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February 22, 2022

Tonight On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley Phillips Live Psychic Readings UYT320

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Real-Life Psychic Readings

This is a transcript of actual live psychic readings during a prerecording of an Unlocking Your Truth radio show about topics of metaphysics and spirituality with Dr. Lesley Phillips. Each of these psychic readings is somewhat different in their topic yet has a similar importance to the person asking the question. Therefore, these questions and their answers may have some meaning to you as well.

Tonight On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley Phillips Live Psychic Readings

Individual Live Psychic Readings

Padd’s Question About Psychic Abilities

“I want to express my deepest condolences on your loss.

“My question is complicated: ever since I was a little kid, I have been knowing things that I had no reason to know. Nothing had happened to tell me about these things, and nobody had taught me about them. I was a month shy of my 11th birthday when my father died overnight.

When I awoke in the morning, I just sensed he had died and the cause of death, but it wasn’t until my uncle came into the room where my sisters and I were in bed to tell us. My mother dismissed my initial hunch; she said I must have woken up during the night and heard something like the ambulance taking him away.

Now, as an adult, they present differently. For example, when I was in my 20s, I used to dream things as they were happening. Then, find out upon awakening that they were true. As I aged (now 65), someone I hadn’t heard from for a while would pop into my head for no apparent reason, and then within a day (sometimes just a half-hour), that person will phone me. Can you explain these?”

Padd’s Psychic Response

“Wow. Okay, well, yes, psychic powers, I can explain this. And you’re talking about three different types of psychic experiences, actually. The first one is what we call knowingness or Claircognizance, where you don’t know how you know or why you know; you just simply know something. And, and so you knew your dad had passed away. Find Your Intuition Style

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

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Also, when somebody passes away, there’s a massive energetic shift that happens. There’s a huge energetic shift in terms of that soul, for that Spirit to leave the body. And so the energy in your house that night would have been pretty high. But also your relationship with that person changes. And so, there would have been many different things going on. Things that you could have sensed into that, you know, to do with the changes with your dad.

But anyway, it sounds like, first and foremost, it was your knowingness, which is a psychic ability channeled through the crown chakra. crown chakra opening help with live psychic readings

The second one is dreaming things, premonitions in dreams. That is one of the more common psychic experiences. Actually, all three of them are probably the more common ones that many people have experienced at some point.

When you’re dreaming, you are outside of time and space. When you’re in your body, you’re in time and space. So you’re locked into the present moment when you’re in your body. But in your dream experience, it is possible to go into the future and to observe future potentials and future possibilities. And so that sounds like what you were doing in your experience in your 20s. Now sometimes, if that’s a world event, then that’s what you’re doing. So you are tuning into the sort of quantum field, the probability matrix of events that are more or less likely to occur on this planet.

But it’s also possible to have very personal premonitions of just things that apply to you and your life. In which case, that actually can be used as Spirit. Spirit that is practicing for that event. Who is planning for that event, and who decides to manifest that event in physical reality.

And then the third psychic gift, that’s an example of pragmatic intuition. This is where communication is about to happen, or the phone is already ringing. And as it does, you know who it is on the other end of the line. So that’s an aspect of the fifth chakra, and you’re just tuning in to those practical circumstances of knowing like who it is that’s calling you. So that’s what’s going on, Padd. You have been experiencing your psychic abilities all your life.”

Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

There are more than 22 or more different psychic abilities that you can have present when you come to this beautiful blue planet.

And actually, if you want to know more about them, there are a few different ways to access this information. And one way is through Dr. Lesley’s book, which is published by Llewellyn, and it’s called Intuition And ChakrasIntuition And Chakras. It describes all of those 22 Different psychic abilities in detail and gives you examples of each one.

And then the other way to access information is to get your psychic ability blueprint done https://drlesleyphillips.com/psychic-abilities-blueprint/. Your psychic ability blueprint is a consultation with Dr. Lesley. We spend 90 minutes together, and you go through your entire unique profile of those 22 psychic abilities.

Simultaneously you will learn how they map to your life purpose and whether you are making the most of them. Also, if you’re not what’s blocking you, what’s preventing you from doing so. take your personal psychic blueprint

Brian’s Question About Relationship

“I am wondering if you can see something. I feel like there may be a romantic relationship coming, but I’m not sure if it’s someone I know or if I have been involved with in the past or someone new. I’m wondering if I’ve completed those relationships. I know sometimes they come back around.”

Brian’s Psychic Reading

“Let’s have a look, Brian. The first thing that comes up is this vibration of anticipation and excitement. And on the one hand, you’re sensing that you’re saying, Well, I feel like something’s coming. But on the other hand, you’re the one creating the anticipation and the excitement and the desire to form a new romantic relationship. So you are the creator of your reality. But I am seeing that this is something that you are in the process of creating and attracting to yourself now.

And what we would say about who that might be, who might show up. It would be the best-suited person. That has the most significant level of synchronization and resonance with you, who you are right here right now. And so sometimes, when relationships break down, it’s because we’ve moved apart in frequency, and we’re not resonating with each other anymore.

And so unless those past relationships have shifted, and changed, which is quite possible, then, in that case, they could come back. But if not, then not necessarily, and it could be somebody completely new.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to trying to analytically figure out who it might be. Instead, I would focus on the excitement of attracting somebody, the person that’s exactly the perfect fit for you. So focus on the kinds of characteristics that you would like to attract in a partner. And get excited about that because that will add to the whole recipe of magnetizing this person towards you. So go for it, Brian.”

Lori’s Question About Hope

“My question is about, about pandemic fatigue. It’s really taking its toll on everyone, and I’m having trouble feeling really hopeful about the future. So could you please see what energy is getting in the way of moving forward for myself and on a global level?”

Lori’s Psychic Readingclairvoyant energy is used in live psychic readings

“Well, Lori, thank you for that question. That’s a fabulous question. And before I look at that, psychically, I will just mention that in the last week or so since I’ve been back, all the people that have come to me, pretty much everybody, have been experiencing a state of chaos in their life. They have been experiencing a state of increased polarization. And many things just going wrong one on top of the other; misunderstandings, miscommunications.

You know, just things going wrong, too. And multiple people have come to me in the last week and said, What is going on? What’s going on with my life? It’s almost too much for me to handle. And in looking at those people, I’ve seen that they are all here having their individual personal experiences. But at the same time, they’re all on the planet together, so any energies that are generally happening across the entire planet are affecting all of them.

And so what I saw was that there was almost like this stream of darkness, dark energies. These energies were actually in the process of leaving the planet. It almost looked like a massive plume from a volcano, being jettisoned off the planet. And so there’s all this dark energy that can’t be here anymore.

And then there’s the feeling of the last hurrah, you know, where those darker forces are, in a way upping their game, because they’re facing leaving and want to have the upper hand. So I think many people are feeling quite discombobulated at the moment.

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But anyway, it’s not exactly an answer to your question about pandemic fatigue. But I think it does relate to it. So it was worth mentioning. So Lori, let me take a look at you. And the pandemic fatigue.

One of the things that I’m picking up on is funny because it’s the opposite of the pandemic issues. It seems like a lot of people on the planet have actually gone beyond the tipping point where they’ve gone, “I’ve had enough, and my life has to get back to normal now.” And so I’m actually seeing lots of people who were just saying, ‘my life has to get back to normal.”

And it’s interesting because some countries dropped all their restrictions. And I don’t know what’s happening in the US. I know a lot of the listeners are from the US. Sorry, I’m not up to date with all the news of all the countries at the moment. But I was up to date with the UK because that’s where I’ve been the last couple of months. They’ve dropped all their restrictions. You don’t need masks. You can meet with as many people as you want. And people have just said, “right, we’re getting back to back to our life.

And, and yes, everybody’s also catching COVID, by the way. So there is a feeling of people moving into this phase of, we’ve got to get our lives back.

So now let me look at the thing that you’re asking about, which is pandemic fatigue. And let’s take a look at you. Yeah, and I definitely see the sense of hopelessness you’re talking about, Lori. And it’s validated. It’s been a challenging time for people, especially for those who are single or on their own. People who want to meet and make new friends. I’m seeing that for you. That’s been part of it.

And also, there’s the feeling of settling. A feeling that a lot of people have settled. They’ve just they’ve either settled into this. Settling for a life that is less than they want it to be.

One of the things that the pandemic has done for us is, well, actually, I mean, it’s polarized people. That’s one thing. But it’s also forced us to make choices. And it’s also forced us to look at how we’re doing many different things.

Whether it’s the healthcare system, how we look after our elderly people in our sick people, whether it’s the way the politicians make decisions or the economics of the whole thing. It’s really put much of the way things go for our species under the looking glass. It has invited each of us to look at where we stand and what we believe. Also, to collectively look at what’s working and what’s not working, as well as what we will agree to and what we won’t agree to. The pandemic has also forced us to stand up for those things that matter. So there are many things that we might label as negative. But many things are fueling a movement in a more positive direction.

And so, for some people, it has activated them. But then, for some people, and I’m seeing that this is more the case for you, it looks like it’s just cemented some issues that were already there. But now you are being faced with what can you do about them?

Issues like “I was lonely. But now, what can I do about that? Because we’ve got the pandemic, and I’m not allowed to go anywhere.”

And so I’m seeing that it’s been experienced as disempowering by many people as well. So what can you do about the sense of hopelessness, disempowerment, and the fatigue of how long this has been going on? So let’s take a look.

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I will also give you a little bit of healing, Lori, while I look at your energy. And I know this is very hard on a personal level. But one thing that comes up to say to you, though. Depending on how sad and down you’re feeling about it may or may not help. But what I always believe is that it hinges on what you wish to see in the world.

Okay, and so what are the ways that you can get your energy moving? What are the ways that you can find to get out there and to interact with people? So instead of giving in to the hopelessness and sitting at home, find some ways to get the energy moving. And also to, rather than be nihilistic, because we’ve got two choices, haven’t we about how we look at this, we can be nihilistic and say, the world is doomed. Or we can say it’s been an agent for change. It’s been a very challenging agent for change. But it’s actually catapulted us into an era of rapid change.

It’s made us change more quickly than we would have if the pandemic hadn’t come along. And this is a positive thing because now we can correct some things that haven’t been working. And so I suggest the second one of those is the more positive belief system. So if you can find some positive ways of looking at this. Ways that will give you hope for the future. Then that can also be very helpful for you on a mental and vibrational level. Because then you can move out of hopelessness into hope. So I hope that that helps Lori. I know it’s difficult.”

Future Time Psychic Readings

And just to mention this quickly. During this session, a couple of questions asked for futuristic answers, basically telling the future. Questions looking into the future.

The truth of the matter is that you create your reality. You are the master of your own destiny.thoughts become things through manifestation Unfortunately, so often, those who ask a psychic to tell them the future are unaware that they are the controller of their future.

Many of you may feel like the Fates, someone else outside yourselves, determine what’s going to happen to you. That is not true. You create your reality by the energy you are in this moment, right here, right now.

Dr. Lesley’s Response To Telling The Future

“And so the way that I would answer a future time question is to read your energy as it is, right here right now, because that gives us clues as to what you are attracting to yourself. So if you’re asking the question, “When will I get married? Or will I really meet someone to spend my life with?” I look at your energy in the present time and determine if it supports that desire or not.

And if your energy body is full of negativity. Negative energy. Feeling that you are not good enough, nobody loves you, or people constantly abuse you, then that’s what you will get because that is the energy you’re putting out. But suppose your energy is a vibration full of love and joy and sharing and expansiveness and open to adventure. In that case, that is what you will get because that is the energy that you are radiating.

So I always answer a future-time question to empower you to put the ball back into your court because the ball really is in your court. It’s really up to you what you will create. It’s happening anyway. It’s happening unconsciously. But you can learn how to take the reins and do it more consciously.”

SG’s Question About A Friend And Using A specific New Product

“I’d like to know if my friendship with K can work out. We’ve had a rough time lately. My second question is I’ve been looking at a new feminine health product and want to know if it’d be good for me?”

SG’s Psychic Readings

“Okay, so let’s look at your relationship with K.

I am seeing almost two forces at play. On the one hand, there’s an underlying, what’s the word, there’s an underlying affinity. On the other hand, there’s something that’s just keeping you at a distance from each other, like an iron bar. I think that that’s maybe more the other person than you that’s not wanting to move closer. And it feels like some kind of protection mechanism.learn how relationships and how the chakras influence them

So there are some barriers at the moment to this relationship with K. Exploring your relationship is what might be what this person’s afraid of.

Then in regards to the new feminine health product, I don’t know what it is, so we’ll just go ahead. It doesn’t make any difference. Whatever you’re considering it for, I’m just saying you could or couldn’t use it. I don’t see it making a big difference either way.”

Celia’s Question For Dr. Lesley Is About Self-Doubt

“I’m wondering if you can see what’s behind my self-doubt these days?”

Celia’s Psychic Reading

“Celia, what are you doing having self-doubts? Let’s take a look. Is there anyone else in your life having self-doubt at the moment? Maybe your partner? So, the first thing I see is I don’t know that all the self-doubt is yours. So let’s move him off.

You know the term perfect pictures. Celia, so it just looks like you have lit up an enormous number of perfect pictures. So that every time you go to do something, you’re questioning if it’s the right, the perfect thing to do. So clearing and letting go of expectations, of the idea that there’s a perfect way, a perfect result.

It looks like that would help a lot to just loosen your energy up. I’ll see if anything else comes up that’s the main thing is letting go of perfect pictures. And

I think mixed in there is some old programming and past time energy that you’re in the process of letting go of, so maybe as that comes up to come out. It’s got perfect pictures in it that are making it a bit more intense. I gave you a little bit of healing while I was talking, and you actually look a bit better already, and I think you know what to do to keep that momentum going.”

Kathy’s Question Regarding Her Living Arrangement

“My question is about my living situation. When and where will I be in the next six to 12 months? Thank you. Oh, well, you.”

Kathy’s Psychic Reading

“I hope you heard what we said about future time questions, Kathy. So your living situation, where will you be in the next six to nine months? So what comes up is in a similar place as you are now. And if you want to get to be different, then it’s down to you to create something different, but the energy seems kind of almost like well in the same place.”

A Free Psychic Reading

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Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of Tonight On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley Phillips Live Psychic Readings. :

  • Prasad- What is my past life relation with Shirdi Sai Baba? I will be grateful.
  • Bianca- I have not been in a relationship since 2014. Should I just accept that there is not a relationship that will involve loving and trusting a significant other in my future?
  • Shannon- Hi lovely Lesley! I’ve missed you and Mr. Corry. The show has had such an impact on my life. So I’m happy you’re back. May I have a general energy reading?
  • Katie- Hi Dr. Lesley! I have an interesting dream. Maybe you can help interpret for me. A week or 2 ago, I had a dream that I was in an office-like room with YOU, Dr. Lesley, and about 10 other people you were training. I took a seat in the corner on a comfy chair. And in the middle of whatever you were saying to the group, you looked at me from across the room, and our eyes locked. I felt that you were looking so deep into them and your neutral expression scared me a little bit because you could see what was above or surrounding me. Then you laughed – not at me – but at the idea that I was worried about something that seemed so silly to you. Or maybe that I reacted to your expression with dread? I’m not sure. Lol, What were you laughing at? What does this dream mean?
  • Carol- I had a psychic blueprint done by you before Dr. Lesley. You mentioned I have Telekinesis ability. I’ve recently received information when I have my hand over the chakras, which is pretty cool. I don’t want to misuse my ability. Still, I wondered if it is possible to change the energy of something that I’m seeing? If so, do I see that change take place?
  • Bianca- I recently had elbow surgery in November. Something is not correct after surgery, and I’m still in a lot of pain. Am I going to have to have another surgery, or can it be fixed without surgery?
  • Christine- In one of the last chats, you mentioned a possible event that results in a reset.
  • Also, if there’s time. I met a fabulous new client the other day and had some flashes of her past life. We’re they accurate, and did we have a life together?
  • Katie- I have been working on manifesting a work-life balance and being happy with my job again. Some potential changes at work are unclear and out of my control. I have chosen to go with the flow and not stress about it. I hope this is part of the process of manifesting. Can you please tell me about my career outlook for this year?

These have been answered in the actual recording but have not been included here in the article.

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