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There Is Relief For Your Pain?

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock in the recent years of the metaphysical realm’s growth you will have heard of some form of energy work or energy healing. This type of healing has been around for a long time, millennia, but only in the past few decades has it become popular in our modern western culture.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

In order to get a grasp of how energy healing therapy actually works we need to take a step back and look at energy itself. Everything is made up of energy. Yes, everything. However, you don’t need to believe me. Let’s turn to an expert.

Albert Einstein said “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Is Every Thing Energy?

So that means that your body, the table, the chair you are sitting on, your emotions, your thoughtsall energy healing is based on science are all energy.

Quantum physics has shown that solid matter really isn’t real. It doesn’t exist anywhere in our vast universe. Atoms, themselves, are not matter. Actually, they are made up of subatomic particles: neutrons, protons, and electrons. We have held the belief that these atoms create mass and mass is well mass.

However, these atoms that make up all things and people that we feel, think, or presume have mass or are solid are actually 99.99999% empty. There is just space. You and everything around you out to the ends of the Universe is energy and this energy has what is referred to as an energy field. So each internal and external part of you has an energy field.

What Does Energy Have To Do With Health And Energy Work?

This energy can be called by different names like Chi, aura, or chakra energy. Regardless it is still the same and it has much to do if not everything with your health, emotions, physical wellbeing and even spiritual wellbeing. You are constantly interacting with the energies of everything else in your world. Because of this, your energy can be affected positively or negatively. We can channel these energies through our own system and deliver them to another. One thing is certain it is perpetually in action as well change.

This continuous state of flow or flux that bombards you constantly and continuously, day and night, may ultimately affect your energy field, in turn creating irregularities, imbalances, and blockages. These can create a dis-ease in your, mind, emotions or spiritual nature.
You may feel like hiding away but you cannot hide. However, the news is not all bad. Energy fields can be altered by using various types of energy healing techniques including self-healing techniques.

Because energy is a scientific pursuit it has also proven that it is effective in aiding with healing. Mainstream medicine has even accepted the fact in some cases and hospitals are actually using energy healing in their facilities.

Energy Work Is Energy Healing

Energy healing is the act of using an energy healing modality to heal a dis-ease in the humanenergy healing therapy is simple system. Energy work is a general category and includes not only energy healing but working on your own personal energy sources like awakening intuition and chakras. Energy work also includes things like intention setting and manifestation as well as prayer and much more.

Types Of Energy Healing Modalities

As for energy healing, here are some modalities that are more common.

  • Quantum Touch
  • EFT -Emotional Freedom Techniques®
  • Reiki
  • Restorative Touch™
  • Brennan Healing Science®
  • Healing Touch
  • Pranic Healing
  • ThetaHealing®

Energy Work And Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition provides data in regards to things that may affect an individual’s Mind, Emotions, Physicality Or Spirituality (MEPS) in order to be able to work on improving whatever ails you. There are times that you may feel dis-ease and no one seems to understand or diagnose the issue. A person who is adept as a medical intuitive can be an alternative to conventional medicine. These psychic readers can provide insights into your health challenges.

A medical intuitive reading incorporates an intuitive scan of your body something like an X-ray, MRI or CT Scan but without the possibly harmful radiation. Information about physical organs and energy flowing through your bodies systems; as well as your subtle energy system will be examined. Then in conjunction with Energy Healing the negative energy can be cleansed, unblocked or balanced affecting a ‘cure’.

A Few Of The Medical Intuitive Reading Benefits:

  • Find out what has been stopping you from healing.
  • See beyond the symptoms to hear your bodies messages
  • Establish the root cause of your health challenge
  • Catalyze your self-healing process
  • Understand the physical, emotional, mental symptoms
  • Uncover past time traumas that led to your condition
  • Discover how your beliefs are impacting your health

How To Do Energy Healing

Energy Work can be a non-touch or touch form of medical intuition during which an energy a different energy healing techniqueshealing will correct the imbalances picked up by the energy check or physical body scan. To do the energy work the reader will communicate with your higher consciousness on an “intuitive thought based” level and with your physical body through energy manipulations. They will strive to catalyze change in your system using neutral cleansing energy and via specific intentions of healing.

Energy Work Goals And Results

  • Raises the vibrational frequency of your body
  • Removes energy blockages and adjusts energy flow
  • Helps with your self-awareness and personal growth
  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  • Helps clear and balance aura, chakras, and meridians
  • Increases vitality, delays aging and aids better sleep
  • Relaxes the body so it can release stress and tension
  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Helps relieve physical pain & promotes emotional clearing

Types Of Energy Healing Therapy Sessions

There are different types of healings that can be activated during a healing session. Here are a few the different types of energy healing therapies: Aura Healing, Female Healing, Sick Bed Healing, Astral Body Cleaning, Long Distance Healing, Head Channel Cleanout, Cellular Healing, DNA Reprogramming, Cellular Repatterning, Entity Removal

Questions We Answer About Energy Work And Energy Healing During This Podcast?

  • What is Energy Healing?
  • Can everyone do it?
  • Do you have to be taught how?
  • What modality should I choose to practice/receive when ill?
  • What is the difference between different modalities (see list on Wiki)?
  • What do they all have in common at their core essence?
  • What is the difference between healing and manifestation?
  • Can energy healing help on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels?
  • Why do we get sick in the first place?
  • How can you tell a good healer from a bad healer?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Energy Work, How Does Energy Healing Work and get an insight into the energy work and energy healing.

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  1. I’ve been in a funk lately and I wondered what I could do to relieve myself! I didn’t know your energy is affected positively and negatively depending on how you interact with everything in the world. That could be the reason for my funk, so I’ll look for treatment I could get!

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