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August 11, 2020

How To Deal With Being An Empath And The Sacral Chakra UYT252

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Are You A Highly Empathic Person?

If your empathic psychic powers are active then it is very important to understand how to deal with being an empath and the relationship you are having with your second chakra, the sacral chakra.

How To Deal With Being An Empath And The Sacral Chakra

What Does It Mean To Be An Empath?

As an intuitive empath, or emotional empath by another name you are in touch with your physical reality but not ruled by it. Clairsentience, the psychic power that we are talking about, allows you as an empath to read the emotional states of the physical body, both that of your physical being as well as that of others.

The empath traits you are experiencing are related to how active or not open and active your 2nd chakra is. For instance, if you ever had “strong intuition about someone” or if you had a “bad gut feeling something is wrong” or even if you “can you feel when someone likes you” your sacral chakra is allowing you to feel these amazing empathic messages.

Sometimes dealing with the emotions you feel coming through your clairsentient ability can be overwhelming. It is important to make certain that your sacral chakra is not too far opened. If it is controlling those emotions can be difficult.

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Is Your Gut Feeling Always Right?what does it mean to be an empath

How do you learn to trust your gut, your clairsentience? The answer to that is the same as how you would do so for any skill. You must practice. You must learn when your intuitive senses are communicating with you. The easiest way to do this is to meditate. Meditation will allow you to connect with your higher self, Spirit. Spirit is in full control of the wonderful psychic powers we all possess and have done since birth.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the sacral chakra and how to trust your gut.
  • Why is empathy important to you and the world.
  • What is a true empath?
  • How to recognize and deal with an overactive sacral chakra.
  • Why unblocking sacral chakra energy is important.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Deal With Being An Empath And The Sacral Chakra, and learn how to control your emotions and getting caught up in other people’s emotional trials and tribulations.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners to the live show:

  • B.T.-Oooo yes, kind of is sometimes (dis-ease )
  • T.F.– Yes, I think I’m empathic! I don’t feel other people’s pain (thank goodness ).
  • M.T.-That’s me! People pleasing
  • B.T.-Sometimes it’s beautiful but sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the emotions and just want to live and not take life so seriously, be and laugh. Easier said than done sometimes though right? Feeling like in recent times the usual coping strategies and tools aren’t as effective. I noticed that for a lot of people. Suppose that comes with the shifts and soul experiencing unfamiliar territory and adjusting and grounding into what we don’t recognize on some level.
  • T.F.– Love this book! It is loaded with great information! Thank you Dr. Lesley for writing it.
  • B.T.– I just get so sick of the effort to center, and be the observer it’s so constant lol. But your right, coming up lately to surrender and “let go of the effort also” which helps. Thank you
  • Anon. – Is there anything on empaths and intimate relationships in your new book?
  • S.B.– How do you clear and protect yourself From others’ energies?
  • S.B. – Aha, you’ve just reminded me letting go and grounding isn’t an event it’s a practice. Where do I buy your new book
  • M.T. -How often should we work on grounding?
  • T.F.-Do all emotions show up in the body? For example, if there is a pain in the body is that usually caused by not dealing with emotion? Would it be accurate to say that the higher vibrations don’t cause pain?
  • S.B. – Love to hear you address protecting energy when you are overwhelmed or overstimulated. Many introverts can feel that often and wonder how you suggest handling that. Is that grounding also?
  • B.T. -It seems harder to consciously choose to ground when you need it the most, heard this one you might like that I remind myself, make 10minutes a day to meditate/ground if you don’t have time take an hour.

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