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June 16, 2020

How To Help Someone You Care About That’s Having A Hard Time UYT246

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Do You Know Anyone Going Through Trials And Tribulation?

If you have ever struggled with how to help someone, like a friend or family member, grappling with serious physical health or emotional problems, then you can understand this question from one of our listeners:

“Please tell me how to help someone with severe emotional issues? I need to understand how to help emotions and feelings can be overwhelmingsomeone with depression which my brother suffers from.”

Regardless of who you are, what station in life you have attained, or even how much money you have, seeing someone you care about experiencing a difficult emotional or physical challenge may feel somewhat helpless. No matter what you do or say, it just doesn’t help. You may often consider it a crisis. Well, there are most probably reasons that are out of your control.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

It is essential to remember another person’s basic emotions are precisely that, someone else’s emotions. How they deal with them will be at their level of personal emotional intelligence. You cannot do it for them.

WARNING – IMPORTANT NOTICE… Please note if you feel that the person you are dealing with is thinking in a suicidal manner or even just mentioning suicide, seek professional help immediately.

How To Help Someone With Anger And Depression

In the last few weeks, I have been doing healings on many people in extreme distress and mostly requested by their loved ones. These loved ones have witnessed signs of some form of illness. And they are referred to me by those who care about them. They are looking for a helping hand with their loved ones.

As I’ve been doing this work, some thoughts occurred to me about them and their loved ones when it comes to understanding how to help someone with depression and other negative emotions and feelings that can send people into a tailspin. As the person offering the help, are you giving of yourself in a balanced or unbalanced way?

Unconditional Love and Balanced Giving

Knowing how to help someone with their traumatic condition starts with you in many cases. You may be worried or in grief, but are you taking care of yourself first? Are you giving from a full cup that is now overflowing? Did you put your Oxygen mask on first? Do you deliver to yourself in equal measure? It would help if you balanced your giving with your receiving. Otherwise, you may fall ill yourself.

Some people can do this, but usually, those who are more awakened can be tempted to take responsibility for everyone else, and it’s a learning experience to get there.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

7 Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenge

Chiron The Wounded Healer

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the god of healing. He was an immortal centaur who became wounded by Hercules with a poison arrow that Chiron had taught Hercules to make. Although Chiron was the god of healing, he could not heal himself. He was forced to live with incredible pain until he chose to give up his immortality (for Prometheus, who eventually stole fire from the Gods and brought fire to humankind).

Ultimately, Chiron represents something we all carry in our subconscious minds. He is that which will kill us if we don’t heal it, our deepest wounds, our fatal flaws. In astrology, Chiron is an asteroid/meteor that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Again, it represents our deepest wounds that, when overcome, become our biggest strengths.

How To Help Someone, Where To Start?

Often people are so concerned about the recovery of their friends or family, they forget about themselves. They extend all their energy being responsible for and trying to aid and heal everyone else and ultimately become depleted. This depletion is a comfortable state to fall into. This state doesn’t help you or your loved ones because you have to take care of yourself first before genuinely supporting another with their needs, especially when you are getting stressed or depressed.

Worse, you may tend to sacrifice yourself, even put yourself in mental, physical, and emotional anxiety or danger. Supporting yourself means loving yourself and taking care of yourself. This self-care is so you can help those in need, and you can stay safe and not shift yourself. Sometimes when you make the shift, it’s all it takes to get the other person moving in the direction of healing too.

Do You Truly Want To Understand?

You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.how to help someone understand depression

  • Does the person want your help?
  • Are they ready to heal, shift, change, or are they in denial resistance of victim mentality?
  • If they are not ready, it doesn’t matter what you do or say. These people won’t change.

As a healer, you always have to check the healee is in alignment with receiving the assistance. If yes, then you can help. If they are not, you leave them be. You can’t interfere with their free will. Sometimes the body’s personality level is in resistance, but the person’s soul is in agreement, then you can help.

So be prepared for your help to be rejected and allow the space to be where they are. Be neutral, release expectations. Even if you see an obvious way out, they may not be ready to take it.

What Is The Best Way To Help?

Performing healing is one way, but what other ways are there? I would say the help you offer depends on the person how they feel about their situation, whether they are receptive to input or not. How reactive they are, whether they are taking responsibility for their energy and condition.

For example, talking about the healings I’ve recently been doing:

  • A person who is very sick wants to receive healing. They can’t contemplate me teaching them about energy or how to heal themselves. They want to receive the energy healing.
  • Another person who is overwhelmed and anxious does want me to teach them how to manage their energy.
  • Someone else, who had been very stuck for years, the body personality level, doesn’t want healing at all. The soul said yes, and we were able to shift the energy of this person in a theatrical way (with the ego kicking and screaming all the way)
  • I’ve had some clients who want nothing more than to talk. It is not about advice but more about having a conversation where somebody is “actually listening.” They will talk so much they barely allow time for me to give them information. The stress and pressure are relieved. The panic has subsided.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Help Someone You Care About That’s Having A Hard Time, and learn about how to help someone understand depression and other ailments.

Here are some of the comments and questions about how to help someone in pain that came up and were answered during this episode.

  • Depending on the person, I sometimes share my perspectives and insights about how energy works in the world. If they are receptive, it can serve as a comfort to them.
  • Some people have a hard time and a big ego that prevents them from receiving the help they need. Others love to carry their cross. Also, people are living their reality; from our perspective, they might appear that they need help, but if they don’t ask for it, I will leave them alone.
  • Evaluating if it’s a shopper, a buyer, or non; some are enjoying their state, some are willing to listen but not to move, and the last want to move or act on their situation.
  • The good thing is to be a good listener.
  • ​Most people are creating their problems. Some thoughts attract similarly tuned energies and entities, so your thoughts create reality.
  • What you are saying reminds me of the five stages of grieving.
  • I have five kids and a husband. We have been together for 20 years, and I’m feeling stuck. Can you please give me some clarity on what’s to come for us in the future? If there’s a future?
  • Oh, you are always speaking with such relevance with whatever shows up in the morning for just before your show; haha, however, I got a bit on with dealing with such right now, so I will watch the replay later.💖
  • ​You need to prescribe to follow the treatment, but you need to have a doctor’s authority; otherwise, you heal them, but the problem is at the roots.
  • ​I’m really at starting case, wondering which technique use, Reiki or Quantum healing energy? I’m confused about which to choose?

In Pain – Need A Healing?

Have A Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

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