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May 16, 2023

Why Should You Learn How To Open The Third Eye UYT372

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Third Eye Chakra Opening

When it comes to the third eye, one of the main questions asked is how to open the third eye. Of course, opening your third eye is important, but before you move to that stage, it should be clear what the third eye is. Because a third eye activation is spiritual, you should understand the depth and result of the process, including the third eye opening symptoms.

Why Should You Learn How To Open The Third Eye

What Is The Third Eye?

Even though your third eye is related to your pineal gland, it is not physical in nature. Therefore trying to control or understand it is not an exercise in intellect. For example, a lady responded to an email introducing the topic of this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley. She strongly addressed this email with a return comment stating, “Fortunately, I know what the third eye is!”

And her comment caused me to chuckle a little. I was not making fun of her at all. It’s that sometimes you think you intellectually know what something is. You have an intellectual concept. And yes, you may have touched on the subject before and accepted it intellectually, and in your minds, you know what that is. But, there is a vast difference between an intellectual concept and a genuine direct spiritual experience.

Using the strawberry analogy, you may know what a strawberry is. You have seen it in a book. You have heard people speak of it. What it looks like and tastes like. But until you hold one in your hand and taste it, you do not fully grasp what it truly is.

The same is valid with spiritual and psychic concepts. They’re very different things, and until you experience them for yourself, you do not fully grasp their depth. The same is true with the topics discussed on the show. Subjects are bantered around, and things like psychic abilities are described. But in talking about them, you don’t always have a direct experience of them. But in this episode, you will be guided and given the opportunity to experience how to open the third eye.

Because it’s essential, with all of these spiritual things, to experience it directly yourself. Your psychic abilities, your intuition, are not intellectual. Not at all. If you focus on them through the lens of your intellect, then they will probably not work very well for you.

What Does The Third Eye Do?what happens when you open your third eye

So, let’s take a look at the third eye. Then you will experience a third-eye awakening through a guided third-eye meditation. So what is the third eye?

It’s something that has been alluded to throughout history in different ways. It’s the Eye of Horus, the horn of the unicorn. There have been different names for it. But its most common reference is to a psychic phenomenon called the second site.

So you have your physical sense of sight through your physical eyes, which is your way of seeing the physical world. So this vision is through the physical eyes. And they can see things within a particular specific wavelength and frequency.

So the third eye or second sight refers to another way of seeing, which focuses on seeing things other than within the physical world. It’s focused on seeing things in the nonphysical world. And you also see things outside and beyond the normal range of frequencies that the physical eyes can detect.

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Third Eye Chakra Meaning

If you do an internet search on the third eye, you will find people talking about it. One of the more common ideas is that its location is in the center of the forehead. You will find many pictures and paintings where somebody has represented it.

And that belief exists because it refers to the fact that the third eye is associated with the sixth chakra, and the 3rd eye chakra location is in the center of the forehead. And you can think of the sixth chakra and all of your seven main chakras as windows of perception, ways of perceiving reality. And the sixth chakra relates to perceiving reality in a visual format. So it is a form of visual intuition.

Your sixth chakra is an energy center that runs from front to back, from out front of the forehead, and through the center of the brain. The third eye is related to the sixth chakra. This relationship may be slightly different than some people may think. According to my definition, it is in the area in the center of your brain, which is in the center of your sixth chakra, you have a little gland about the size of a pee and somewhat shaped like a pine cone, and that’s called your pineal gland.

Scientists have studied the pineal gland but don’t understand it completely. A few of the things they do know about it is that it contains light receptors similar to the rods and cones in your eyes. So they know it’s an organ that relates to receiving light. And it’s also associated with monitoring cycles of light and dark. These are also sleep cycles when you sleep and wake. The pineal gland also emits a hormone called Melatonin. So Melatonin is also involved in helping you to sleep, esoterically speaking.

Free Guided Meditation

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Spiritually, this small, pea-sized gland in the center of your brain is the seat of the soul within the physical human being. It’s one of the places where you can sit within your physical body. However, you are not your physical body. You are the high-vibration being of light. So you are light, and your pineal gland is a receptor for light. And so it can receive the light that is you and therefore enlighten your system.

So you can learn to see your consciousness in this organ, the pineal gland. And you can have some very interesting experiences when you do that. But before we talk about these exciting experiences, it’s also worth noting that the position of the pineal gland in the brain is near the hypothalamus and the thalamus. So you could think of them as control centers of the body.

You know, a lot of signaling is coming in and out of the thalamus and hypothalamus relating to the body’s operation. So you are Spirit, you have a body, and your pineal gland is where you can sit as Spirit in the body. And it’s right there in the control center, where everything’s going on in the physical body.

So, what can you expect when you focus your consciousness here in the center of your head? What kind of thing might happen? Well, one of the things that might happen is you might experience yourself as light. Light might start to perceive you, your consciousness as light sitting in the center of your head. You might start to recognize the difference between who you are as Spirit and the physical vessel you created to experience this reality through your physical body.

The Third Eye And Your Pineal Glandlearn about your third eye awakening

The other thing you can experience if you sit there in your pineal gland is the neutrality of Spirit. So what do you mean by that? So on planet Earth, you have duality, polarization, and opposites. Most of the time, it’s like a balancing act where you are swinging on one side or the other. You are too hot or too cold. You feel good; you don’t feel good. So whatever it is, that is on a scale of opposites.

As Spirit, you are more in a state of oneness than a state of duality. So when you start to experience yourself as Spirit in the center of your head, you also experience yourself as the neutral observer of your reality. Because, as Spirit, you do not experience duality. You can witness what’s going on within your system, what’s going on within your life, life situations, and relationships without being polarized about it.

This ability to be neutral gives you incredible power. And think about your everyday human experience for a moment and how neutral you are or you are not. So think about some things you might do if you intellectualize something. You will weigh up the pros and cons. You will evaluate it and judge it. You will have an opinion either way or another.

But when you seat your consciousness in the center of your head, you set yourself apart from the intellect. So you are operating as Spirit within the body. And you are bypassing or not going through the machine of the intellect, the computer of the intellect. So you can start to experience the difference between many neutral Spirit versus the intellectual capacity of your body.

Because they are two different things, and many humans identify more intensely with the intellect. And your education system helps you to identify with the intellect. It validates you based on how clever you are in terms of using your intellect. And the intellect is great, but it is like a computer that helps you to process data relating to physical reality.

And that’s useful when you are in physical reality. But you are so much more than you know, the physical body that you’ve created. You are eternal spiritual consciousness that exists outside of time and space; you are multi-dimensional. And so the intellect can’t understand multi-dimensionality. But when you sit in the center of your head, in the third eye, you start to experience the infinite. You start to experience your multi-dimensional nature and who you are beyond 3d reality.

How To Open The Third Eye And Control Your Emotionslearn some third eye opening secrets

Now again, thinking about the human experience, you have emotions and emotionality in your everyday life, emotional ups and downs. Sometimes you get overwhelmed emotionally. Suppose you can sit in the center of your head, in the light of your third eye, and access the neutrality of your higher self outside of that polarity of the positive and negative emotions. In that case, you can set yourself apart from emotional overwhelm. Once you learn how to open the third eye and sit in the center of your head, it becomes an excellent tool for overcoming stress and anxiety.

The third eye bestows upon you the neutrality of Spirit, and you become the neutral observer of your reality. Your higher being’s guidance can start to direct your life. From that perspective, it’s all well and good to talk about these things. It’s all well and good to develop an understanding through words and language, but nothing can beat a direct experience. So if you would like a direct experience, you are invited to join a third eye chakra meditation and have an experience of your third eye. Please listen to the podcast to join in.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Should You Learn How To Open The Third Eye, and how to use meditation to open your third eye..

Employ Intuition For Guidance, Healing, And Growth?

Psychic Training With Dr. Lesley

Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Should You Learn How To Open The Third Eye:

  • CK – What are the symptoms and issues around an unbalanced third eye chakra?
  • Karl – Pineal gland calcification has been linked to external environmental things. i.e., Floride being one of many factors. After many years of calcium or Floride buildup, what is the best way to clean or decalcify?
  • Karen – Thank you for guiding us through that meditation. I feel confident with meditating now.
  • Valk – How do you become more aware of your connection w your heart?
  • Susan – Thank you for the third eye chakra meditation helping me learn how to open the third eye properly.
  • Brian – There are discussions lately that the energies coming onto the planet are causing circumstances that assist things like third eye awakening and other shifts in the chakras. Please comment on your perspective on this. I know you teach people how to do it consciously. But it seems like there are a lot of spontaneous awakenings and shifts for people out there who are not quite prepared for it to put it lightly.
  • Susan – Is there a way you can tell if my third eye is open and in balance? I feel balanced, but I’d like to know if you can tell.
  • Omyda – Does the pineal gland get more calcified over time as we age? Do babies and young children generally have fewer blocks than adults?
  • OH – How long does it take for the physical body to make changes you’ve been working on spiritually? For example, I’ve been trying to spiritually work on my partial facial paralysis for over a year, but progress is slow. Do you have insights on what is getting in the way of restoring my full smile?

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