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February 20, 2013

Open Your Third Chakra And Experience True Power

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Open Your Third Chakra And Create Your Reality

When you open your third chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, or Manipura chakra, you release your true power. It allows you access to real energy distribution, which is to say how you choose to use your energy in the world in creating your reality. Unfortunately, many individuals use their energy to exert power and authority over others.open your third chakra and release your true power

This prevailing belief on our planet that power means to be in authority over and control other people is not correct. True power is about you owning your energy and consciously using it to create your life and do what you are here to do. This type of reality manipulation is a wonderful gift.

Unfortunately in many cultures in the world, we are brought up to believe that we must compete with others to be the best, the most successful, the richest, and so on. Going along with this is the concept that for you to have these things you must usurp others. We see this dynamic within individuals in the workplace but also between nations, religions, and other groups. Right now the human family has the opportunity to grow beyond the third chakra centered culture, based on false concepts of power to a more heart centered culture where the power of the individual is recognized.

There are two main ingredients to true power. One is knowledge and the other is energy. You first need to know yourself and understand your life purpose. Then you need to learn to direct and focus your energy to support this purpose. This is true power – using your energy to fulfill what you came here to do and the realization that you have everything you need within you to achieve this purpose. The two most important things to learn in life No other person is better equipped than you to achieve your goals.

Competition And The Third Chakra

What are your passions? What are your present life goals and your overall life purpose?

Do you know the answer to this and are you directing your energy to fulfill these goals?

There is no good or bad way to use your energy, so let go of judgment. You need to distribute your energy according to what you need to learn to find yourself to accomplish your present life goals. This will vary depending on what you are creating. This can also vary throughout the day as you move from project to project.

It is important to keep a spiritual perspective so your energy flows effortlessly where it needs to go. The challenges in controlling the third chakra include the temptation to use the power for physical purposes only, without having any consideration for the divine plan and your life purpose; as well as engaging in power games with others, such as competing with others or trying to control them. Neither of these approaches works.

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Have You Ever Noticed What It Feels Like To Compete With Someone?

Whether you believe you are superior to them, or unworthy in comparison, it doesn’t feel very good. In both scenarios, you are denying that you each have a unique purpose and you are denying your suitability to fulfill your purpose because you think you either have to move another person out of the way to succeed or you believe that you are not capable. Either way, you are not seeing the truth about yourself or the other person and you are judging rather than accepting the situation.

A different problem that can arise is that we are afraid of our power. We may fear that we will misuse it. This often arises from the past in our childhood where we hurt someone or from a past life where we misused our power. It is therefore important to bring your relationship with your third chakra into the present time.

If we do not own our power then someone else will use our energy for their purposes. We may find ourselves being manipulated to do things we don’t approve of. This can arise from a sense of unworthiness or unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

You are responsible for your reality. If you open your third chakra then you need to accept this. Your energy is meant to be used within your universe. And you are meant to take charge of this in communion with God. You can learn to consciously control your energy flow to get the results you wish and you can learn to release competition and other blocks to using your power as it was meant to be used. Remember that power is indiscriminate. You control it and your negative thoughts become reality as well.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Open Your Third Chakra, And Experience True Power, while we discuss finding purpose in life and remember, change your thoughts change your reality.

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

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