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July 31, 2018

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually! UYT168

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What Are The Best Ways To Ground Yourself?

Do you know how to ground yourself spiritually and energetically? If you do are you grounded now? What is spiritual grounding? If you do not know how to do so we will discuss this? If you do know what grounding is do you know how to recognize the signs of not being spiritually grounded? Let’s talk about this a little because feeling ungrounded causes many issues and it is a very important subject.

5 Ways To Ground Yourself:practice a grounding meditation daily

  • Visit Mother Nature… One of the best ways I have found to get back to the ground is to actually be on the ground. Take off your shoes in nature even if it is just your own back yard. Fell the earth beneath your feet. Feel the energy that rises to meet you. This can bring you right back to your essence very quickly.
  • Physical Movement… Moving your boy as in some form of exercise or physical practice like Yoga or Tai Chi can realign your concentration. You can regain your focus and direction. Try rock climbing with being present and grounded. Please don’t! Personally, I love swimming.
  • Stones And Crystals… Nature has given you so many gifts the least of these not being beautiful crystals and stones like Hematite, Obsidian, or Smoky Quartz that help ground you. You can find wonderful bracelets, necklaces that you can wear to bring this calming grounding energy into your life. You can even just carry a stone on your person but the best is to have it touch your skin.
  • Grounding Meditation… By far my favorite and what I consider the most powerful of all is a grounding meditation. A meditation practice where you visualize an energy chord from your 1st chakra, down into the center of the earth. This can allow all your negative energy to flow down into mother Gaia’s core where it dissipates. And wonderful calming energy transfers back up through the same chord centering and grounding you.

What Happens If You Don’t Know How To Ground Yourself Spiritually?

Have you notice that this year that the energy is very intense. It’s really different. I was doing some paperwork for the past couple of months. It is already more than halfway into the year. Wow! I mean it just whooshed by. Just went right by me. We’re in a rapid time of transition on this earth. The planet is changing. It’s been changing pretty much for most of the lifetime, probably that of all of our listeners. But it’s really amped up this year in particular. It’s accelerated so the vibration on the planet is going up. It’s an opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth for all of the human beings living on earth at this time. It’s an opportunity for us to shift the way we do things and the way that we create our reality on this planet.

But what it meaning is as the vibration goes up things are getting much more polarized. There are bigger highs and lower lows. It’s quite the ride. I don’t know about you but just think about it for a moment whether you resonate with this. I’ve noticed that on certain days the energy will just feel like you’re trying to walk and think through molasses. Then other days it will feel very clear. It seems like we’re on a ride through different types of vibrational experiences as each wave of the shift comes through. So how do you cope with that?

If you’ll notice that your life is feeling changeable that the ups and downs are more extreme, that the people around you are losing it because they can’t cope with the energy shift what can you do. Well, one thing that it is people around the world trying to cope with the energy shift. We were talking to some folks in England on the weekend. We’re talking about it and they say that the same thing is happening over there.

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually: Symptoms Of Not Being Grounded

I think people have lost patience. They’ve lost presence. They want to be somewhere else all the time. Well, they are somewhere else. Let’s give you a tangible example that you might be able to identify with because I think we’ve all experienced this. Many of us whether you drive or you don’t drive, if you’re traveling from A to B, whether it’s getting in your car or getting on public transport you’re kind of aware of what you’re doing. You get in your car and you start your journey. You know where you’re going. Then you arrive and here I am at my destination. But if you try and recall what happened in between point A and point B you’d be hard-pressed to do so. What happened was your consciousness wasn’t present while you were driving. You know your body was kind of on autopilot.

I think that this is true with a lot of the people on the road. That’s what it is. They’re on autopilot. They’re not present. The real issue is that they’re not grounded. So what’s the secret to being present? The secret is grounding. Spiritual grounding!learn the techniques of spiritual grounding and protection

Spiritual grounding and protection techniques make it easier for you to cope with the changes that are going on in the world. It makes it easier for you to cope with the challenges that are coming up in your life. Mainly it helps you to be present in your body at all times so that you can be mindful and consciously aware of what is going on around you. So that if you’re operating a vehicle you’re more conscious of what you’re doing. You become more conscious of the physical journey and that could be a metaphor for life.

Do you want to live this life semi-conscious or even unconscious? Not fully being in the experience. Or would you rather be fully embodied, awakened, and aware in any experience? If your answer is yes then it’s a pretty good idea to learn about grounding.

Let’s look at the nature of who you are. What we always say is that you’re not your body. A lot of people might believe ‘well this is me. It’s this physical body’ but you are so much more. You are Spirit. You are consciousness and as that consciousness, you can be anytime, anyplace, anywhere. For example, when you’re on your journey to work you can already be projecting your consciousness into the meeting that you’re due to be attending in an hour or two. You can project your consciousness to a conversation that you had last night in the bar with your friend. You can move yourself into what’s going on with your kids at school because you know they’re having a problem. Anytime you do that you are not fully present in your body.

I think so many people are facing so many issues in their life, whether it be financial issues, relationship issues, and their mind is always on that, they’re always worried. They’re always concerned about the future. I mean most people that are on their way to work are in their cars and they’re stuck in traffic and they don’t like the work that they do. They don’t want to get there but yet they’re all trying to get there in a rush. I guess whatever you’re focusing on is what is going to expand in your reality because that’s what you’re putting your energy behind.

If you’re focusing on hating your job you will get more work that you hate if you’re focusing on relationships that are failing and you not having hope for that then you’ll get more of that. So this spiritual technique of grounding can help you with all of those things because if you are present in the present moment, in your body, and you are grounded, you can let go of distracting thoughts. You can get let go of unsupportive beliefs. You can let go of the old habits of unconsciously allowing your energy to flow into these thought patterns that are not supporting you. Like one of my mentors used to say, ‘if all you think about is junk or well you’re going to become a big crap magnet’.

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually: Importance Of Grounding Yourself

Spiritual grounding and protection are very important to everyone whether you know it or not. So let’s talk about this grounding technique and how to ground yourself spiritually and energetically. There are different ways of grounding and there’s one in particular that I like to teach. This is a spiritual grounding meditation technique. Also, spiritual grounding exercises called mindfulness practices will also pull you into your body and your present awareness. Being aware of your body is important. Your body can only be right here right now. You can’t project your body, like a star trek-like technology, into the future or the past. It’s always in the present.

If you focus on your body it will bring you into the present and it will ground you into your body. whether you chose to focus on breathing or focus on your heartbeat or focus intently on the task that you’re doing or if you’re going on a walk just focusing on every step that you’re taking and the sounds around you and the sensations on your skin, all of these mindful practices will help ground you. They will help connect you with your physical body and the physical world as it exists in the present time. You can amplify that even more by doing this grounding meditation technique. Learning it for the first time I recommend you just listen to the meditation instructions below.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

In this podcast, How To Ground Yourself Spiritually, you will learn:

  • Spiritual grounding exercises.
  • Some of the best ways to ground yourself.
  • The symptoms of not being grounded.
  • How to ground yourself spiritually and energetically.
  • A spiritual grounding meditation.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Ground Yourself Spiritually, for an in-depth look at how grounding practices should be an intricate part of your life.

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