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June 15, 2021

How Do Your Future Life, Manifestation And Collapsing Time Lines Mesh? UYT296

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Timeline History Goes In Two Directions

Most of you have had some experience with a past life reading or some form of regression. But there is another form of nonpresent information you can access, future life knowledge. All of the above is a part of your personal Akashic Record.

How Do Your Future Life, Manifestation, And Collapsing Time Lines Mesh?

Future Lives Versus Telling the Future

Future Life readings are not aspects of telling the future. When someone reads your future, what they are looking at is not the actual future. It is one of the many future timelines that could be possible. Your future lives are not set in stone.

You have an infinite number of possible future timelines. So again, from where you are embedded, right here, in present time reality, in time, and space, the future doesn’t exist. You are in a physical body. The physical body is only ever, right here, right now. Your physical body cannot go into the past and cannot go into the future. It’s always right here, right now.

You have heard of the quantum field. It’s a field of possibilities. You might even say, probabilities which are all dependant on what your energy is, right here, right now. Because depending on your energy right here and now, specific future time scenarios are more or less likely. But you and everything on this planet is based on free will.

Time Line Information Can Be Powerful A reading to help with choices

This planet is based on choice. So in every moment, you can make different choices of your own free will. These choices change your energy. And as you change your energy, they can make things that might show up in your future reality more or less likely, more or less probable. And hence this is how we say you create your reality.

And if you are in a reality that you don’t prefer, all you have to do is change your energy. Now, to us, that looks like you are creating a different future. What is happening is that your reality is being produced from the quantum energy of your thoughts as they comingle with the real world.

If you think that in the quantum field, everything is possible in the realm of all existence, and everything has the potential to exist. And so, through your energy, you are just choosing the path that you travel through that “everything” that exists. This what The Law Of Attraction is based on, manifestation and creation.

Future Life Benefits Are Dependant On Your Energy Now

So let’s look at a simple representation of this phenomenon. The idea of future lives can be foreign to many of you. You tend to think in a very linear way, in a very 3d -4d fashion. Because, after all, here in this reality, you are embedded in time and space reality.

Instead of time flowing linearly as you feel it does, let’s consider every moment existing simultaneously. The future exists as you hopping and traveling between each of these moments. You are like a small light, blinking on and off. Now you are here, and now you are there. Now you are here and so forth, almost like a set of Christmas lights that blink in a random pattern. This blinking is actually what you are doing with all your lives. You are navigating through the quantum field using your energy.

That’s when you get into this idea of timelines, and jumping timelines, and parallel timelines. And so, your experience from this perspective is a linear one. This way, it seems to you that your past lives are there in your past, and your future lives there in your future. This consciousness is singular. So could you possibly have more than one of you on the planet at the same time?

How Changeable Is My Timeline?following the path of developing consciousness

You can understand it from your perspective because you are embedded in time, which is linear or appears linear to us. So what appears to be history for you? If you have a life that shows up in that historical timeline, you call it a past life. And but equally, there can be lifetimes that appear to be a future time from your perspective. So from your perspective, they are past lives, present lives, parallel lives, future lives. From the soul’s perspective, they are projections of consciousness that are all simply occurring. Not on a timeline, from the soul’s perspective, they are all happening at once.

You are an individual consciousness in this reality, but you are multi-dimensional at the level of your higher being. You are eternal, and you exist outside of time and space. So from the soul’s perspective, there is no past, and there is no future. It is everlasting in the now. And all of the lifetimes that are projections of consciousness, from that soul, from that higher being, from which you originate, from its perspective all are happening simultaneously. They are not happening linearly, according to the progression of time. And not only that, they are all integrally connected. So they are all part of the same being. All of your lifetimes are all part of the same higher being.

Future Life And Past Life Regression Meditation

They are all interconnected. Meaning the energy that you are presenting now is determining what future timeline shows up for you. Okay, so how will you hold your vibration in the eternal, this moment now. It’s like you are broadcasting a signal, which is the composite of all the energy that you are. Because your universe works on Attraction, it will reflect at you what you are, meaning that what shows up in your reality is a direct reflection of you. And so, that energy that you are now is determining all of the future moments that appear in your path. Alright, if you have your energy invested in particular things, particular beliefs, particular passions about things, spiraling upward or spiraling downwards, how can you change it. The simplest and most effective way is to connect with your Higher Self. The simplest way to do that is through meditation. Meditation allows you to leave the physical and enter the world of your Spirit.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Not every form of mediation will do so. You should follow a grounding meditation you grounding. Grounding meditation is a technique that can help you release all energies, including thought forms and foreign energy. Use the grounding to help you separate energetically from this person in this reality and let go of whatever you know. Allow it to access the world of Spirit and travel through time and space to visit your past and future lives.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do Your Future Life, Manifestation, And Collapsing Time Lines Mesh as we look at future lives and how you can consciously take charge of your reality. You can consciously create your preferred reality, your preferred future scenario that you want to live through, and you can even pre-program future lifetimes. Having the knowledge that you create your reality by the energy that you are and that you can build up a particular momentum in a particular direction with the aid of meditation, you can bring forth the reality you desire.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Do Your Future Life, Manifestation, And Collapsing Time Lines Mesh:

  • So say I have a past life in 1826 or something like that. Is that life technically co-occurring as this life, just on a different timeline since there is no space or time in the spirit world? Kind of like a multi-verse. Several lives are happening at once.
  • To clarify, are parallel timelines when your “soul mate” is living while you’re living, as you can meet them in person?
  • So going back to creating our reality by inhabiting and owning our energy, can we do that if we are still healing from trauma?
  • I’m wondering about our consciousness. I mean, if I’m focused in this form, yet the same consciousness exists in another form elsewhere, it seems like a different person. I’m wondering how that consciousness shifts when those lives end. I mean, is, do I cease to exist and that consciousness is entirely different?
  • The way I understand it is that our soul knows the choices we’ll make with our free will and how our energy will change, even though we don’t “know” our future. Why is that? Are we keeping the truth from ourselves? And how does this work for those who have premonitions about themselves?
  • I found none of those future predictions EVER come true. I must be making different choices that alter those future possibilities.
  • So what are parallel timelines?
  • I have an off-topic question that’s bothering me. My friend and I stopped talking for months. I wondered how do I get her off my mind. And move on right now whether we talk in the future or not?
  • Are we able to directly communicate with our parallel lives (same body, different possibilities) or shift to those realities?
  • So if I had someone in a past life killed me. And then they tried to kill me again in this lifetime but failed this time. Is this a sign that this is my last lifetime here on earth? Shannon Lorene Driscoll
  • Is there a way to see the best possible path of our future – I have so many beautiful options for work right now I want clarity on what will best serve me and the collective.

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