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December 11, 2016

How To Increase Confidence In Your Life – UYT043

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Being Positive And Confident In Your Life Doesn’t Mean Being Perfect

We all know the importance of self-confidence. Believe it or not, learning how to increase confidence and positivity in every aspect of life is actually not always easy. Having a how to be a confident person without perfectionismcontinuous stream of positive thoughts is probably wishful thinking. There are some days we all have that we are not at the top of our game no matter what that may be. Whether it is being confident at work, being able to stay positive during financial hardship, or just having optimism in hard times it can be rough.

This holds for our spiritual nature as well. Sometimes we can be right on and in the so-called spiritual jet stream on the way to that place called enlightenment. There are those days where we exemplify the definition of a positive attitude. We feel like we can actually say “I am perfect” and mean it. Everything comes easily and we are in tune with our higher self with no exceptions. Spiritual Perfectionism has been attained. Well, first of all, no one in the world is perfect.

Striving for perfectionism can be painful. We can’t be perfect all the time. I will say it again, nobody is perfect! Even more important you don’t have to be perfect. It is okay to stop thinking that you need to be and putting pressure on yourself. Even stars can lose their shine. It is okay if you make mistakes. I put too much pressure on myself occasionally as well. Overcoming perfectionism is as important to me as it should be to you. Perfectionism and anxiety go hand in hand. They are life partners. Anxiety is in opposition to a truly spiritual path.

So what causes perfectionism? Where does perfectionism come from?

How To Increase Confidence In Your Life

We have come to an understanding that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Like attracts like! You will attract whatever you really are. This is the law of attraction. Self-confidence and happiness should bring on more of the same. Yet has our knowledge of the law of attraction led to spiritual perfectionism? Because we believe that we can get what we want in life that if you want to be perfect all the time you should be able to be just that. Do we now expect we should be and feel perfect all the time? If this is how you live your life you must be stressed because we all contain both light and dark within us. Again I will say to you stop putting pressure on yourself. All you are really doing is struggling with perfectionism, back and forth, over and over again.

Learning how to be positive and confident is important but not for the sake of your happiness. The real question of the day is “how do I find freedom from perfectionism and how to be extremely confident”?

It is actually quite simple.

Confidence Building Exercises

One of the areas that we often forget about when we are trying to change a behavior or an emotional state is that of the power of body language. If you take notice of how you are standing or sitting when you are in a specific mood you will note some interesting points. For instance, those who are depressed will slouch. They will droop their head with their shoulders in a sagged position. As for a smile on their face, forget it. There is a frown and maybe even a scowl. Their breath will be shallow and short.

Try it out. Take on this physical posture for a few moments. How did it feel? Did you lose your ‘glow’? That was the opposite of self-confident body language. Now let’s try the opposite. Stand or sit straight. Shoulders back and firm. Hold your head straight up chin out a little. Now for the most important a huge smile. Take nice deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. How is that?

Could you feel the difference? Your body language literally can shape how you see yourself and how others do as well. When you define self-confidence in physical terms you can then alter that and change your sense of self-worth and positive nature. One of the best confidence-building activities is just that. When you learn how to act confident you will inevitably become more confident.

Sounds too simple but it is that easy but it is science. When your body takes on these poses of confidence your autonomic systems recognize it. Your cortisol, testosterone, and hormone levels increase. These have a strong influence on confidence and stress levels. If you were to measure both circumstances previously mentioned you would see a real difference in the readings.

Learn How How To Increase Confidence In Your Life

The easiest place to start is to learn how to look confident to become confident, ‘fake it till you make it’.the importance of self confidence

  • Smiling… Smiling is the number one exercise you can do to increase your self-confidence. It can move you towards being positive and confident in your life. Smiling is the number one and the best of all the self-confidence tips.
  • Power Stances… As we discussed early stance is important. How you hold your body can be a great way of how to build confidence and self-esteem. Watch yourself when sit or stand. Where are your arms? When your arms are crossed it is similar to a defensive stance. Open up.
  • Crank The Bass… Music has amazing effects on us humans. Some songs relax and those that drive you to strengthen your drive and sense of confidence such as Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. Science has proven songs with a strong bass just adds to the intensity of the lyrics.
  • Support… Having people in your circle that do just that. They support you. They send good vibes and they say good things about you and others. A positive nature is very catching.
  • Fake It Till You Make It... We are all actors on the stage of life. However, you may have forgotten that you write the script. You create the stage backdrops. You choose the wardrobe. Rewrite the script that says that you don’t know how to be a confident person. Successful people always seem too confident even when they really aren’t deep down inside. An old power adage is ‘never let them see you sweat’.
  • Connect To The Real You… The greatest of all ways in regards to learning how to build confidence and self-esteem is to connect to your true nature, Spirit. Spirt is where you can access your higher self. This is an all-powerful being that fears not. The best way to do so is to meditate.

I have a couple of free guided meditations that can really help you. Just follow the link below.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

These tips do not suggest that you should forever act like another person or someone that you aren’t. Develop your own style of personal strength and success. However, learn to get out of your own way and leave your negative behaviors and attitudes behind.

Join us in today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Increase Confidence In Your Life, and you will receive the answer and discover the art of building self-esteem and become a positive thinker.

In this podcast, How To Increase Confidence In Your Life you will learn:

  • How to how to increase confidence in yourself and learning that it is unrealistic to expect to feel perfect all the time.
  • What does it mean to have a positive attitude and about avoiding the trap of covering your pain with perfectionism?
  • How to choose a spiritual teacher to help with eliminating perfectionism and learn how to stay positive during difficult times.

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