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December 18, 2018

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques That Can Help – UYTI184

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Should I See A Therapist Or Psychologist?

Have you heard the term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) concerning mind-altering therapies? There what types of therapies will help meare many different cognitive behavioral therapy techniques available to individuals who are having issues and are looking for mental stability or wellbeing like helping with negative emotions. Regardless of which way you spell it mental wellbeing or well-being, the needs are still the same when you are having emotional pain. Happily, more of these are being invented, for the lack of a better word, regularly.

So what is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT for short? Basically, it is a type of mental therapy, psychotherapeutic treatment to be exact, that helps people understand their beliefs, feelings, opinions, outlooks, and attitudes towards life and particularly in regards to how they are influencing personal behaviors. CBT is generally employed to help treat a broad spectrum of dysfunctions such as things like phobias, addictions, depression, and anxiety, and much more.

Why Does CBT Work So Well?

The great thing about Cognitive behavior therapy is that as opposed to seeing a psychologist for years the desired changes can be made in the short-term with little pain. these types of therapies focus on helping individuals deal with very particular difficulties. During sessions with a mental health counselor trained in one of the various modalities, clients learn how to identify specific non-helpful or even harmful thoughts and belief patterns that harm performance, behavior as well as emotions.

All of these negative self-beliefs and thoughts affect us all at times but in some instances, they can be devastating to an individual. If you have ever faced one of these challenges you will understand the depth of the pain that they can cause.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques And The Basics

If you are not a stranger to new age or metaphysical realms you have heard that you create your own reality.cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can help the confusion Your emotions and thoughts create actions and these actions create the results which are your life, your reality. I discuss this in more detail in other podcasts. Feel free to check them out.

This leads to the basic principles of CBT which falls into line with creating your reality. It is that our thoughts and emotions play a pivotal part in our behavior. Phobias are a prime example of this. As an example, if you have a fear of success, Achievemephobia, you will most probably end up sabotaging your endeavors. What CBT can help you with is to rethink the process you have around this self-defeating thought/belief system you have, make some slight alterations usually call choices, and can set you back on the path to success.

The different therapy types concerning cognitive behavioral therapy techniques all have the same basic goal. The purpose is to guide patients in the understanding that they have the power to understand and deal with their responses to situations, conditions, and people in their lives even though they cannot necessarily control them.

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How Can CBT Help?

The beauty of CBT is that the approach is relatively simple, short-term, and is focused on very particular intentions that will end with positive, measurable results.

This form of therapy can be an efficient method to help overcome a varied range of psychological issues. Here are some of the areas of your life that cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques can help with:

  • Controlling Rage and Anger
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Phobia Cures
  • Depression Relief
  • Clearing Eating disorders
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Controlling and Eliminating Panic attacks

Meet Mental Health Counselor Silke Glaab

Today we have a special guest, Silke Glaab, who is a practitioner of several of these modalities as well as a therapy types that can helptrained psychologist. Silke has worked with entrepreneurs and community leaders for over 15-years career helping them realign their life results and overcome blocks in their careers and lives.

She empowers Leaders with Beliefs & Actions to Increase well-being & Success in just 4 hours. Silke’s training is extensive and she has a master’s in psychology and has also trained in different CBT type therapies with a wide range of international experts like the renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and Prof. Dr. Kennedy (Neuroscience Coaching).
She likes to describe her work as an intersection between therapy, coaching, and healing. If you have ever struggled with any of the issues I mentioned earlier you will appreciate listening to Silke and how she has helped people change their inner tension into empowered actions in a short 4 hours.

Here Are Some Of The Questions We Ask Silke Glaab:

  • Why leaders (executives, entrepreneurs) are more prone to stress, depression… addictions?
  • What’s happening in your brain when you are stressed?
  • What are the key principles of how our mind works?
  • Why people don’t seek help on time?
  • What is the missing piece that no one is teaching in regards to Positive Affirmations?
  • What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?
  • Why is ‘connecting the dots of your past’ the foundation of any transformation?
  • How is ‘hypnotherapy’ different from ‘hypnosis’?
  • What can you immediately do to improve your wellbeing?

You can learn more about Slike Glaab on her website: https://silkcelia.com where she offers Free Audio Training.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques That Can Help, and get an insight into the mind and how it works for you or against you.

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