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August 2, 2022

Why Living In The Present Moment Is So Important UYT342

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Do You Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Life?

Are you living in the present moment? Do you enjoy the moment? Or are you not living in the present? Maybe you live in the future hoping and wishing for things to happen how you want or somehow change your life. Do you live in the past in pain or joy about what has occurred? But don’t know how to live for today? So why should you concern yourself with living in the now? And why might you want to do that? The answer is simple. Living in the present moment can create significant and vital impacts on your life.

Why Living In The Present Moment Is So Important.

Living In The Moment Meaning

And what is meant by the present moment? The present moment is the here and now. You may have never noticed if you actually do. For however many years you have lived on this planet, in this lifetime, have you ever experienced a time when your body was in the past or in the future? Of course not.

There is a single one of you who can say your body was in the past. But, as much as your mind may think it is in the past, your body would still be in the present moment. Definitely, so your body, your physical body, can only be right here, right now in this time, space reality.

Present Moment Awarenesswhat is your true nature

The nature of your body is that it exists in time and space. However, your true nature is spiritual consciousness which animates the body. The body is actually a vessel for your Spirit. Your Spirit can be anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It is not limited by time or space.

Yet there are times when you and your body are in different places. Indeed, you have all had this experience. Your body is in the present moment, but your essence is not. Here are a couple of examples.

Not Really Being Present And Living In The Moment

Did you ever take a simple car trip and travel from point A to B? You got in the car, and off you went. Next thing you know, you have arrived at your destination. But you have very minimal, if any, recollection of the time that has elapsed in between. You don’t remember the drive itself.

What happened? You were conscious when you got in the car and when you arrived at your destination. This is really, really common. It mainly happens on a trip that you do every day, like driving to work. It may occur on public transport as well. In those situations, you commonly phase out of this reality. You go somewhere else. So where did you go?

All manner of places. You might be in the future because you are thinking about your meeting with your boss. Maybe you are focusing on all the to-do lists that you have. You might be in the past and thinking about your argument with your life partner last night. Or you hope your child will do well in his math test. Your focus may have been on an unwell relative who lives abroad, and you are very concerned about them.

So your consciousness can be in a place other than your body. It can be in the past, future, or the present. But your body can only ever be here and now. So that’s what you meant by the present moment. It is right here, right now, where your body resides. So again, you, the Spirit, are not limited by time and space as your body is. This is because you are an eternal multi-dimensional being. And you exist beyond this current time-space reality.

How To Stay Presentbenefits of living in the present moment

So how can you be in the present moment with your body? And why would you want to do that anyway?

Think about your body as a focal point. It is a focal point. In this lifetime, it is your focal point for focusing your energy. Everything happens from this vehicle, this vessel. You create your reality from here. This is the piece of you that is in the here and now. It is what is continuously radiating energy that is the determining factor for creating your reality.

So if you vacate the vessel and relocate your consciousness, you are still creating your reality. But it is happening all very unconsciously. So if you can learn to be grounded, present, awake, and aware within the body, you can direct the vehicle. You can make conscious choices about your life. And you can be in charge of the energy field within your body.

This energy is what rules your manifestation, your ability to manifest. It is determined by that energy field by that energy vibration. So you want to be in charge of it, you want to be directing it. So that’s one excellent reason to stay close to your body. But how do you do it?

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Secrets Of Manifestation Mastery

10 Steps to Overcome Blocks to Abundance

Living In The Present Moment Everyday Tools And Practices

You have all heard of mindfulness. Well, mindfulness is probably the most common type of meditation practice that’s out there in the Western world. Mindfulness what does it mean in essence? It means being very present, awake, and aware. And how do you do it? Pay attention to the body and what’s going on in the body.

This practice draws you into the present moment, the point of maximum power for you to create your reality.

Tips On How To Live In Present Momentlearn how to stay present

So the body has five senses. And when you focus on any of these five physical senses, such as sound, listening to your voice talking helps you come into the present moment. Because you are speaking in the here and now through your body, this brings your consciousness into focus. Your body is in the here and now, and if you listen to that sound or any sound around you, it helps keep you in the present.

Using your physical eyes to look at what is around you also grounds you in the present. You may see a plant or some flowers. This focus takes your mind out of the past or future thought process. It keeps you on this side.

Focus on your sense of touch. Feel your clothes, your skin, or anything. Touch it, feel it, sense it. It helps you come more fully into the body. Tastes or smells do the same as well.

All of these signals are from the five physical senses. They are being experienced by your body in the here and now. And focusing on them helps bring you into the present moment.

Living In The Present Moment And Your Breath

A widespread technique in mindfulness practice and most forms of meditation is focusing on the breath. Because as you are breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out, it is your body that is breathing. This focus on the body’s breath pulls you quickly into the present moment.

Suppose you find yourself angry, in a state of fear, or experiencing other negative emotions. In that case, you are probably slipping out of the present. Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Do not breathe back in. Hold it for as long as you can. Your mind thinks you are going to die and goes into survival mode. Instantly you will forget your negative state because you are facing peril in not breathing.

The body does some other things. For example, it has a heart, and the heart is constantly beating, constantly beating and distributing blood, oxygen, and nutrition around the body. So if you focus on the heartbeat that’s happening in your body, that also pulls you into the present moment.

So the more you focus on your body and what’s happening within your body, the more you are in the present moment. And as stated before, it might seem obvious, but actually, it is not so obvious. Most humans are not in the present moment and not in their bodies.

Like in the example earlier, you go on a trip and don’t even remember how you got from one place to another.

Grounding And Centering Meditations To Keep You In The Present

Both grounding and centering can help you be present in the here and now within the body.

Grounding is a spiritual energy technique to create an energy flow from your first chakra to the earth’s center. And it helps anchor you the high vibration consciousness into the body. It helps make it safe for high vibration energy to come into your body. There are lots of different ideas out there about what grounding is. For some people, it is to go and stand outside in the grass barefoot and connect with nature. And that can be an excellent way to focus on the here and now and your body. As Eckhart Tolle states in the Power Of Now, go and hug a tree.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

The spiritual technique of grounding is potent and is also a way of helping you heal whatever reasons have caused you not to be in the body in the first place. So when you have pain and trauma, it may cause you to be unable to meditate. This discomfort often stems from painful situations and memories stored in the subconscious. Grounding helps you release that and make your vessel and body a more pleasant place to hang out.

The second spiritual technique is called centering. And it teaches you to place your conscious awareness in the center of your head. And so, of course, this instantly brings you into the present moment. And It is another way to bring your focus here into the present time where the body is. This is because by centering, you are sitting within the seat of consciousness within the body.

It also has many powers, one of which is the power of neutrality, which is brilliant. Because if, for some reason, you’ve stored some things in your body that you don’t like, and you don’t like being there when you are in the center of your head, you can be neutral and accepting. And then It is easier to release and let go of all anxieties and traumas.

What Can Draw You From Being Present In The Moment how to live for today

Another common distraction from living in the present moment is spending time on the internet or playing a game online. It sucks your attention into that virtual space rather than being present within your body. So there are many common examples of how you do that and phase out of reality. And many people will be outside of the body because the body is not a pleasant place for them to be.

And why is this? It is because you have stored some unpleasant things within the body. So you start to come into the body and say you don’t like this place. It is not a pleasant place to be. So you are out of there.

Examples are if you’ve been through a traumatic experience. Often in a traumatic experience, your immediate reaction is just to leave. Or if you’ve spent a lot of time being drunk or high, you are not necessarily in the body when you do that. There can be other reasons like physical or emotional pain that’s going on in the body that you are in denial of. You don’t want to face or deal with it. And so you tend to float around in spiritual space, rather than time-space.

And it is a common thing as well, in many new age spiritual practices, to have your focus on heaven rather than Earth. But the more significant part of you is always out there and forgetting about down here and being here.

Meanwhile, you’ve created this body. So why have you created this body? You’ve created this body for a particular purpose. You have done so to have the experience of being in time-space reality. And then you forgot to drive the car, your physical vehicle. So you need to learn to drive the car. The vehicle, look after it, keep it clean and tidy. Hello, make it a pleasant place to hang out because you are driving. You are meant to be driving around in it all the time.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Living In The Present Moment Is So Important, and learn about the power of living in the now.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Living In The Present Moment Is So Important:

  • Njeri – I’m not sure why every time I’m about to manifest something I really desire, there is always a last-minute delay when I’m 98% of the way. This is happening right now. What do I need to release? I would like to break this cycle once and for all.
  • Lorraine – Centering seems very important. How do you get there?
  • Brian – Are yawning, coughing, and sneezing signs of moving energy? They seem to be happening a lot lately. And they seem to be connected to energy shifts I’m aware of.
  • Carol – I remembered you mentioning to stay in the center of your head throughout the day. I find myself sitting back to the front of my head. Any tips?
  • Katie – Can we be present while we’re multitasking? Such as watering plants in the yard while listening to our favorite Psychic Abilities radio show.
  • Erika – According to your quiz, my primary Clair is Clairaudience. I’ve been trying to connect to my spirit guide for some time now without much luck. And I haven’t been able to decipher any messages that make sense or resonate. So I’m hoping you could help me figure out their name and/or get a message from them.
  • Man – Do we need to specifically set our chakras open every day? Does it automatically set up on its own depending on how the body interacts with the world?
  • Cole – What’s amazing is that as I’ve cultivated awareness, even if I’m multitasking, no matter what’s going on, awareness pulls me into the present moment if I get lost. I may hear a song on the radio with a message for me, a quote on a tv show/movie that profoundly resonates, or an animal crosses my path with a spiritual gift. And suddenly, I become entirely present. Something pulls my entire attention to that message! It’s incredible. I’ve even heard it in my head when I overthink, suddenly focusing on my breath!

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