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March 10, 2020

How To Know When Your Intuition Is Talking To You And When It’s Blocked UYT232

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How Do I Get Passed My Intuition Blocks?

In this podcast we answer questions about intuition from two of our regular radio show listeners:

“I would like to hear about how or why our intuition becomes blocked and how to overcome that. “

“How can we find out what is blocking me and how to remove those blocks?”

What Is Intuition?

First, let answer a few simpler questions about intuition that come up quite often:learn how to tap into your intuition

  • Where does intuition come from?
  • What is the difference between Intuition Vs Instinct?
  • What does intuition feel like?
  • How do I know when my intuition is talking to me?
  • What level of intuition do I have?
  • What type of intuition do I have?

The first and foremost question I am always asked is, always is, “What is Intuition?”

Some people think intuition is just instinct or reasoning. This is incorrect. The simple answer to this is that intuition is the Psychic ability to know something instantly, without any need to use your conscious thought process. There is no reasoning involved. It is the psychic process that allows you to be certain of an understanding, an inner vision, a sound or voice, a specific feeling, or even a smell.

It can be a certainty for those who are more advanced with employing this wonderful ability. For initiates, the less practiced, it also may come to you like something that you would consider most likely. It comes completely from an instinctive place within you rather than any conscious process of reasoning.

What Is The Difference Between Intuition Vs Instinct?

Instinct is more of a response, hereditary or more typically a learned established pattern of behavior, to some form of a specific stimulus as opposed to reasoning. It can also be a natural inclination or ability of some form that comes as second nature. Yet this is learned through life practices. A child may watch a parent cook or do carpentry and they will, in turn, pick up these specific abilities.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

As opposed to instinct or reasoning, Intuition is not created within you in any way. It is with you from birth. You are all born with these abilities. You come into this life with over twenty different intuitive gifts also referred to as spiritual gifts or psychic abilities.

There are five main or more common psychic gifts that you may have noticed in your life.

  • Clairvoyance – clear seeing.
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing.
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling.
  • Claircognizance clear knowing.
  • Clairalience – clear smelling.

What Does Intuition Feel Like – How Do I Know When My Intuition Is Talking To Me?

The simplest way to describe this is that it is a still small voice or feel within you. When you listen intently it is just different than you are used to, the reasoning that goes in your mind in your day-to-day experience and thought processes. It usually takes no conscious effort. To the novice, it may be almost indiscernible. To the avid user, it can be a very present and distinct insight. Like all abilities, proficiency comes with practice. ;

As an example, most of you drive. When you are going to work in the morning you get this sensation, sometimes more of a question about which route to take. You may hear or feel this question come up within you. And the next thing you know you are stuck in a massive traffic jam. Your intuition was trying to tell you to go a different way. As a novice, you most probably would have ignored the communication. As someone tuned in to your intuition you would have changed route and avoided the delay.

A Free Psychic Reading

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What Type Of Intuition Do I Have – What Level Of Intuition Do I Have?

There a few ways to go about getting answers to these questions. The first is to have a session with a psychic and receive a reading. This can give you an idea of what is going on.

The next way is to take a simple online psychic test that can give some clear evidence on what intuitive abilities you are displaying more prominently. I have developed an easy Psychic Quiz to do just for you.

The third way is to have a special reading called the Psychic Abilities Blueprintwhich will lay out all of the twenty-two psychic abilities, the strength of each at your birth, and the strength of each at this point in your life. From there you can choose which ability or abilities from these spiritual gifts you wish to pursue more ardently.

The fourth way is to study and compare the written word and your personal experience. My new book Intuition And Chakras can help you do this. It is written specifically with this question in mind.

Learn More About Your Intuition

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

What Are The Blocks To Intutuion And How To Overcome Them?

why don't you trust your gut feeling

Here are some of the intuition blocks you can run into and most probably will at some point or another; novice or expert.

9 Blocks to developing and using your intuition:

  1. Busy-ness of modern life… Life tends to capture your attention quite harshly at times. Even regularly, it can be all-consuming. Career, parenthood, shopping, family, etc an all take a toll on your time and state of being including your access to your intuition. Clarity of mind with regards to your activity level goes hand in hand with being able to sense your messages. Learn to take time to listen to the messages regardless of what is on your agenda.
  2. Monkey Mind – Untamed Thoughts… Your mind tends to wander. At times in your life, it does so more emphatically. I call this process a monkey mind and it can cause anxiety, stress, and a deafened ear to your intuition. A great way to relieve stress and anxiety is a regular meditation practice.
  3. Emotions, Overwhelm, Triggering… Your emotions are wonderful parts of your being. However, they can get out of control. When your emotions are high and uncontrolled the same happens to top your intuition access. Your process falls by the wayside. Relax. Again meditation is a great way to get your emotional body in check.
  4. Extreme Effort, Resistance, Trying Too Hard… Just like with almost anything in life if you try too hard things tend to go awry. Relax into your psychic abilities. Don’t try to force them. They are part of you just as breathing is. Allow them to develop at an appropriate pace. You cannot force them. They are of a spiritual nature so peace is the more powerful agent here.
  5. Ego, Competition, Perfectionism… Again these gifts are spiritual and in being so worldly human frailties tend to push these gifts to the background. Learn to let go of these mortal tendencies. The more you practice your intuition the more ego and the other human characteristics will subside in your life. Win-win!
  6. Fear… Fear is a big block to intuition. This speaks for itself. When you fear something you tend to shy away from it for good reason. In regards to intuition, there is nothing to fear. Learn to connect to your higher self through meditation. This can overcome all fear in your life.
  7. Intellect, Doubt… Get out of your head. Intuition and reasoning or intellect are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Learn to let your mind go and sink into your spiritual nature.
  8. Can’t Or Won’t Act On It… This goes hand in hand with fear and doubt. You receive messages but get the what-ifs. Whatever is holding you back here is probably holding you back from doing a lot of things in your life. “Not” has a great amount of power. Start to think positively and remove the negative “not” messages from your life.
  9. Lack of Commitment … Certain things do take a conscious Anything that you consider to not be important enough for you to do generally you will not do if given the choice. If you don’t prioritize your studies and make it a; if you are unwilling to invest time and occasionally a little money, of course, you will hit blocks to your intuitive growth. The best way to overcome this block is to create a regular practice Make it a habit.

Your special psychic gifts are just that, gifts. These come from Spirit. Spirit is who you are and always have been and always will be. So in essence, these are gifts you have given to yourself. Spirit isn’t bound by time or space. That is why these wonderful abilities are so powerful and amazing. Employing them can and will bring joy. Also, they can help all those around you as well.

Join us on this ep[isode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Know When Your Intuition Is Talking To You And When It’s Blocked, And about the ins and outs of your special psychic ability, your intuition.

Learn More About Your Intuition

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Top 9 ways people block their intuition.
  • Difference between intellect and intuition.
  • How to develop psychic abilities.

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