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February 21, 2017

How To Overcome Fear And Social Anxiety – UYT058

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Want To Get Over Fear And Live Again!

Learning how to overcome fear, terrible negative energy, is a challenge for almost everyone on the planet at one time in their lives at least. It holds for social anxiety as well because this is one of the types of fear that is prevalent in the human animal. Have you ever had to ask some you really liked out on a first date or went to a party or gathering where you knew no one? It is easy for people to say get over fear when the event that is causing it is happening to someone else. Almost everyone, past and present, has been in a situation that totally puts them into a state of fear. Have you and can you remember the cause? The answer would most probably be a resounding I would say mainly because a strong emotion will stay with you.

However, can you feel the emotion? Probably not yet once it is over you may find it very difficult to shake and put it out of your thoughts. It can be difficult to get over the emotion of the fear but once it is gone only the memory remains but it will definitely remain. As an example, if you have a fear of heights and you end up on a balcony of a very tall building and look down what happens? You go into a fear mode of course and rush back inside because this strong emotion, FEAR, took over.

Once inside the emotion, the fear itself, subsides. So the fear is gone but the memory lingers. This does not mean that you have overcome it. It just means that the stimulus is gone so the imminent danger has passed until you go outside again. It is interesting how the human psyche works. The mind just keeps churning and whirling around almost like it is out of control. Fear can also be called a phobia.

List Of Phobiaswhat causes fear and pain

• Pteromerhanophobia: fear of flying
• Acrophobia: fear of heights
• Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces
• Cynophobia. The fear of dogs, often resulting from a bad childhood experience.
• Agoraphobia. The fear of situations that are difficult to escape from. …
• Acrophobia. The fear of heights. …
• Ophidiophobia. The fear of snakes. …
• Arachnophobia. The fear of spiders.
• Claustrophobia: fear of enclosed spaces
• Entomophobia: fear of insects
• Trypanophobia: fear of needles
• Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking
• Thanatophobia (fear of death), death

These are some of the most common fears that people experience. Do you see yourself in some of these? If so read on and you can learn how to overcome fear.

What Is Fear

So what causes fear? You can be in a state of dread fearing the thought of an impending issue or trepidation about facing a challenge that has not happened. The fear and anxiety are real. They take their toll emotionally and even physically. Your mind whirls not being certain about what to do.

It is like being called to the Principal’s office, completely out of the blue or not, when you were a kid. Most of us would be in a state of terror even if we didn’t do anything. The mind freaks out and the body follows with sweaty palms and or other regions. We begin to breathe a little faster. We may even have a bit of nervous tension making us tremble. This is actually not fear. It is anxiety. A subtle difference but it is a different emotion.

Now let’s look at another event like when some physical situation is occurring, such as an accident. The fear that you are experiencing is actually fear. It becomes useful in many cases. Adrenalin pumps throughout your body and your brain react without really consciously thinking.

You jump into fight or flight mode. Receiving this shot of adrenaline helps you face the problem. This is like when someone hears a scream from a burning building and runs in to save the individual. They didn’t ponder it because if they did they probably would realize it was too dangerous and not react. Thinking about what might happen causes anxiety about future events. Once again when we are experiencing a true fear mode, which is being stimulated by a possible future event, it seems to be difficult to shake and just keeps persisting. This is where the resolution comes into play. Living in the present will help cure you of most of the anxiety-based fear that you will experience.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

This is a great fear definition. One that really explains much of what you may feel daily. Every humanlearn what causes fear and why being on the face of the earth finds themselves in a state of fear occasionally or what we consider to be fear. This together with anxiety makes it difficult to function properly in your life. Fear doesn’t necessarily dissipate easily because the event is in the future and is anticipated. Once it embeds itself within your psyche it may and probably will absolutely freeze you from taking action.

How To Overcome Fear And Phobias

You can learn how to overcome fear, however, the best way of overcoming fear, in most cases, is to go right through it. Basically, to quote Susan Jeffers, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Many of the self-help and spiritual teachers use the word fear as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. That explains it in a nutshell when you really think about it. Most of what we call fear is caused by the anticipation of a future event or something that you are reliving from the past. How do you handle it?

A little secret; more than 85% of what you fear or are anxious about will never occur. Actually, this is not a secret it has been studied and studied again and the results are within very slight marginal differences.

As I mentioned 85 %of what test subjects we worried or anxious about never happened With regards to the residual 15 % that did come to being, 79 % of subjects found either that they could manage the problem better than anticipated, or the problem taught them a something well worth discovering for their life journey. If you do the math the result is that 97 % of what you agonize about is really not much more than your brain on fear intimidating you with misrepresentations and distortions of reality.

If you think this is something new to our recent generations, Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened” and this was five hundred years ago.
So once more I ask you what are you afraid of more importantly why do feel this way? Maybe a little personal examination may cure the situation. Take a deep breath and live your life for the here and now when it comes to suffering the pangs of fear and anxiety.

How To Overcome Fear: The Answer

Dr.Lesley discusses this topic in detail so if there is anything in your life that causes you to fear then listen in for the recipe to get beyond it.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • How fear can paralyze you.
  • How to use fear.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Overcome Fear And Social Anxiety, and learn some of the tricks to learning how to shake off that pesky emotion of fear.

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