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September 6, 2022

In Life Do We Have Free Will Or Is It All Preordained UYT343

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Do Humans Have Free Will?

Do we have free will? Or do you feel your life and reality are preordained? You can create significant and vital impacts on your life by understanding whether you have free will to create your reality. Understanding the significance of free will, predestination, preordination, and creating your reality is essential. Which of those is real and active in your life?

In Life, Do We Have Free Will Or Is It All Preordained?

The Paradox Of Freewill And Predestination

So what is free will? Your free will is the ability to choose those feelings, actions, and emotions that are authentic to you and put you in touch with your needs, wants, and desires. And most importantly, to connect you with your passion. Free will is the gift of knowing what you want, how to get it, and going for it. You proactively choose what you want. That is one definition of free will.

The opposite of free will would be the idea that another force is compelling you towards particular choices. Something else is chosen for you. Another concept is that life just happens to you. You are a victim of circumstances. So, having free will, you consciously choose.

Free Will And Spiritualityour belief systems create our reality

And let’s break that down a little bit in a metaphysical way. So, here you all live on planet Earth in your human bodies. The consciousness looking out through these human eyes is you in physical reality. You are in a body, in physical reality. Physical reality has certain qualities about it. Time is one of the qualities, and space is another. Time and space are things we all deal with as humans.

There is no time or space when you are not in physical reality. This is one of the fundamental differences between body and Spirit.

Another quality of physical reality is action-reaction. And that is a form of a side effect of time and space. In that, you take action, and the consequences of your action are reflected back at you. So when you make a choice, that’s a form of action, and it is in time and space. So the results of your choice are reflected back at you. Because in physical reality, everything is not happening at once. Everything is spaced out and separated by time and space.

If you weren’t in physical reality, there is no need to make choices because everything would exist simultaneously. So you have free will on Earth, in physical reality, because of time and space, because of action-reaction.

You get to make choices this or that, here or there. Now all of these opportunities are the result of free will. And a little bit of clarification about these free will choices. These are conscious choices.

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Free Will And Conscious Choices

Now, by the way, you could be unconscious, couldn’t you? Many people are. You could be unconscious, making choices unconsciously. And in which case, action-reaction is still operating. The vibration that you are is what is being reflected back at you through time and space. So whatever you are putting out is what is coming back at you. So, in essence, you are still choosing your reality, consciously or unconsciously.

If you choose consciously, you are configuring your energy in a particular way to make that choice and then taking those actions to follow through.

Free Will And Predestination

Free will seems to give you some idea that you might be able to control your reality and create abundance. It seems to give you some idea that you can forge a specific path to create your life and then follow it to completion. So what about predestination?

free will and predestination are necessarily opposite concepts

Predestination sounds like it’s the opposite of free will, doesn’t it? What does predestination mean? Predestination is the concept that every aspect of your life is predetermined, your present and future. It implies that every moment of your life is somehow decided for you before this incarnation. So herein lies the paradox of free will versus predestination.

Is the idea that your future is predetermined? Yes, it is. And no, it isn’t.

Remember that time and space rule in physical reality. Outside of physical reality, there is no time or space. Everything in creation exists here and now. There is no separation. There is no time and no space, as well as no separation. All possibilities, all probabilities, all combinations of experiences, everything exists. It is referred to in modern spiritual parlance as the quantum field. It contains all possibilities, all probabilities, everything.

So any future, any experience that you could possibly have exists within that quantum field. So you have free will, and you get to choose. And the beauty is that it already exists. Because outside of time and space, everything in creation exists in the here and now. In that sense, your future is predetermined.

So this is the perspective that your higher being sees as your Soul. It exists outside of time and space and has that perspective. It has the perspective of all possibilities, likelihoods, probabilities, anything, and everything. So the viewpoint of your Spirit and your human body on Earth have very different perspectives.

And so, most humans can’t see that entire landscape of possibilities and probabilities from any point in time and space. So, for example, you cannot be in In Canada (or another country) and just be in Africa in a split second. Right? You don’t believe that. The reason is that you understand that you are affected by time and space. And so, your outlook on what’s possible for you or what’s probable for you is narrowed down by these two realities.

Do We Have Free Will, Or Is It Just A False Belief?you to have common belief systems

Escaping space and time is just science fiction at this point. You have set up this belief structure within your belief system. Beliefs are powerful, yet they are still controlled by our space-time reality.

Let’s say you go to school and train to be a doctor. And you study for eight years at university, and then you go to work as a doctor. While you believe you are a doctor, you are not about to go and be a ballet dancer the following week. Because the story of your past that you are carrying with you causes you to believe in the range of possibilities open to you as a doctor, and so odds are, you will continue to work as a doctor in your hospital in a GP practice or whatever it is because that’s your belief structure about the story of who you are. And so you limit your choices by the stories you tell yourself about who you are.

And you construct those stories about who you are, through this timeline, which you think is your history. However, what’s actually happening is that you are blinking on and off in every billionth of a second. And you are quantum jumping through the field of all that is. And so the one that you are in the next billionth of a second is somewhat predetermined by the one you think you are in the current billionth of a second. So your consciousness travels through the field by blinking in and out of pre-existing realities every billionth of a second.

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The Confusion oF Free Will, Predestination, And Creating Your Reality

So and how you connect with each reality is based on Affinity. It’s based on a form of magnetism. So who you are now will attract and connect you with a match in reality. So you get to choose your reality by the energy that you are. You get to change your reality by changing the energy that you are.

Most of us build momentum, saying, “I’m headed in this direction.” And sometimes, that momentum you have built up in that specific direction is fabulous. But sometimes, perhaps it isn’t. But you can change your direction by changing your energy and changing your beliefs. You can alter your reality by letting go of the story of who you think you are.

You shift train tracks and change the momentum as you journey through the quantum field, selecting different choices. So you can be on a trajectory with a specific momentum, creating a likely future.

Psychic Readings, Free Will And Fate clairvoyant energy is used in readings

Can a psychic see your future, or are they just seeing your trajectory? When you go to a psychic who reads your future for you, you may say, “Hey, your future is predetermined.” What does fate really have in store for you? What they are actually doing, if they’re any good, is looking into the quantum field of possibilities. They are examining your energy and how you have your energy set up.

And they’re looking into the quantum field and saying, “if this person continues with this configuration of energy, then this is the direction they’re most likely heading towards.”

For example, Jane goes to see psychic Mary and asks, “When will I meet my soulmate?” And maybe psychic Mary says, “oh, gosh, I see a lonely future for you.” Because perhaps, Jane has a set of negative beliefs about herself. She may feel that she is ugly, too old, a bad person not worthy of love.

Her psychic Mary reads these energies Jane has constructed about herself. And so psychic, Mary senses the likely trajectory that Jane will continue unless she changes her energy.

Even though Jane wants to know when she will meet her soulmate, she doesn’t believe it will happen. This is because she doesn’t believe in herself and feels unworthy. So then, psychic Mary may make a prediction. She will foretell she’s not going to meet her soulmate because the path that Jane is weaving for herself through the quantum field is that it will not very likely happen.

However, if Jane shows up and feels fabulous, life is fun, she’s enjoying herself, and she’s choosing all the things that make her happy. And she thinks her life might be enhanced if she met a partner, psychic Mary might see a different outcome. So she would prophesy that the odds are good and in Mary’s favor regarding meeting her soulmate.

You believe in yourself, and you believe that it is possible. Because of all this positive momentum, you are building for yourself, you know that you are attracting positive things towards yourself.

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Concept Of Preordination

What is preordination? Let’s look at a simple preordination definition. Many people feel that preordination is the concept that when you are born into a life, you have pre-chosen your family, socioeconomic status, culture, and so on. However, you can still think of it more as a choice. Your higher being, your Soul, is creating a particular incarnation to have some particular flavor of a worldly experience. A reading to help with choices!

And so these parents whose dad is a workaholic and mum is concerned about appearances might help that individual work on letting go of perfectionism, for example. And so the parents are chosen to give the new human the opportunities which that Soul is looking for.

There is a stigma around the word preordained. It has a specific vibration that you read in it. It feels like this is being done to you and decided for you. It might feel that way to somebody whose in a family, where they’re saying, “Why am you here in this family? What do you have in common with these people?” They may feel like the black sheep or that “someone up there is punishing me.” It can feel that way. But on the level of the Soul that’s created that lifetime, there’s a positive choice. There’s a positive reason for it.

Your level of consciousness plays a part even in rebirth. Life is the next iteration of what you want to experience or work on in another lifetime. Because if you are unconscious and you are not working on yourself, and you are not changing that, then that will continue on to other lifetimes until you learn that lesson. But you could also be highly conscious and consciously decide from the physical lifetime what you want your next incarnation to be. And you can work on what you want your next incarnation to be from the perspective of a lifetime that you are living. And so, in your reality, you can make your choices consciously or unconsciously, as this level of who you are living the human lifetime.

So in summation, you are responsible for your life and experiences. The energy you put out shows up in how life is flowing. Change your energy, change your life. It is as simple as that.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, In Life Do We Have Free Will Or Is It All Preordained, and examine and compare the concept of free will, predestination, and preordination, answering the question, do humans have free will?”

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of In Life Do We Have Free Will Or Is It All Preordained:

  • Brian – Ah, we don’t truly ‘manifest ‘in the traditional sense. We shift our vibration. The reality is that whatever it is we want to manifest is aligned with that vibration, so we just shift into it pretty deep. This is making sense with the things that have occurred lately!
  • Nancy – It may start out being preordained, but through free will, we can change that. If I don’t like my reality with my son, how can I change it besides changing my actions?
  • Lorraine – Since I create my reality, why does it surprise me?
  • Katie – You mentioned something about future lifetimes, and maybe I misheard you, but – Are we able to, with intention, make choices about our future lifetimes? Do we need to? Should we?
  • Carol – I wonder if we need to tune into the frequency of what we want to create in our reality. How would you know which frequency it is for different manifestations?
  • Christine – It can be scary how good I can be at manifestations. I mention something, and I see it later so often! I mentioned spiders, and three big ones, including a tarantula, showed up in a few days.
  • SG – Hello. I asked my oracle cards how I could stop being so sad and worrying all the time. The answer I got was faith, prayer, and working with water. Can you tell me if I heard this message correctly? I even pulled one of your online portico cards and got faith also for the same question.
  • Cole – How does it work if we say make soul agreements with people who are to be romantic/soulmate relationships to learn/grow and evolve? If after we incarnate, we change and stay single or something, how does that affect our lives and the other persons, how do the lessons-relationships, what happens then?
  • Shannon – Hello, lovely Lesley and Corry. I’m so happy you’re back! I’ve been working on manifesting and creating my reality in meditation for my career and through inspired action. May you read my energy for how I’m doing on my real estate path and its projection – even though you’re only looking at probabilities from my field?
  • Marlena – I grew up in, I guess you would say, a preordained family that was not good, not the same energy. I felt different from them, I have made life changes and created my own energy, which is feeling more like myself, and I am in a career I feel I belong that makes me feel right, but why do I still feel misplaced?
  • Erika – Hello! When trying to figure out what path to take in terms of a career or business & you’re having trouble receiving/trusting guidance, what do you recommend? I’ve heard that if it is guidance from your higher self/spiritual team, it won’t be something you still are unsure of. Is there any way to know with certainty if it is my own mind or their guidance? Maybe a better way to phrase – best way(s) to figure out what your pre-planned life path is?

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