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August 25, 2020

How To Astral Project For Beginners And The 3rd Chakra UYT254

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Astral Projection For Beginners

Have you ever wondered, like so many others, is astral projection real? Astral projection is otherwise known as astral travel or out-of-body experiences (OOBE). Many of my students that come to me want to learn how to astral project for beginners because they are looking for an astral projection guide. The first thing I would like to say is that astral travel is an intuitive gift that is related to the 3rd chakra, and everyone is capable to activate this energy center to use this ability.

How To Astral Project For Beginners And The 3rd Chakra UYT254

Astral Projection Experiences

During an astral projection or when you astral travel, your spirit leaves your body to travel to any number of places or times, future or past. It is described as floating outside of your physical form. Most people can see themselves asleep or meditating if that is the activity they were engaged in. The reason you can do this is that your astral body is Spirit which is your true nature. And Spirit is not bound by the conventions of this earth being time or space.

Astral Travel In Dreams

This is why dreams are so odd or interesting and usually quite surreal. As you dream and have an astral travel experience, you leave this reality. The interesting thing, however, is that you are fully aware of everything you face. You may not remember everything or even anything on awakening it, but during the event and while out of your body, you are aware of it all.

Who Has Astral Travel Experiences?

You may not be aware, but everyone has astral travel experiences. You may do this during the dream state while asleep. Others use meditation as a venue to leave their bodies. Some can even do this while awake at will.

How To Astral Project Tonight

An astral voyage on the astral plane, the place your astral body occupies when it leaves the physical signs of astral travel in dreamsrealm, can be interesting and amusing. It offers an enlarged scope of experiences in a realm where there are no boundaries or conditions that may be found in the physical plane.

Dangers Of Astral Projection

Many people who are not experienced in this form of spiritual experience believe that there are dangers attached. One of these is that will not be able to get back to their body. Some believe they will meet evil or sinister entities that will affect them negatively. These negative astral travel stories are just that, stories, Myths about out-of-body experiences that just hold no validity.

There is no call to fear any of these so-called astral travel dangers. If This is how you feel, the best thing to do is find a spiritual teacher to help you along the way. I have personally helped hundreds of people with these spiritual excursions. They can be pleasant and satisfying as well.

How To Astral Project For Beginners

If that is not your cup of tea, then following along with an astral projection guided meditation may be the answer for you.

Another way to do this is just to allow it to happen as you dream. Begin making yourself aware of your dreams by writing them down on awakening from them. I call this dream journaling. Once you do this, it will open up a new world of understanding of what happens in your dream state and the experiences that you are having.

Regardless of what you decide, the best course of action is to be open-minded and willing to experience easy astral projection techniques and the astral projection benefits that come along with them.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What is astral projection like?
  • Easy astral projection techniques.
  • Signs of astral travel in dreams.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Astral Project For Beginners, And The 3rd Chakra, and you too could take astral journeys.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • L.A. – What characterizes a LUCID dream?
  • A.S. – why is IT that sometimes we can remember our dreams, sometimes not?
  • H.K. – Why do we get lucid dreams in picture form? Is it a higher level of the subconscious?
  • C.S. – ​Some people who take DMT or mushrooms claim that when they astral travel, they get so much info, but when they awaken, they realize that there is no memory room to get all that info onto this plane.
  • B.Mc.C. – ​How do we go about having an out-of-body experience?
  • H.K. – My understanding is we all have learned behavior combined with past lives stored in cells and DNA. So I believe our lucid dreams are built up of that.
  • B.C. – Why do I remember very clearly when I dream of someone, I dream more of people who are alive than those who have passed. Are these actual astral projections/visits? Why do I remember these dreams so much clearer than regular dreams?
  • B.N. – How do we download this information you talk about without mushrooms and other drugs?
  • P.D. – ​And how do we astral travel? Is this the same as an out-of-body experience? Some research was done about astral travel, near-death experiences, and the religious belief of the subject. They noticed that during NDE, some people meet Jesus while others meet other beings.
  • A.G. – So I used to get close to or have out-of-body experiences all the time. At one point, it was every other day, and I would get into them through sleep paralysis…all of a sudden, one day, they stopped. Do you know why they would stop so randomly?
  • L. – Are OOBE scary? Is it scary if you feel you can’t reconnect with your physical body?
  • B.N. – Is the astral body where the soul lives. I thought the physical body needed the soul to live.
  • D.C. – Can you comment on old souls and young souls?
  • W.L. – Is it possible to be taken when traveling in your astral body ( called Double by some) and kept away from the physical body?
  • C.S. – Do the souls ever die? Do they get recycled? Burned? Do they move up or down to another level? Can someone learn who God is and the Purpose of everything while Astral is traveling?
  • B.N. – ​ok… I’m married, so please don’t take this the wrong way. I have had this dream before where a woman is attracted to me, and she is really attractive. She tries to kiss me, but I tell her I can’t.
  • A.S. – Why are some people readily open and activate their psychic abilities and others not? Is it related to the soul’s seniority?

Astral Body Healing

Have An Astral Body Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

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  1. This article is unique and complete encyclopedia in itself. I love each and every part especially that dangers of astral projection.
    This is amazing esoteric practice that is getting extinct but kudos to your efforts for bringing this back to the world.

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