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February 28, 2023

Dr. Lesley Answers Any Questions About The Metaphysical World UYT363

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What Is Metaphysics In Simple Terms?

Have you ever had any questions relating to the metaphysical world? My definition of metaphysics includes everything, life, the Universe, and everything from a spiritual perspective. It could be something related to past lives, future lives, galactic connections, different spiritual experiences, or your psychic abilities in general.

Dr. Lesley Answers Any Questions About The Metaphysical World

Basic Spiritual Metaphysical Philosophy

Many of you use the term metaphysics or spiritual metaphysics when discussing religion. But metaphysics is not a religion, nor is spiritual metaphysics. When it comes to metaphysics, it is such an all-encompassing word.

Everything we are has to do with this elaborate term. The simple explanation of metaphysics, combined with spirituality, is looking at life and acting in life through spiritual eyes wearing a pair of quantum physics glasses. One of the central notions is familiar to you. It is the concept that you are a mass of energy. This energy is the same that makes up the whole universe and everything in it. Energy can be influenced, and it is eternal. In essence, it never dies or dissipates. It just alters form.

When you ponder the fact that energy is eternal, you are energy, and you conclude that you are eternal. Have you come across this theory elsewhere? Of course, you have. This spiritual, metaphysical belief and Christianity doctrines seem to have a fundamental shared conviction.

Dr. Lesley Answers Questions Related To Metaphysics And The Metaphysical World metaphysical world information

Katie – I’ve seen several documentaries lately about the spiritual effects of experiences with psychedelic drugs. Do you have a perspective on this and how it relates to metaphysics?

Dr. Lesley’s Response – I’ve not taken psychedelic drugs myself. But, still, I have taken a psychic look at the idea of taking psychedelic drugs for many interested people. And I’ve had clients who have had that experience. And so, whether it’s right for you depends on you and the particular drug.

One of the things you must consider is that if you take a substance that’s vibration is incompatible or lower than yours, you might have an unpleasant experience. But, if you take something that can step you into a higher vibration, you might have a more pleasant experience.

That said, it has been observed that for selected individuals who are stuck or disturbed and have an experience with Ayahuasca or something similar, it can give them a jolt or jumpstart to get over the hump. It helps them get over something that’s been blocking them. This assistance can help them start moving forward.

So I have definitely seen it have similar positive effects on people. However, it isn’t a quick fix. I don’t like the idea of McDonald’s spirituality where you go and say, “well, I will have some of that,” and you will be enlightened after that.

And so, people do have unique experiences while on the drug. And then, they have to return to realityreality is what it is but you create it and their real life. Then the issue is how to integrate the experience and move forward in life. Can one apply what they learned through the experience to the life they desire to create?

And so, for many people, it can be like you have been in the energy of an intense workshop for a weekend. It feels great while you are there. And then now you are back in your life where you started. So it’s not a long-lasting answer to learn to focus on yourself, meditate, be self-aware, and be responsible for life choices. But it can give you awarenesses that could help you move forward.

However, I would firmly say that a meditation practice can be a better path to self-awareness. And that has been my mechanism to help me move forward in life with many challenges. That’s how I teach people to evolve and connect with their higher self, Spirit. So you do not have to take psychedelic drugs to have those experiences. And, in fact, actually, if you were interested, you could just run the vibration of the psychedelic drug and have a more gentle experience than actually taking the physical substance.

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Meditation can give you more than a one-time, short-term fix for your issues. I would say that you can get similar effects every day, all day long. You could have spiritual experiences, see spirits, communicate with angels and spirit guides, and have all sorts of life-altering experiences. I have, and I’ve never taken a psychedelic drug. Many of my students have the same positive live-generating experiences as well.

That’s not to say that taking psychedelic drugs might not be something that you can benefit from. So that would be my perspective. I’ve seen it help people. But you also think that those people who it’s helped, that’s not the end of it. They have to keep doing their spiritual work. They have to keep meditating and focusing on their expansion and healing themselves. Otherwise, it becomes this fantastic experience you can never duplicate without taking the drug. And that’s definitely not a recipe for success for anybody.

Listener’s Comment – I’ve got to comment on it. I agree with that. When you use a physical tool outside of yourself, generally, you need to use that physical tool for life. It’s not something that you do once and helps you for life. This is where addictions come from.

It does potentially give you an opportunity for rapid healing and new awareness to transform something within you. But are you transforming the whole of your life? Unfortunately, there is not a pill that you can take that can bring you to the point where you can genuinely say, “now I’m enlightened.”life purpose is your path to enlightenment

I’ve seen people do Ayahuasca in a place unsuitable for a spiritual experience. Later on, they discover it was not a one-shot deal. Then you feel like you were supposed to have connected with your inner self, but it was fleeting. As you said, Dr. Lesley, there are ways to do it. There are alternate ways to stay in that spot because you have control. You have the tools to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. So connect.

Brian’s Question What is happening metaphysically to the planet in your view. Some say you are moving from 3d to 5d. People are experiencing ascension symptoms, sensations, physical discomfort, and pain similar to growing pains. People are changing fast. Things are speeding up. And there are these cosmic effects, solar flares, shifts in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, rare planetary alignments happening all at once, or overlapping.

Dr. Lesley’s Response The short answer is I agree with all of that, Brian. Some people use the fifth-density, while others use the fifth dimension. From my perspective, you are moving in from something that’s more akin to a third chakra level of interacting to a more heart-centered level. People are opening up to their interconnectedness and similarities versus their differences. your oneness and how you fit into the metaphysical world and universe

You are learning to accept the variety of who you are and operating from those higher vibrations. You are moving into a way of operating more in synchronicity than that three-dimensional, time-space reality. Instead of “meeting you at the coffee shop at three o’clock,” you are just running into each other. It’s more serendipitous and synchronictic regarding how you will be operating.

And, yes, there are all sorts of cosmic and planetary shifts. For example, every time there’s an earthquake on the planet, everyone on the planet is affected by that earthquake. It doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the world. That’s the Earth’s Kundalini, which is highly transformative energy, shaking things up and bringing things to the surface.

And so, in our collective consciousness, you have things being revealed. Whistleblowers in all different kinds of industries. Things are being exposed. Things are being shaped and shaken up. And things that are out of alignment with the direction that you are heading in eventually have to crumble. They can’t continue to exist, at least in that timeline.

So what else can I say about your inquiry?

You get to choose which timeline you want to be on. And yes, sometimes the growth cycle might mean you will go through some discomfort in your body. But if you are somebody who has the energy techniques, like I teach, then you can have a more leisurely ride. So instead of being up and down and bashed about by the waves of change, you can navigate the boat for a smoother ride. So you can learn how to ride the way you can learn how to deal with what growth and what symptoms come up in your system.

Unlock Your Intuition?

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Let’s look at another term for symptoms because symptoms are medical terms. You have a symptom, so take a pill, and make the symptom disappear. You know, since I’m a victim and have a symptom, I’ve got pain. No, it’s just your body is changing. It has to adjust. You have things stored within your system that are out of alignment with the new earth. And to continue to that new version of the earth, you must share those out-of-alignment things. They have to come up to the surface within you so you can release them. is your energy aligned

Those growth cycles can be experienced as pleasant or unpleasant, depending on how in charge of your energy you are. That could be a whole show content, Brian, but thank you for that question. And the short answer is yes. I agree with all of the things that you said.

Oh, one more thing. When looking at the shifts in a positive light, some people may say I have a Pollyanna-type attitude. They say I, and I will extend that to people like me, “you are not seeing reality as it is. Don’t you know, there’s a war in Ukraine? Don’t you know that 46,000 people died in Turkey and Syria? And so, the world is going in the opposite direction than you feel.”

What these mass world events are, is they are offered to shake you up. They are embedded into your reality to assist you in the awakening process. And they can be gentle, or they can be harsh. So the Coronavirus was an example of helping you to look at yourself. You have got to spend time with yourself. You got to look at the systems on the planet and decide whether you felt like they were working or not. So for us, it was an opportunity to create change.

And depending on how much you listen and make a shift, you will get another one and another one. These events are meant to instill compassion. It’s an opportunity for all of you to open your hearts, be grateful for each other and help each other. To say Namaste, the God in me sees the God in you. Every one of those situations is an opportunity for people to be compassionate and help you to make that choice to open to compassion.

A Special Meditation

Also, in this podcast, you will find a special meditation. . It is in addition for everyone on the planet engaged with the Fire The Grid meditation happening today. It started at 3 am. Pacific Time. And it will be going on for 24 hours. So there are 1000s of people all over the planet joining in. So join in and feel the power of that transmission and the amplification of so many people.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Dr. Lesley Answers Any Questions About The Metaphysical World as we look at metaphysics: a very short introduction and examine some of the metaphysics definition and examples.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

7 Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenge

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  • Njeri – Why is the law of attraction and manifesting so tricky for some and easy for others? Are some people born with an energetic advantage? Someone born into wealth has the vibration easily. Yet there are so many deeply spiritual people who struggle with abundance issues. Why is that if the universe supports higher vibrations of love and goodness?
  • David – Hi, Dr. Lesley. I am trying to understand the abilities I have. And how do I know when I am at a higher frequency?

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