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July 6, 2021

How Controlling Your Emotions And Feelings Help You Create Your Reality UYT299

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Let Good Emotional Management Be Your Aladdin’s Lamp

You often hear about manifestation and The Law of Attraction, and how you can create your reality using these tools. However, not much is said about how controlling your basic emotions and feelings is a huge part of the whole process. What is wonderful about this ability is that not only do you get to manifest beautiful things and people in your reality, you also get to enjoy them.

How Controlling Your Emotions And Feelings Help You Create Your Reality

Why You Should Learn How To Control Emotions And Feelings?

To many of you, controlling your emotions has more to do with displacing the kinds of emotions that make you feel unhappy. There is nothing wrong with that, but a more critical aspect of this practice is often overlooked. There is a link between manifestation and your emotions.

If you examine the Law Of Attraction, you will discover that emotions and thoughts are linked together. One creates the other. Then what happens is that these thoughts and feelings cause you to act. These acts are your reality. The reality you create has energy. This energy attracts like energy. So you will keep getting more of the same. But you know that.

So if you know that, why are you not using this simple principle to create the most extraordinary manifestations in your life? Simply by learning how to control your emotions, you create manifestations that will cause you to have a perfect life.

This is the simple recipe for reality creation and manifesting. The law of attraction says you create your reality from the vibration that you are similar to. Also, the Law of Karma, which says what you put out is what you get back. So your universe operates based on a mirroring effect. Basically, the energy that you are now is reflected back at you, as the circumstances that show up in your life. For example, seeing it in the people that show up in your life. This mirroring is the probable future reality that you are creating for yourself.

Now we have touched on the fact that the vibration that you are is made up of many things, and one of them is your emotional state.

What Is Your Emotional State?how to control emotions and feelings

Your emotional state is what you are feeling, experiencing at this exact moment. Not what you would like to feel or something you felt in the past. It is in the right here right now. The more you feel this way, the more likely it will continue within you, and your world will reflect it back at you. So what are you feeling right now?

What is your emotion right now? What’s your primary emotion? This introspection can be a complicated process for many of you. Getting in touch with your emotions at all can be a real challenge for some of you. So much of what you feel may just be a programmed emotion. Something you have been told, by someone outside of yourself, that you “should” feel.

If you want to understand your current primary emotion, you can do a simple exercise. It is as simple as following a combination of grounding and centering meditative exercise.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation

Simply stop what you are doing and close your eyes for a moment. Take a moment to connect with your body. You can connect with your body through your breath. The body is the one that is breathing. You can do it through your physical senses because the physical senses belong to the body. For example, you can feel the sensation of your clothes or even the temperature of your environment. The more you can get connected with your body, the more aware you can be of your body’s reality.

This exercise allows you to really feel your emotional state, whatever it is. For some of you, you might clearly and instantaneously know how you are feeling. For others, maybe you are a little bit confused, or maybe many different emotions are going on in there. But you want to feel what’s going on emotionally.

How To Deal With Negative Emotions

All emotions have a vibrational state from the lowest, which is fear to the highest, love. And if you think about it, in some ways, you can simplify it and say, emotions feel good, positive, or bad and negative. Throughout any day in your life, you are going through various emotions and a range of different emotional frequencies. So if you take the time to think about your day-to-day, you can see how many different emotions you may experience.

Every experience causes a different emotion. And every emotion causes a different experience. So it’s just a matter of what you are feeling at that instant. What were the stimuli? The different stimuli will affect your emotional bodies in different ways and your psychic or your physiologic, even your physiological bodies. And that’s the issue. You allow these emotions to control your life your reality.

How To Improve Emotional Intelligencehow to deal with negative emotions

Then what happens is you may get stuck. You actually have a choice. You do not have to be mired down in bad feelings. You can remain in a state of emotional flow, which is really like a child. If you think about a child, they are happy, then they’re crying and screaming. Next, they are back to screeching with joy. They fluctuate through their emotions with no problem. Their emotions are in a state of flow.

Surely can think of somebody who’s stuck in depression, who’s stuck in grief, who’s stuck in sadness, who stuck in fear. Someone, whose emotions are perhaps less fluid? This does not have to be so unless there is a physiological reason for it.

Emotions come and go. It is a choice whether you focus on any specific one for an excessive amount of time. When you do, this is what your vibration is set at. And then this vibration is what you will attract more of.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; How Controlling Your Emotions And Feelings Help You Create Your Reality. Depression and pain, the effects of trauma, and anything from the list of emotions and feelings can alter your life experience. Listen in to learn about how to recognize and control how these states create your reality.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Controlling Your Emotions And Feelings Help You Create Your Reality:

  • Vibrationally I feel like I am on the observation deck, looking down at earth and not in the moment. Just looking at the experience.
  • What if you want to manifest several different things?
  • Can you do the grounding and centering all in one Meditation so to speak?
  • Even though I feel a lot of gratitude and joy throughout the day, I think that shame is there underlying everything. I’m realizing that I carry so much shame from a belief that I’m not good enough. I’m working on trying to release that belief down my grounding cord and putting the shame in roses and exploding them. Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to work with this?
    I keep manifesting physical ailments. Can you please take a look to see why I’m doing this? It feels like self-sabotage.
  • How often do you really need to sit and visualize your manifestation? Or is it just a matter of putting it out to the universe and then feeling those emotions throughout your day-to-day until it comes to fruition? If that makes sense. Can you speak to manifesting from your Soul versus manifesting from the ego?
  • Could you speak a little more about releasing the fear, if you don’t remember where it comes from, or how it started? I’m guessing since at this since I’ve had digestive issues and something wrong with my left arm, that the trauma may be stored there?
  • I’ve been dealing with Candida overgrowth for years and wanted to know if you can see what I can do to balance my body again? It messes with my health emotions and esteem. It really got me down today

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