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February 11, 2017

Is Alchemy Real Or Fake? – UYT055

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What Is Alchemy?

Is alchemy real or fake? Alchemy has its basis on the principle that air, fire, water, and earth are the four basic elements found in nature. You will much mystery and secrecy in and around Alchemy of old. Its practitioners basic alchemy turning lead into goldmainly worked with alchemical processes the most well know of which was trying to transform base metals, like lead, into gold. This is a search that has caught the imagination of very many people throughout the ages all the way to the present time. However, the aims of Alchemy went far past solely, performing what some would consider magic or the search for golden riches.

Alchemy History

Alchemy was based on a complicated spiritual concept that everything in existence had the true nature of spirit at its core. Olden practitioners believed that metals were actually alive and were thought to grow beneath the Earth’s surface, underground. These ancient Alchemists had the belief that common metals were spiritually immature and physically young forms of more precious metals such as gold. These so-called, sages or magicians did not think of ores and metal as mere minerals but as immature representations of spirit on the path of growth towards refinement and spiritual maturity.

As noted in the “Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural,” James Randi notes that as far back as the first century and stretching all the way to the medieval era, the pursuit was mainly based on magic and pseudo-scientific experimentation.

The search for the “philosopher’s stone” was foremost on the minds and in the reality of these ancient Alchemists. The stone was not a real rock but instead was considered to be a magical elixir or some form of a powder, liquid, or wax that contained mystical powers. They felt and believed strongly that the successful conclusion to this search for this mythical substance would result in the ability to prolong life, heal illness, and even death. This was all in addition to the ability to change base elements into gold and other precious metals.

Is Alchemy Real Or Fake, Truth Or Myth?

Is alchemy real or fake, truth or myth? The answer to this question depends on your definition of the practice. There are various meanings of the term. Some of these are better known than others such as changing one base metal to another.

Alchemy is the ancient study of how to alter basic matter into a different state such as lead into gold. It also basic alchemy included creating special elixersconsidered how materials were related to other old sciences of astrology and magic. Individuals who delved into alchemy are considered to be alchemists. True alchemists not only tried to change base metals into gold, using alchemy spells, they also were involved in areas we call Meditation, Herbal Medicines, or Elixirs.

Common elixirs were used as dietary supplements, lotions, or therapies and were known to achieve amazing levels of medicinal strength. This is more representative of what is alchemy today and could be considered a form of basic alchemy. In this way, we too can learn how to do basic alchemy. Some believed that the ancient master alchemists even created a formula of longevity for themselves. If you think back to the days of King Arthur, the greatest of all Alchemists, Merlin seemed to be ancient.

What Is Alchemy Today

Alchemists of old, also those who follow the practice today, seemed to adhere to a belief that elements, magic, values, the mind, the study of the stars and planets (astrology), and spirituality were not separate but intertwined with the others. They toiled at trying to connect the dots between the different aspects of our world and beyond it also. They believed that understanding one would lead to knowledge of the others. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the connection between alchemy, metaphysics, and personal beliefs or personal development.

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There have been cases of scientists through the past who knew how to do alchemy to a certain degree. There have been documented cases up to the present of scientists actually changing base metals into gold. Mind you the cost is prohibitive.

This Art does go back to ancient times yet we are still somewhat in the dark in its regard. Not to mention very intrigued. A basic definition of Alchemy is the art of transformation which in itself leaves much to the imagination.

In this podcast, Is Alchemy Real Or Fake, you will learn about:-

  • The principles of alchemy.
  • The connection with spirituality.
  • How does alchemy influence modern times?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Is Alchemy Real Or Fake, for this interesting discussion and find out if you do alchemy in real life. Maybe we will be discussing alchemy for beginners and how to do basic alchemy.

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