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June 29, 2021

Learn About Energy Tools To Help You Manifest Your Desires UYT298

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Learn How Manifestation Works And The Energy Tools You Can Use

Is the idea of using specific energy tools that can help you manifest your desires real? Before you jump right into these manifestation techniques, let’s pay a little attention to the principle of manifesting itself. Every one of you does create your reality. I will repeat that because it is imperative to understand. You create your reality by the energy that you are. Just like a magnet, whatever energy signal you are broadcasting from your energy field will preclude the Attraction of what you desire or the repulsion of the same. 

Learn About Energy Tools To Help You Manifest Your Desires 

The Law Of Attraction And Spiritual Manifestation

Depending on the energy messages you are sending out to the Universe will determine what the Universe will mirror back at you. Whatever the energy is. Whatever signal or signals that you are putting out there is what will end up in your reality. That is called the Law Of Attraction. It’s also called the Law Of Karma. These spiritual laws or rules basically state that like attracts like. 

When you use the word karma, you tend to think that the evil you have done will come back and haunt you. But, it’s really the exact same principle as the Law Of Attraction. Whatever, whoever you are being been, what you get reflected back at you. 

The big question is, how do you take charge of that so that you are consciously deciding what signals that you are broadcasting to the Universe. The issue is that most of you are just going about your lives in a primarily unconscious or semi-conscious way. This doesn’t mean that you’ve imbibed 10 beers, and you are unconscious on the floor. But that most of you are not really awakened and aware within your bodies and your energy systems. 

Law Of Attraction Manifestation Techniquesmanifesting abundance and changing reality with thoughts

And so, how do you become aware of the energy within your being. How do you learn to control the energy that creates your reality? The first technique is called grounding. Grounding is an energy tool that helps you manifest your desires. 

Grounding; The Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

In all truth, grounding is the most powerful of all spiritual energy tools. It is helpful in so many ways, the least of which is manifestation. 

When you ground, you increase your vibration. This higher vibration is the representation of your true essence, your higher self, your spiritual being. Your spiritual focus starts to awaken and come into the body. This spiritual focus is the point of power, the point of Attraction. This point of power is the manifesting device. Spirit is not bound by time or space and thus can bring and create anything it wants. In turn, this is the ability to create your reality

To manifest positive energy, you need to be present and in your body. To manifest something in physical reality, while your body is in physical reality, you have to access your spiritual consciousness. Your spiritual consciousness is way beyond your physical reality. It is outside of time and space and eternal. 

It is like a laser-created hologram. It takes lots of specifically direct energy to create something out of nothing. Your physical being does not contain a sufficient energy source. But, your spiritual being does. But you need to focus that portion of your consciousness. And controlling that focal point is how you manifest your desires in this physical reality.

Manifestation Examplesmanifestation techniques

So most of you are not doing that. You are not grounded. You are most probably operating unconsciously from your ego. You are accumulating all sorts of problems and negative energies from challenges that crop up in your life. That is not helping in manifesting.

As an example of this, take somebody who says, “why can I not manifest abundance. I’m always poor. I can never get a job that pays me more than $20 an hour. I’m always being laid off.” Those thoughts that they’re thinking are the representation of their energy. That energy is the signal out to the Universe. If that person is feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, afraid for their survival, that is part of the signal that’s being broadcast. And because of the Law of Attraction that says like attracts like, they will get more of that back. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They keep getting more of the same over and over again.

If you do not break the cycle, it will go on like that, unconsciously driven, for your whole life. Or you can take charge of your energy using energy tools. And grounding is the number one. Because if you ground, it will bring your consciousness into this focal point called your body. So that you can wake up and be more conscious about what you are doing, how you are thinking, and how you are acting. It gives you a way of releasing negative energy. With that one technique, grounding, you can release all of those negative vibes like:

  • The pain of your childhood.
  • The trauma that you experienced as a teenager.
  • The negative programming that you received from your parents and peers. Like the one that tells you you have to work really hard, and people like you only get so much.
  • You are not worthy.
  • You will never amount to anything.

Good grounding helps you take charge of your energy and helps you let go of everything that’s working against you. This then clears up space for more of you, the spiritual being, to come into the body and start taking the reins and taking charge of your reality. The easiest way to learn how to ground is to meditate using a specific grounding meditation

The number 2 energy tool is spiritual centering. It helps you to be neutral and to see yourself and your life clearly. If you can see yourself in your life, clearly, you can start to see what you have created that you don’t prefer. It helps clarify what is blocking things in your energy system. It can uncover what it is that you prefer. Having that knowledge of self, what you want, and what you don’t want, you can start to consciously shift things around. As you discover what you don’t want, you can use your grounding to release and let them go. 

Free Guided Meditation

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Grounding and centering are the top two energy tools to use to consciously manifest your desires. There are many, many more:

  • Keep an emotional diary checking at least three times a day.
  • Creating vision boards is just be the one you want to find.
  • Fake it until you make it. Basically, be the one you want to be. This produces the good energy you need to manifest things. 
  • Ask for help. Find someone who can be a coach to help steer you in the right energetic frame of mind.
  • Posoitive manifestation techniques affirmations.
  • Keep the company of positive people.

No matter what you do to help you create positive energy in your life, it will help you manifest your desires. Keep striving to attain the reality you crave. 

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Learn About Energy Tools To Help You Manifest Your Desires. You to can create the reality you desire. Manifestation works.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Learn About Energy Tools To Help You Manifest Your Desires :

  • I would love to know how to bring others around you into a more positive viewpoint.
  • ​​What do you do if your partner is super negative, but you aren’t?
  • ​Can you manifest your intuition or psychic abilities?
  • Does it work better to write intentions-manifestations with the new moon?
  • ​I had a breakthrough that revealed the root of my inner child wound. At 2yrs old, I witnessed grandparents dog THEO get shot as he went mad and attacking pigs in the pigpen. It was a blood bath. I have been afraid of dogs ever since. But an intuitive person name last week suggested that the trauma of the killing of my dog was equivalent to seeing the killing of my friend, in my 2-year-old mind, that is. This has manifested as unprocessed grief as I witnessed the tragic death of my “friend” Could I heal this on my own, or is the trauma too great and therapy needed?
  • Dr. Lesley, I actually have been trying to manifest long, natural hair. I find myself picking my split ends, though. Contrary to my long hair – why do I self-sabotage, and how can I let this go down the grounding cord? Do I visualize darkness and say something like I release this habit?
  • ​I am doing some things to better myself physically, and I’m curious, will this help me spiritually or mentally. I’ve been isolated for a while, and I am hoping this brings me out. What do you think?
  • A good software programmer can code and retrieve the programs she makes in an organized way to manifest the program she wants.
  • I wonder if there’s a way we can change our physical environment in our home, workspace, etc., to improve our energy, such as feng shui?
  • Wendy Giordano
  • ​So that’s like accepting destructive behaviors, though, right?
  • ​Do you do one on one training or coaching Dr. Lesley?
  • ​I was just thinking that to really manifest the life I want, I need to raise my vibration and know that my health issues are getting in the way of that and having a hard time changing my diet. ​I wonder what is getting in the way of that.
  • I keep manifesting physical ailments. Can you please take a look to see why I’m doing this? It feels like self-sabotage.

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