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July 19, 2017

 Druid Mythology And Practices Demystified – UYT120

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Druid Mythology And Practices And How They Affect Us.

There are lots of questions still unanswered about druid mythology. There is a link however with that of your spiritual nature today. Basically, this can be considered to be a little like Druidry for beginners in a sense.

Who Were The Druids?

When we look at the druids we think of mystical ancient priests and priestesses. The source of the word ‘Druid’’ is not quite clear, however, the most accepted opinion is that it is a derivation of the word “Doire”, the druid and their beliefs can be related to shamanismIrish-Gaelic word for oak tree is also seen by many as the representation of knowledge. Another meaning is wisdom. The Druids were involved at a deep level with the world around them, nature, the natural world, and its unseen power. They especially held trees sacred with a particular attachment towards the mighty oaks.

Another term that can be associated with the Druid and their beliefs can be Shamanism. Both have strong ties to nature, spirit as well as and natural medicines. These priests were also considered to have strong psychic abilities. They were even said to be able to divine the future. were said to have induced insanity in people and been accurate fortune tellers.

Druid Mythology And History

There is a very limited amount of information related to the ancient Druids their beliefs and more so their true history and origin. Along with a cloak of mystery veiling their past origins Druidism links back to the Celtic and Gaulish cultures that come from Europe. One of the earliest references that can be found dates back to the 2nd century BC. There are writings by Julius Caesar in 59-51 B.C. about the Druids. He wrote about certain important men were that were split into different factions nobles and Druids.

They were considered scientists of the day, spiritual teachers, philosophers, and even judges at times. Their main focus, however, was that of spirituality and linking the truth seekers that came to them with the gods, not unlike the priests of today.

They were deemed to be very powerful and seemed to have demanded much respect. As judges, they were known to evict people from their society for violating their divine laws. They were also considered so powerful that they could actually intervene between two opposing warring camps preventing conflict.

One of the interesting features of these peoples is that the Druid women and men were viewed as equals in most regards. This is very advanced, to say the least for the thinking of the times.

The Druid Culture and Beliefs

The Druid civilization was quite organized even though they were considered to be nomads. They understood and observed nature’s cycles and patterned their observances and rites around the solar, lunar, and seasonal periods. Their eight holy days included the end of the period of the harvest, falling on October 31, the spring equinox, summer, and winter (a.k.a. Yule) solstices.

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Druid Mythology And Magic

When most people think of the druids they mostly think about druid magic. There were many famous druids and the most renowned, of course, is Merlin. This is about as far as the common individual knows about these wonderful ancients. Well, many of the ideas and concepts we have about religion come from them. And yes druids still exist but that is to be discussed at another time.

Have you ever done something that you were really sorry that you did regardless of what it was? I think we have all been there. Some called this sin or Veering off the path. The current meaning of sinning is to do something wrong is based on a mistranslation. True translation from the original Hebrew simply means to miss, to be absent to miss meaning not to be there, doing something without being present. Indifferent to the old translation in today’s world we are told we need to atone for our misdeeds, our “sins.” Some of the ancient druid practices touch on this very thing.

Druid Spirituality Links To Our Own

One of the things that we are taught by our spiritual teachers such as parents, religious icons, and even peers is that we need to atone, to make good for what we have done. These words atone or atonement can be looked at druids practiced the art of becoming presentin a different light. Try reading it as “at-one-ment”. Becoming one again!

When you go back in druids history atoning is actually one of their ancient practices that is less known. The meaning of atonement is found, when you travel back along druids history timeline, to be “becoming one or whole again”. Atonement is just getting back in alignment with the true you. The Druids had many ways of doing this.

How did the Druids get back in alignment when they missed the mark or veer off their path? They practiced the art of becoming present and getting back into a proper orientation to the path they chose. Mostly they used nature to bring them into the present moment. Not just merging with nature, but full integration with nature merging their consciousness with streams, waterfalls, rocks, and trees. This would help them to let go of ego and other misalignments. Once you can learn how to do this completely you lose the self you thought you were & gain true alignment.

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Druid Mythology And Practices Demystified, we look at some of the ways to get back to the “Now” and get back on your true path.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • In essence how and why time was created.
  • How to take back control of your life.
  • How to bend or stretch time.

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Druid Mythology And Practices Demystified we look at some of the ways to get back to the “Now” and get back on your true path.

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