus, and The Fun of Growing Forever.

A Quote About Roberta By Jack Canfield:

“Buried deep in the Christian Bible are what may be the simplest and most transformative spiritual teachings ever found. Roberta calls it tragic that more Christians aren’t following the teachings of Jesus. She tells us that his teachings, when followed, actually transform us internally, and she shares the enticing suggestion that if even as few as ten percent of us will fully live the teachings of the Gospels, we can begin an era of universal peace and understanding over all the earth.”

She believes that “We can’t transform the world until we transform ourselves “and that takes understanding who we are, what death truly is, who God is and the facts about religion to name a few topics of self-awareness. This is not your typical Jesus or God discussion. Her understanding comes not only from self-reflection but from science itself. Yes, I said science. Science has actually proved that there is an afterlife, yes proof of life after death, but just does not realize that have done just that.

We discuss this and many more topics with Roberta in today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Proof Of Life After Death, The Ultimate Question.

In this Podcast you will learn:proof of life after death

  • What brought Roberta to be so passionate about understanding the afterlife and its implications?
  • We look at some of the problems with “religions” and why Roberta says, “No religion puts spiritual growth first” discussing being spiritual but not religious.
  • This is your 3rd book in the “Fun of” series.  What brought you to study these areas of the afterlife?
  • Why does she say that it is tragic that more Christians aren’t following the teachings of Jesus which are keys to spiritual growth?
  • The key teachings of Jesus and how do they raise your vibration and show you how to get in touch with your spirituality and how to be more spiritual every day?
  • How and why you should try on some of the teachings of Gratitude and Forgiveness and learn what really being spiritual means.
  • Why do you say in learning these stages of spiritual maturity we really aren’t learning anything new?
  • What the dead have to say about religion and about the future on this planet.

You can reach Roberta Grimes at

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