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we ask charles alan livingston how do you access your spirituality and where do you go
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How Do You Access Your Spirituality And Where Do You Go?

As a spiritual person how do you access your spirituality or in other words how to tap into your spiritual side? Where do you go to be able to achieve the state of inner reflection to work on your spiritual nature? Even though you can be more spiritual without religion some people may go to we ask charles alan livingston how do you access your spirituality and where do you gochurch. There may be a quiet room in your home to meditative. Some may lose themselves in religious scripture or other divinely inspired books. Music is another source for going deeper and working with and on your higher self. Finding your spiritual path and how to grow can be a bit challenging.

Have you ever thought that traumatic events in your life may also trigger a growth in your spirituality? There are also a select number of individuals that have unusual ways of growing their true internal nature, maybe even beginning spiritual journeys. Our guest tonight has written a book that has very unusual twist on personal access to spiritual growth. He has written a book on how to become more spiritual with nature.

Joining us tonight is author Charles Alan Livingston direct from Las Vegas. His latest novel is “Gabriel’s Creek” one of two books currently available. It is about how to connect spiritually with yourself, His trials and tribulations have put him and his family in positions where they had no choice but to choose to live in the present.He has another three novels being scheduled for release in the coming months. We will also touch on his memoir connecting his family with an American President’s assassination.

We discuss in detail his life-changing experience with 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and cancer.

Some of the questions we ask Alan during our interview:

  • How would the novel “Gabriel’s Creek” be of particular interest to our listeners.
  • What was your intention in writing it?
  • How do you equate golf with spirituality?
  • What was your experience with hurricane Katrina in 2005 like?
  • What was your personal connection with president John F. Kennedy?
  • What are your new novels be released in coming months all about?

You can get more information about Alan, his books and more life experiences on his website alanlivingston09[at]

In this podcast you will learn:-how do you access your spirituality

  • What molds your spiritual nature?
  • how to become more spiritual with nature
  • finding spirituality without religion


Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do You Access Your Spirituality, and meet Alan and hear an amazing story of tragedy and spiritual growth.

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