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Are You Receiving Signs From A Loved One in heaven?

Why on earth would want to know how to communicate with spirits you may ask. There are many reasons we an individual or a group of people would want to do so. The main ones, of course, are signs from a deceased loved one.

We have all lost a loved one or a friend at some point in our life. If you haven’t yet you eventually will! There is usually much pain surrounding these types of events. What we wouldn’t give to be able to see spirits of loved ones one more time or just speak to them briefly to make sure they are ok. If you are going through this type of episode in your life how to contact a loved one who has passed away would be a powerful tool and experience for you.

Possible Signs A Spirit Is Around You:signs a spirit is around you

  • Specific pieces of music playing.
  • Clocks and watches that keep stopping for no reason.
  • Light flickering or blowing out for no reason.
  • Feathers appearing from nowhere.
  • Radical changes in a room’s ambient temperature.
  • Seeing specific numbers and letters in many places like license plates that will remind you of a passed loved one.
  • Seeing numerous Butterflies can signify that someone close to you has passed to the other side.
  • Seeing shadows moving across your field of vision.
  • Finding Orbs in pictures you take.

Experiencing Loved Ones Communicating After Death

People often begin seeing spirits when they are very young before they are told that it is ‘impossible’. Many times these spirits are considered to be invisible friends. Kids are not afraid of these apparitions because they are so close to the spirit world themselves having been there recently. Their belief systems are still their own.

No matter whether a child or adult has a Visitation of any sort it is still a wonderful and amazing event. It is not just for ‘special people’. Everyone is born with the psychic ability to see or communicate with Spirit side. Your gift just ebbs because of many different reasons but mainly peer or parental pressure.

Remember loved ones communicating after death is not a highly unusual circumstance. The issues lay with us on this plane. We stop listening. Our spirit antennas stop working. One of the best ways to reactivate your gift is to meditate.

What Is Medium

So how to call upon a deceased loved one can be challenging if you do not know how to do so. what is mediumMediums do exactly this. They are considered Channels. Channeling is the practice of someone being taken over by another spirit and communicating with the dead. This is generally experienced for the purpose of communication. It is an ancient practice that has been performed in tribal cultures.

Channeling is also a modern age practice. They connect with spirits of loved ones for us and pass messages to us. They can also read and give you signs a spirit is trying to communicate with you, trying to get your attention. This happens most commonly with a deceased loved one.

These Channels can do more than just sense when signs a spirit is around you. They can communicate with the spirit world and bring forth messages from spirit guides and archetypes for our edification. They can retrieve spiritual information from enlightened beings or just make basic contact.

How To Communicate With Spirits

These are all positive examples of connecting with the spirit world, however, there can be dangers of communicating with the dead so it is imperative that one learns how to communicate with spirits safely. Although it is also possible to channel beings or communicate with spirits that are not enlightened however it is not very common.

You do have control over the experience in most part. There have been cases where negative entities, an evil spirit or demonic spirits, dark spirits attached to humans. This type of demon possession is very, very rare but must be considered if you would like to learn how to make contact with spirits by yourself whether it is to communicate with a deceased loved one or just learning to connect with spirit. So if it is your desire to call upon and talk to dead loved ones you will need to learn how to open yourself to the spirit world safely.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Many modern examples of channeling.
  • How to invite spirits to communicate with you.
  • Discernment and what to be cautious of if you decide to channel.

Join us as we discuss How To Communicate With Spirits Using Channels in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth when we discuss visitations from deceased loved ones and recognizing signs of a spirit visiting you.

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