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September 27, 2022

A Top Psychic’s Perspective On How To Develop Psychic Abilities UYT346

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The True Story About Developing Psychic Abilities

When you first look at learning how to develop psychic abilities and even the basics of these wonderful spiritual gifts, you may find something interesting. Like almost any other topic under the sun, there can be various opinions on the best ways to go about the process. My passion is very much related to psychic abilities and psychic development and using them to access your higher information. The following is my personal perspective on awakening your psychic powers and how to use them.

A Top Psychic’s Perspective On How To Develop Psychic Abilities

My Psychic Development Story

Let’s first look at a general overview of what you believe about psychic abilities. This is so you can get a bit of a flavor of where I am coming from regarding the information I teach in my psychic development classes and courses.

I don’t often talk about myself, so you may not know much about me and my journey. But, first, I have been doing psychic readings professionally since 1999. And before that, I was doing it for fun.

Paying My Psychic Dues

To develop my psychic abilities to the degree they are today has been an exciting voyage, to say the least. Initially, that journey involved undergoing some very intensive psychic development training. I spent about six years devoting all my spare time to these rigorous psychic development classes and programs. This life path was not the easiest decision I made.

I am called Dr. Lesley. This is an actuality. I am a Ph.D. in Microbiology. I was a scientist. Now I am a professional practicing psychic. My training also encompassed a spiritual curriculum which entitles me to the designation of Reverend Dr. Lesley. So That is just a small amount of background on me.

Since my 180-degree career path transition, I have done 1000s of psychic readings and energy healings. And, of course, over time, I have matured and evolved and have my own unique perspective about psychic abilities.

A Unique Perspective On Psychic Abilitiesawakening your psychic powers

First and foremost, I love to help people like you with awakening your psychic powers. Why is this so important?

You can spend years and years searching for answers to life’s tough questions. But, the exciting thing is that the answers are within you. Choosing this path of psychic development is mainly about connecting to your true nature, Spirit and accessing your own spiritual information. This connection allows you to access your own higher information. From here, you can learn to guide and consciously create your life, the life you want. This is also called actuating your life purpose. This is why I love teaching people how to tap into psychic abilities.

How To Bring Out Psychic Abilities

Searching for ways to develop your psychic abilities can seem daunting. When you look at the statistics of the people joining our Facebook group, the majority of them want to expand or understand their psychic abilities in some way. Yet, the most interesting thing you find about those people is that very few of them are ready to commit to it. They just want to immediately “be” psychic. However, just like with any talent, you need some form of training and practice to fully grasp and employ the gift.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. But some spiritual teachers and mentors can give you correct and accurate guidance. And it takes it does take commitment, it and dedication.

And so yes, you do have to be prepared to meditate and to do the work to get the results.

How to Become Psychic

The first thing that requires clarification is you do not become psychic. And the first thing you must understand and believe is that you are psychic. Every single human being is psychic. It isn’t something that is only reserved for special people, the seventh son of a seventh son. You all have psychic abilities.

This is because psychic abilities are part of your spiritual sensory apparatus. So, okay, just like you have physical senses that help you navigate the physical world, you also have spiritual senses that help you navigate the spiritual world. And it’s through the psychic senses that you communicate as Spirit.

So one of the foundational beliefs that you hold this everyone is psychic. And that means anyone who comes to me who wants to learn how to access their psychic abilities. I can help them to do that. Because it’s part of who you are. As human beings, you are Spirit within a body.

And so the psychic abilities belong to the Spirit. Spirit is not bound by time or space. You, as Spirit, can travel to the past or the future. You can go anywhere in the known or unknown Universe. You can even travel the Astral Plane. And you can access all of this from the human beings you are.

Symptoms Of Psychic Abilitiesawaken your psychic abilities

As you start to awaken your psychic abilities, many of you are worried as you begin feeling what you may call the symptoms of psychic abilities. Here voices or seeing spirits. You feel like you may be going a little crazy, or you are imagining things. It doesn’t mean that you are crazy.

It means that you are awakening and going through a spiritual awakening. Having your psychic abilities emerge is part of the awakening process. There’s not a spiritual master that has existed in this world that did not also have access to their psychic abilities. So they are part of the same journey. You wake up to who you are as Spirit and raise your vibrational frequency to do healing work on yourself.

And the natural side effect is to awaken your psychic abilities. So you can come at this intending that your goal is to awaken your psychic abilities. And if that is your goal, you may find that you end up healing yourself as a side effect of doing that. So you end up raising your vibration along this path to awakening.

Or you can come at this from the perspective you want to awaken and evolve. For example, you want to become enlightened. And suppose you are on that path of focusing on raising your vibration and healing yourself. In that case, it’s a natural side effect that you will open your psychic abilities. So you can’t awaken or become enlightened without also awakening those higher senses that you all have.

One truth is that the answers to your questions lie within you. And that by developing your psychic abilities, you can tap into them. You can access the answers to your own questions. You are a self-contained unit. Everything that you could ever need to know is available within you.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Developing Psychic Abilities And Meditation

And so you never need to give your power away to anybody else. You don’t ever need to give to put someone else in a position of authority over you. You are sovereign within your own space. Remember that you are an aspect of God and divine consciousness.

And you can access any information you need to create the life you want. Any information you might need is present to make the choices you need to make anything. And the most straightforward path to developing your psychic abilities is through meditation. There are specific guided meditations that you can follow to ground negative energy that holds you back from access to your higher self. Also, these meditations can open access to the psychic path.

And your higher being, your soul, talks to you through your psychic abilities. So some of you may think you want to develop your psychic abilities because you want to talk to your spirit guides to get answers. But you are your own ultimate spirit guide. And you are the one that has the information. So you are most aligned with yourself, and your unique perspective is that of your higher being.

Often, your spirit guides will meet you along the path that are other aspects of our higher being. So as you develop your psychic abilities, you can think of your spirit guides as consciousness tools.

Chakras And Your Psychic Abilities

You have heard of Chakras. They are essential in your quest: how to develop psychic abilities. Your chakras channel, your psychic abilities.

Learn More About Your Intuitive Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

There are 22 core psychic abilities that are channeled through the chakra system. There are seven major chakras which are information conduits. There is a lot that has been written about the chakras in terms of health and healing. And most people think about them as a connection to health and the energy moving through them. That is true.

But there’s a lot more about your chakras, and it’s more than just healing. Did you know you channel your higher being and different aspects of your higher being through your chakra system? You process your reality through your chakra system. And, of course, you access your psychic abilities through these energy centers.

Because psychic abilities are channeled through the chakras, the way to master your psychic abilities is by mastering your chakras. So by learning all about your chakras, you can learn about your psychic abilities.

Negative Symptoms Of Psychic Abilitieslearn how to develop psychic powers with me

So to master your chakras and master your psychic abilities, you need to understand how opening your chakras impacts your reality experience. Like if you open your crown chakra too much, what experience of reality do you get? Is that an experience of reality that you really want?

And so, for example, many people may go through challenging experiences, and symptoms of psychic abilities, where they may even be diagnosed with some form of psychological problem. Yet, it’s because their crown chakra begins to open.

If your crown chakra is wide open, you are entirely open to the multiverse. You are opening to all it is, and that is infinite. However, you are now living a finite life in a finite reality. These two concepts are at different poles of your understanding. Can you see the issues that could arise?

So there are many misconceptions about the chakra system and how to access your psychic abilities. It is not about opening it all up and walking around with everything wide open. It’s about modulating your chakras differently to get alternative experiences and access different abilities. It is all about learning to tune into different vibrational frequencies. This allows you to communicate with different beings and guides, depending on how you tune your chakra system.

Your Life Purpose And Psychic Abilities Blueprint

So you are psychic. You channel your psychic abilities through your chakra system. Another fundamental belief I hold is that your psychic abilities support your life purpose. So you understand that each and every one of you:

  • is unique.
  • has a unique perspective.
  • are a unique aspect of divine consciousness.

Also, you each have a unique psychic ability blueprint. Nobody else has the exact psychic ability blueprint as you do. It’s like a fingerprint. And you came into this life with that specific psychic ability blueprint. The reason is that you each came in with an individual and specific life purpose. Thus you designed your psychic ability blueprint to support that life purpose.

Intuition Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

You are here for a reason and fulfilling that purpose depends on your clarity about who you are, why you are here, and the clarity in your energy. That unique spark of divine consciousness reflects through your body into the world.

However, there are some prevalent blocks to your intuition that pretty much everyone has to work with and overcome. And then there are some very specific intuition blocks that are unique to you and unique to your divine purpose and your unique life path.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

And you also believe that your chakra system encodes specific lessons for your personal growth. And so, everyone is on a unique journey through their own chakra system. Nobody opens their chakras in precisely the same sequence, with exactly the same experiences. Your unique life experiences are determined by these blocks and overcoming them. They are unique to you. You have unique challenges. And you go through different life themes.

Often you have themes in your life that relate to different chakras, and as you overcome those challenges. As you clear those chakras, then our psychic abilities naturally emerge. Likewise, they naturally emerge as you transcend our unique chakra challenges. how to activate chakras in human body

So you are psychic, you channel your psychic abilities through your chakras, and your psychic abilities relate to your unique life purpose. There are common and specific Blocks to psychic abilities. And the fundamental key to overcoming these intuition blocks.

And so what happens is most people try to access their psychic abilities through body levels, intellect, emotions, effort, and various other things. And so those are the common intuition blocks that we are speaking of.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, A Top Psychic’s Perspective On How To Develop Psychic Abilities, and discover how to tap into your psychic abilities. Basically, you can learn how to unlock your psychic powers.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of A Top Psychic’s Perspective On How To Develop Psychic Abilities:

  • CK – Are psychic abilities and intuition the same thing or different?
  • C – Hi Dr. Lesley and Corry, Can I have a relationship reading, please? It’s dire right now. Can you tell me what is happening here between us, please? Thank you.
  • Carol – Dr. Lesley, how can I tell the difference between messages that come from my higher self versus guides?
  • Shannon – Hi, lovely Dr. Lesley, and Mr. Corry. What about a voice that comes across my forehead? Is that my higher self? Mine says, “I know you know you know,” often amounts to other things.
  • Brian – I’m curious, Dr. Lesley, about telepathic communication/connection with animals. I’m wondering if you could look at that for me. Animals seem drawn to me lately. I have a deer family that circles my house and lives in the woods directly behind me. Groundhogs that hang out around my car, raccoons, birds, etc., are much more prevalent lately. I recently had an interesting encounter with a fox, where we spent the better part of a minute looking at one another. It was deep. I know animals can be messengers. But I feel like something special is going on.
  • Katie – If all people have psychic abilities, why does it seem that some people have specific abilities without training or working on developing those abilities?
  • SG – Hello. I would like to know if I should work with Runes. I see some of the symbols around me a lot, and when I look into their meanings, it kind of makes sense with whatever is happening at the time.
  • Kourosh – So is there a way to know what types of psychic abilities I have, if any?

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz
  • Lorraine – Is it possible to recognize a past life soul popping into my current life?
  • Aly – Hi! Can you tap in and tell me what my most is potent psychic ability? I have a tough time defining it. I’d love to know what you think.
  • Ahmadian – How about when there is no voice but only some sensation? Is this part of receiving messages as well?

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