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how does climate change affect our lives and future

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Lives? Is The Earth Still Evolving Or Is It Devolving?

How is climate change affecting our lives? Beyond just the obvious answers to this question, there are many other spiritual considerations.  For instance, there is an energy vortex in human beings this is a spiritual energy vortex. We are in sync with the earth connecting with Mother Nature and connect through our first chakra or grounding chakra. This is amazing grounding earth energy. We can use to keep our minds from going for crazy mind spins and “monkey mind” experiences or as they say in England “going a little doolally” and revel in a deep, cleansing earth energy healing.

There are also positive energy places in the world on the planet that are earth energy vortex locations. These have the ability to allow us to connect more strongly with our spiritual nature as well as that of the spiritual world. These bring us closer to the “other side”, to magic, to healing and much more.

Things are always changing on and to the Earth. The earth changes and the pole shift are very predominant and are affecting the vortexes we spoke about earlier. The planets natural growth cycles can last thousands up to billions of years. Earth changes are the growing pains of our planet. When there is an earthquake or a volcano there is an energy shift. As you exist in a sea of earthly energy, the planetary changes also stimulate your growth. In turn, these changes disturb our, the human race, grounding connection. This is why you see more anxiety and unrest among the inhabitants of our globe.

So when we look at how is climate change affecting our lives we must understand that we really need to work harder on understanding how to connect with earth energy. One of the ways is through an earth healing meditation which we review on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth.

In this podcast, you will learn:-how is climate change affecting our lives

  • How planetary growth and energy cycles affect you.
  • Examples of both planetary and personal growth cycles.
  • A technique to help you weather the storm of Earth changes.

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