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July 11, 2019

Are You A Divine Feminine Goddess? UYTI205

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The Importance Of Awakening Your Inner Goddess

When I use the term feminine goddess what do you visualize? Who do you see? Are they voluptuous greek goddesses with long jet black tresses flowing down their toga-clad backs? Do you see beautiful blonde awakening your inner goddessmermaid-like creatures rising out of the ocean with tail and fins changing to long legs? Or have you realized that you, all of you, are a divine feminine goddess?

Divine Feminine Goddess Awakening

The awakening of the feminine as Goddess of this world is very important. It was very evident when 2017 was named the year of the “Divine Feminine Rising” by the astrological community. This divine feminine awakening is not about beauty or long silky hair. It is about your divine feminine energy come to the forefront. It is allowing your inner goddess and feminine power to flow.

This feminine energy is all about the bond to your awareness that drives your true essences; nurturing, intuitive, sensual, empathic, and creative nature. This is the energetic frequency that connects all that you are as a physical being with that of your spirituality, your true nature, a Spirit being.

Divine Feminine Archetypes

In the past, there have been examples of women that may consider having fit the divine feminine definition. Maybe you can associate with these divine feminine archetypes such as those from the Hindu deities like Kali or Vishnu. There are goddesses from ancient Greek mythology such as Aphrodite. Even Christianity has Mother Mary as their representative of all that is motherly and loving.

Not to gorget the Celtic mystery goddesses;

  • Branwen… The Welsh goddess of love.
  • Coventina … The English goddess of the sacred waters.
  • Flidais… The Irish goddess of the woodlands and the animals therein.

For more examples of the wonderful representation of past goddesses of the world, you can visit Goddess-Guide.com.

Feminine Energy On Displaydivine feminine energy is powerful

You have all met women whose divine feminine nature seems to exude from their being. These women have found their place with the male of the species to match the masculine energies governing this world at present. They also seem to have an awareness that connects them directly to the wisdom of their heart as well as to divine and natural laws. They are connected to love and loving and seem to have such a certain harmony and peace in their life. You may have wondered “how do I get me some of that“.

Healing The Feminine

There are some simple steps you can take to arouse your true nature.

  • Emotions… The first key to fully unlocking your divine feminine energies is to learn how to access your true emotional body. Feel the feelings. Allow these to flow without judging yourself. When you try to corral and control your emotions it can affect and infect your spiritual nature. It can lower your frequency.
  • Feminine Goddess PracticesMeditation, yoga, or even a walk-in nature can bring you back to your center. Take the time for yourself. Mother, lover, worker, you can be all yet at the core you are goddess energy. Allow this to become revitalized. You can take control.
  • Create Your Sacred Space… A warm bath, soft music, candles maybe even a glass of wine can all be considered sacred. These special type of places or activities that you love, bring you back into spirit. Visit these often. They help to revitalize your spiritual godessness.
  • Physical Connection… Take notice of your body. It has internal wisdom. It will make you aware when you are out of tune, living in a lower frequency than you would like.
  • Awaken Your Intuition… Intuition is one of the strongest of all spiritual gifts. I am certain that you have heard of “women’s intuition“. This, not a myth. It is not something that certain individuals display. Each one of you has this ability sewn into the fabric of your feminine nature. You may just have not released it. You may have sensed it nut just could not see your way clear to trusting it.

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Awaken the Divine Feminine Goddess Within

One way to get in touch with these gifts is to have an active and regular meditation discipline, a feminine energy meditation practice. Spirit is not girdled by time or space. You “are” Spirit so neither should your intuition be held back from being called upon. Meditation allows you to grow more connected with your higher self thus allowing your intuitive senses to expose themselves.

All of these wonderful attributes of the goddess are yours to experience and enjoy including kundalini feminine energy which is the energy that causes a soul awakening. This is the energy that travels from the base of the spine throughout your body. One of the symptoms of this awakening is considered to be an increase in sexuality. This may not be the sole outpouring of the kundalini it does go hand in hand with it.

Goddess Lore

Today we are blessed with a wonderful guest, Ayn Cates Sullivan Ph.D. She is an expert in the field of it is your time for your divine feminine awakeningmythology and folklore for the modern age. She is an award-winning and bestselling author focusing on “Legends of the Grail” which includes two highly acclaimed books, Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales and Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.

She loves to assist creative women and men who are beginning to awaken to their True Nature. Because she loves writing, she tutors a few emerging authors each year. Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan is also the author of an award-winning series of inspirational children’s books and has won more than thirty literary awards for her works.

Ayn has received many messages from different deities on her visit to different sacred sites about how to walk in harmony with the earth and one another.

Here are some of the many questions we ask Dr. Sullivan:

  • Tell us about the order of the Bards, Ovates, and Druids?
  • What are some of the core beliefs held by ancient and neo-druids?
  • What is the Diamond approach to spiritual awakening?
  • What can we learn from the ancient Celts?
  • How are spiritual truths embedded in ancient myths and legends of the druids?
  • Can you briefly tell us one of these myths to give us a flavor of the Celtic mindset?
  • What started your passion for this era of history and genre of writing?
  • Could you give us a little information about your “Legends of the Grail” collection and what inspired you to write the series?
  • There are many descriptions of the Grail. What is it to you and how is it relevant now?
  • Why do you connect the Grail to the missing feminine in our culture?
  • What significant role(s) do goddesses play in your work?
  • Why are ancient Heroines and Goddesses important?
  • How do we go about recovering the voice of the “Lost Feminine”?

You can get in touch with Dr. Sullivan at http://ayncatessullivan.com

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Are You A Divine Feminine Goddess as we discuss the truth of the feminine nature that is within every being on the earth including men.

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