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November 6, 2020

Clairvoyant Energy Allows You To See Spiritual Phenomena Clearly UYT264

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What Does Clairvoyance Mean?

One of the psychic abilities provided through the sixth chakra, the brow chakra, the third eye chakra is clairvoyant energy. Clairvoyance, again taken from the French, meaning “clear vision.” The ability, special sight to perceive objects, people, locations, or a specific physical event without your physical eyes. Clairvoyance is on the list of the leading psychic modalities, also known as the four clairs.

Clairvoyance is the ability to gaze into the spirit world. To discover and access a whole new reality, see spirits, and receive answers from beyond. This psychic power is also called mediumship. Mediums or clairvoyants are often called upon to communicate with deceased loved ones on behalf of relatives and friends that remain in this reality. This understanding can be incredibly healing for the left behind.

Clairvoyant Energy Allows You To See Spiritual Phenomena Clearly

Some Clairvoyant Symptoms And Tips:

  • Events of daydreaming
  • Experience Lucid Dreams
  • Visualizing non-corporeal beings, spirits
  • Observing odd bursts of light, colors, or seeing orbs out of the corner of the eye
  • Your peripheral vision often sees people or shadows that disappear as quickly as you notice them.
  • Your language is very flamboyant, using colorful and vivid metaphors.
  • Envisioning in your mind what people are saying
  • Seeing subtle colors, energy vibrations behind your forehead
  • Images of people fading in and out as they begin to nod off
  • Visions, such as dreams, remaining with you after you wake up
  • Seeing, while fully awake, deceased loved ones or other forms of spirits such as guides
  • Easily seeing serene scenes while in meditation.
  • Photographic memory
  • You can easily visualize memories in your mind’s eye.
  • Seeing energy waves and their vibration

Your Clairvoyance Superpower

Clairvoyance is one of the 22 psychic gifts that you are born with. And like most of the other psychic senses and abilities, it may have become inert within your being. This deadening happens for a myriad of reasons. It can be peer pressure or that of your family to force you to stop “seeing things.” An additional reason may be that you can become lazy in regards to using this ability. But the most common reason you are not using your third eye and its beautiful gifts is that your mind becomes the controller of your life. Your logical sense is holding you back from adding the experience to your psychic repertoire. It can also be lots of fun.

Using your mind is a beautiful thing when it is appropriate. However, you cannot always be in your head and use your psychic gifts concurrently. Everything is energy, as we all are beginning to grasp. However, when you look at something, you see a solid mass, an interference pattern called physics. Your mind cannot differentiate it as energy.

Your clairvoyance sense does just that. It can see energy as energy. With the help of what do clairvoyants seeyour Clairvoyance, you will be able to see the energy that the human eye just cannot because the mind has become so accustomed to seeing. You see these interference patterns as the only reality. Everything else does not exist for it.

Developing Clairvoyance

If you feel or are not sure that your clairvoyant energy is awakening, you can take a quick psychic quiz to determine if it is so. Here is a simple test you can take to see which of your psychic abilities are awakening within you. From there, the easiest way to develop your ability of clairvoyance is to begin a meditation practice.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

As for the training required, meditation is the best. Meditation will connect you with your higher self, your true nature, which is Spirit. Spirit is not bound by time or space, which are physical laws. It can travel anywhere, anytime. Connecting with your Spiritual essence will allow you to do the same and see things that your eyes just cannot. It is just that simple.
In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to become clairvoyant and see an aura
  • Developing psychic abilities such as your clairvoyance.
  • What is clairvoyance, and how does it work?

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Clairvoyant Energy Allows You To See Spiritual Phenomena Clearly, and learn some clairvoyance ability basics, how to see auras, and get over your fundamental negative beliefs surrounding this gift and these new skills.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • D.R. – ​fascinating, 22 abilities? Wow!
  • DeP. – That’s so interesting! During a too-long labor period, my midwife asked me how I was. I told her, ‘I’m yellow. Feeling very yellow with some orange.’ Afterward, I wondered if she thought I had lost my mind. She said, ‘oh, no! I knew what you were saying.’ I didn’t do it consciously at all.
  • S.H. – ​is imagination/clairvoyance the same as intuition? Thanks for clarifying that.
  • N.K.B. – Any advice for meditation for beginners? I struggle with focus. My meditation sessions are often unproductive and get derailed by pointless, distracting thoughts that come up.
  • J.S. – What does only seeing green and pink mean?
  • DeP. – Crazy! I wouldn’t have put womb and yellow together. But 🤷🏼‍♀️.
  • M.B.A. – ​I am fixing a hole in a yellow sweater as you speak! LOL
  • J.S. – Is shamanic journeying clairvoyance?
  • N.K.B. – ​is Clarevison another word for what you’re talking about, or is it something else?

You can listen to the grounding meditation mentioned by Dr. Lesley during the show to help you clear and balance the energy of your chakras, allowing your psychic gifts to awaken Starter Guided Meditation.

A Free Chakra Reading

]Get Your Free Chakra Reading

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