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March 14, 2023

How To Channel Healing Messages From Your Spirit Guides UYT365

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Are All Channeled Messages Healing Messages?

Are all the channeled messages you receive from guides healing messages? Spirit guides, angels, and archetypes are all benevolent. They want only the best for you. In turn, you can consider the channeled meaning of their messages to be healing or helpful in some form. However, in saying that different guides have different purposes.

How To Channel Healing Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Types Of Spirit Guides

Like with living teachers over the years, as you evolve spiritually, your Vibration has shifted. As you change, your needs change. And in turn, the spirit guides that come forward will do so also. You will work with different guides, depending on what your focus is. And when you are dealing with healing the body, emotions, or Spirit, you will receive healing messages and assistance.

So you all channel. Every single human being is, first and foremost, spiritual in nature. Each of you has a personality. And that personality is a channeled entity. Who you are as a personality is not who you are on a Spirit level.

Your personality is something that you are putting on as you enter into the human experience, the physical experience. So, in essence, you are a channeled being. As we evolve into the new human, the lines between Spirit and human become less blurry. There will be more of a blending of the individual’s consciousness with the collective consciousness, which will integrate with your divine soul and all the different aspects within your soul.following the path of developing consciousness

Because within your soul, you have many different projections of consciousness and stages of evolution. And many of your guides are contained within your same oversoul. So many of those guides which you think you were channeling you might perceive to be outside of you are not outside you at all. And ultimately, nothing is outside of you, and everything is within you because you are one. You are experiencing yourselves as individuated consciousness. So all the many types of Spirit guides are not different and not the same. Something to meditate on with a Spirit Guide Meditation.

Free Guided Meditation

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Actual Channeled Healing Messages From My Spirit Guide Numan (transcript)

I am going to share with you a channeled message from one of my guides. So this message is from Numan. And it’s about Intuition and consciousness, basically. But it is more about Intuition because that was the content of the channeled message.

It’s a little bit about spirit guides because the message was channeled from one of my guides, and my guide Numan is called Numan because it relates to the new man. And so he is a teacher of the new human and helping the evolution of the new human to come into being. So that helps explain some of the subject matter that he or they were talking about.

Numan’s channeling healing messages ed Message (transcript)

“For many years, we’ve been talking about Developing Intuition. It’s a sexy subject. The idea of developing your human superpowers is attractive, and these things are possible. Of course, they are.

However, we want to take a step back and discuss why. What is the purpose? What is the point? What is the use of this idea?

One of the things that we would say about this is that your Intuition is a side effect of your Vibration being clear and high.

If your is not clear and high. If it’s low and muggy, it is not easy to access your Intuition. But if your Vibration is high and clear, it’s much easier to access your Intuition.

If we’re to define Intuition, it means many different things to different people. Many different words are used by you to describe the same or similar or overlapping concepts. To us, from a higher vibrational perspective, we don’t have the same categorizations or the same delineations as you have on earth. And this is just a facet or a side effect of your human intellect, your space-time reality. You like to categorize things. You’d like to put them into neat little boxes, label them, and say, well, this is this, and that is that, and now my intellect understands it.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley


It is a significantly reduced and limited yet focused way of being. Intuition is vast. Intuition helps you access the infinite the multi-dimensional. It is, in some ways, the opposite of the intellect, which limits and categorizes things.

Intuition opens you up, expands your perspective, and allows you to access information differently. Because you’re dipping your toe into the infinite waters of creation through your Intuition.

You are consciousness. You belong to the infinite nature of consciousness. You are holographic. This means you can access all that is through the one that is you by shifting your perspective higher and making your energy clearer.

Simply, Intuition is being able to access the infinite or expand yourself beyond the finite human perspective you usually have. It’s a gateway, portal, or doorway to the unknown. And the unknown just means what is unknown to you. Not what is unknown to all that is. All that is is all-knowing. But you are limited in your perspective. But through your Intuition, you can open to more of the Infinite than you can open to through your intellect.

Raise Your Vibrationguard yourself against harsh spiritual awakening process

So again, let’s ask why. Why – why develop Intuition? And what we say is, in some senses, you already have it. You have it. You don’t need to develop it. In some senses, you need to get out of your way. Clean up your vibrational fields and raise your Vibration now. There can be many different methods that you can use to access your Intuition, different tools, techniques, and ways to meditate. They are providing you with a ticket to ride on the journey to your Intuition.

The techniques themselves are not your Intuition. They are simply a way to get from A to B. And the only reason that you need to get from A to B, why you can’t be at B instantly, is because you are in the human form. Operating in time-space reality from a limited, finite perspective. So many things seem impossible to you that does not seem impossible to us. Because we are talking to you from the infinite, and you are perceiving us from the finite. In a way developing your Intuition is a journey that you are taking to reveal yourself to yourself. You’re entering into more of who you are.

So when you’re in a state of union, with all that is you, you share in the perspective of the infinite. When you are in a state of union with the All That Is (God, the Universe), you are all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-hearing. Your awareness is unlimited. Without a body, you can be aware of much of the vast array of existence all at once.

From your perspective in the human form, you must choose a focus. It would be best if you chose a focus is how you operate. And that is part of the human experience. If you open to the infinite, you will lose yourself. You would be overwhelmed.

Receive Guidance From Your Spirit Guideshow to command angels to work for you

So, you navigate the infinite by choosing a focus, which you’re doing when using your Intuition. To answer questions, obtain information, and receive guidance.

You exist within the infinite, but you separate yourself from it to have your human experience. The human experience is a valid experience. It is how the universe evolves. The way that the greater All That Is evolves. If you are embedded solely in the isness of everything, where everything exists simultaneously, no change is possible. No shift in perspective is possible when your consciousness is spread throughout all reality simultaneously.

So, by projecting into the physical reality realm, pinching off aspects of itself, and embedding them in the physical reality realm, the All That Is creates the one with a finite experience. You are the one having a limited perspective, being able to choose one experience from another. You are the being with the ability to create a trajectory of experience where choosing one thing leads in one direction or choosing another thing that leads in another direction. This is where surprise is possible, and excitement for the next new choice is possible.

And this is describing you and your human experience.

It seems like you’re blindfolded. It feels very challenging for you. You struggle to make choices to know what is the right choice. What is the wrong choice? Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? When I make a mistake, will I live to regret this?

Because it seems to you that you progress linearly in a singular funnel of experience. But it is just that you are not aware of the entire game board. You can only see so far around your position on the game board. In contrast, we see the entire game board and beyond. Because we are in the non-physical.

Your Physical Senses Versus Your Intuitive SensesIntuitive Coaching by Dr Lesley Phillips

Now you have various tools to help you navigate the physical. You’ve got your five physical senses. You have your intellect, and this gives you the limited human experience. When you raise your Vibration and clear your energy field, you have access to your Intuition. Then you have the experience of accessing more of the gameboard. Using Intuition to help guide you the Intuition with its broader array of information and access to information that doesn’t have to be developed linearly. It doesn’t have to appear through time but is in the form of instant knowledge. Instant knowing is accurate and correct for you at the time.

And it doesn’t need to be analyzed. But most of you do analyze it. And most of you doubt it. And this is the pivot point that you sit on the moment you’re sitting on a pivot point between the human being of your historical experience, the limited human being, and the new human.

The new expanded human, the human that has access to more of the Infinite, and the human who is aware of its divinity, meaning aware of itself as an aspect of divine consciousness and aspect of the all that is. Consciousness creates reality. In your case, as a human consciousness creating in physical reality, you aren’t your body. You aren’t your creations. You are the creator of your body and your creations, and you are consciousness.

And consciousness is everywhere and everything. So consciousness is a vast sea of beings. And you are part of that vast sea of consciousness as a drop of water belongs to the ocean. And this is how you have access to be all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-hearing through the consciousness that you are as part of the one great consciousness.”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Channel Healing Messages From Your Spirit Guides, and learn how spirit guides can help you through healing messages. Listen in on an actual channeled message from a guide.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Channel Healing Messages From Your Spirit Guides :

  • CK – Do you contact your guides, or do your guides contact you or both? How many spirit guides do we have, or a better question is, how many guides do you have?
  • CK – How did you get involved with channeling?
  • Lorraine – How does Newman communicate with you? Do you use automatic writing?
  • Tracy – Is Newman an aspect of you, or is it a separate guide? Can you explain channeling your higher self vs. a guide? Will your higher self sound like you?
  • Corry – Do you change your voice or mannerisms when you channel?
  • Susan – Music is the most significant way I raise my vibration.
  • TF – I want to meet more of my guides. I have a block. Can you check that for me, please?
  • Misty – I was wondering whether you can channel in your sleep.
  • Celia – I feel like I have more than one guide. Then I get confused about which is which? What do you see about this?
  • Andarini – I don’t think I have ever met my guides. Is that bad?
  • Fisher – Dr. Lesley, can you check my 5th chakra? I think it has changed since doing the audience class.

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