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June 22, 2021

Dr. Lesley Shares More Experiences Of Psychically Channeling Spirit UYT297

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What Is Channeling?

The term channeling spirit is prevalent in the metaphysical realm. Spirit channeling is communication from an angel or with a specific spirit or group of spirits. So how does channeling work? Generally, it is more of a one-way conversation with the Spirit dictating a message meant for you as an individual or group or even humankind as a whole. The difference between this form of communication and mediumship is that the Spirit generally takes over the consciousness of the spirit channelers.

Dr. Lesley Shares More Experiences Of Psychically Channeling Spirit


Two Sessions Of Spirit Channeling By Dr. Lesley Phillips

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening Receiving Secret Messages About Love

Session One – What Is Love On Human Terms

Different Bob Marley lyrics repeatedly play psychically in the background in Dr. Lesley’s consciousness while receiving this message.

“This is a message for you.

Don’t worry about a thing

Cos every little thing is gonna be alright

Let’s get together and feel alright.

We have a message for you, Dear One.

We come to you from afar. We light a candle in your name because you are a rising flame. As you change, we are all changed and will never be the same. This is a message encoded in light. Translate it carefully, dear one, lest it be gone.”

(I see the light codes – like DNA strands in my consciousness)

“We are here. We are always here. When we are near, it means you are clear. A message of light for the human family. Drink from the well of happiness. Raise your vibration to tune into our station. We greet you, dear ones. How beautiful you are.

We sent you that song for 3 reasons.

  1. To raise your vibration.
  2. It has a message of togetherness.
  3. The lyrics of Bob Marley contain teaching for humanity.

You are asking for messages, and we tell you that we are broadcasting inspirational messages always, and they are picked up by those who are receptive. Your musicians bring our messages of love and togetherness. Your artists open doors of perception, Writers too. Your world is flooded with messages of peace and love constantly. It is all we can do to keep ourselves from shaking you and taking you out of yourselves so you can hear them.

What is love in human terms? By that, we mean evolved human terms. Love without the confusion oflove sex, loyalty, allegiance, and other human attributes. Love is all. Love is who and what we are. Love is the rising star. Love is the substance of the universe. It is what holds everything together. It attracts and inter-connects through all levels of reality, from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

Love is letting others be themselves. Love is acceptance of others. This is one of the biggest lessons of the human family at this time. Look around your planet at the separation. Countries, religions, races, political parties, rich and poor, haves and have nots. There is separation in everything. You are on a path to realizing oneness within the human family.

Oneness does not mean merging. It does not mean being all the same. It means accepting the uniqueness of each and every individual. That is what unites you. United in your differences. Able to celebrate them instead of judging them. For there is no right and wrong.

Yes, there are opposites in your world, for it is a polarized world. It is that way so that you can have a choice. Those choices enable you to create the energetic pattern known as your life. Like an artist with a blank canvas, you paint a picture of experiences and events. Then you stand back and reflect on your work. Do I like this quality here, or do I prefer another? Through you, the universe expands its idea of itself.

While humanity is busy separating itself and criticizing the other, no one is permitted this freedom of self. Allowing someone else to be themselves and have their creativity in no way diminishes you. You are you, and they are they.

They have the freedom of choice to create what they wish, and so do you. But humanity has created a society where people’s creativity is limited. There are so many rules and expectations. It is a culture of scoring points and seeking approval. When will you realize that you do not need anyone else’s approval to be yourselves?

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Most people given the freedom to be themselves would flourish. Most people, when their basic needs are met, could contribute in amazing ways to your society. If you could only see. If you could only remove the blinders. You are like those old cart horses, stuck on a forward track, unable to see the alternatives.

That is why you needed to be stopped in your tracks. That is why you now have COVID 19 in your midst. It serves you well, dear ones though you may not see it yet. It has slowed the momentum giving you the opportunity to shift gears and change tracks, so you can choose a track to a better future. All the systems that were not working that do not need to exist are crumbling both within individuals and society as well. This is necessary for you to create something better for yourselves.

Chaos breeds order, meaning humans like to create through chaos sometimes. But eventually, you come out of the chaos, and there is a bright new day dawning.”

Session Two – A Message Of Love For Humanity

“Our message is a message of love. It’s a timeless, eternal truth. We are far. Yet we are near. It seems to you we are far. We are near. We are the weavers of light. We weave light. We are weaving light. We are a center of creation. We are a center of communication. With a spindle that shoots fibers, like fiber optic cables, light fibers, spinning from our creative core, from our creative center. Spreading out like tendrils. Connecting with you, and you, and you, and all those receptive to our messages.

We are coming. We are here. We are among you. We are near. You are us. We are you. We are loved. You are too. We step forward into your reality. We are there in the man who plays his flute, and the woman wearing a suit. The speaker, the healer, we are with you in all that you do, and sometimes we come through, we come through you. We deliver a truth. We innovate. We birth change through you. We are you.

Why? How?

We are one. There is no difference. There is a perceived difference. God is love. God is light. The source that runs through all, that connects all, the fabric of all existence. You are a stitch on the cloth. There is a thread running through you. It runs through us too. We are connected, and we are one. The cloth is constantly weaving, constantly being woven. There is a stillness. There is a settling, and a motion, and a becoming, and an expanding, and a shifting, and a changing. It’s the engine of creation. It exists. All exists.

You look for a purposedo you look for a purpose in your life. You look for a reason. God doesn’t need a purpose or a reason for existing. It’s a dance of light. We dance with you. We tickle you. We tickle your fancy. We blow you a kiss in light. We blow you a kiss of light. You can unpackage them like chocolate (Hershey’s) kisses. Little packages of light. We send out kisses to you. Enjoy! Enjoy they are sent with love, and as you unpackage them, you can assimilate and integrate them. You can enjoy them. They will show you how to dance.

The spindle is a spindle of creation. A spindle of creativity, sending your threads of light throughout creation as we spin our light throughout creation, we weave together a tapestry of light. We are in a different part of the tapestry than you are, but we are part of the same tapestry.

How can we help you? How can you help us? You don’t need help. To say you need help is to say that you are not alright as you are. You are magnificent as you are. No help required. No permission required. You are perfect as you are. The imperfection is in the thought that you are imperfect.

The imperfection is in the thought that you are in some way not good enough, in some way not worthy, in some way ignorant, in some way less than. This is your mind.

The constructs of your mind create a kind of jail that you sit in. They are all constructed by you, constructed by your mind. It is the human condition to have a mind, and for that mind to think thoughts. Those are the thoughts that instruct the illusion of your reality around you. You all construct boxes around yourselves. Boxes of your beliefs, of your thoughts. Limits.

The human mind is a limit-making machine. It makes limits. It has to. It measures. It delineates. It categorizes. It places things in silos. It is how you understand your reality. Because your reality is in the dimensions of time and space.

Your mind is part of the apparatus that helps you embed yourself in that 3-dimensional experience.our belief systems create our reality But your minds have become your biggest limit. Your whole reality is constructed through walls made of thought, of limiting thoughts, of limiting beliefs from your mind from your thoughts. That isn’t you.

You are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. But your reality is constructed from them. They are so thick they are so dense they seem so real. Everything you see when you look around your world is constructed from the mass consciousness. Human minds, human thoughts. Beliefs. Based on limits constructed from limits. A limit that says there isn’t enough to go round. A limit that says if I have, they don’t. If I don’t have, they do. The limit that says we must own. We must accumulate. We must manipulate. We must control. We must continue to uphold the walls of these boxes that we have created around ourselves and must force everybody to stay within these limits

You’ve reached a point where you can’t stay within those limits anymore. You are bursting out of them. The walls are crumbling. Outside the walls, it is so different than you have known.

Some of you are scrambling to get back into the box. Get back behind the walls, but you can’t. Some of you are cowering in the corner of the walls that still remain while the wall crumbles around you, like a wall that has been blown apart by a bomb. You can’t shelter in the old paradigm outside the walls of your own making. It is so new for you. it is so different than that what you have known before.

It’s like stepping out into the bright sunlight It takes time for your eyes to adjust. It’s like nothing you have known before. Where are the walls to hold you in? Where are the rules? Step towards the light. Step towards the light. Become the light that you are you don’t need rules. A being that is a loving being doesn’t need rules. They don’t base their existence on off-limits and comparisons.

If one realizes they are one with an ever-expanding universe where there is no lack of anything. Allow yourselves to take the time for your eyes to adjust to the light. The world is bright. You will not regret the shift. You will not and cannot retreat to the dark inside of the 4 walls of the self-created room that you were in.

Your intellect tries to grab onto a story. The progression. The past. The present. The future.

Be now in the light. Be now in life. Be now. Be. Worthy sons and daughter of light. Worthy. Blessed. Glorious. Magnificent. Born in light. Put your face to the sun. Absorb the rays. Become the light that you are. A glorious sun. A glorious sun. A son of God. A sun of the source. A sun. A sun. Creator light at the core of your being. Powerful as a sun. The elements of creation within the heart and center of your being. The consciousness that directs the elements of creation into form. That is who you are.

None of the things you thought you were. None of the things that you believe within the narrow perspective of human existence. It isn’t who you are. You are not a lawyer. You are not a banker. You are not any of those things. You are a powerful creator sun with the particles of light. Creator light within you and the consciousness that can direct the light.”

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Dr. Lesley Shares More Experiences Of Psychically Channeling Spirit. Dr. Lesley shares some wonderfully deep and loving, and timeless channeled messages from her past personal sessions. Both of these are messages about love.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Dr. Lesley Shares More Experiences Of Psychically Channeling Spirit:

  • What intrigued you about channeling Spirit in the first place?
  • Why did you begin channeling messages with Archangels?
  • Can anybody do these? Can anybody channel archangels?
  • Why are you reading transcripts of channelings as opposed to doing them live?
  • What an excellent example of Infinite love and gratitude. We are one in the peaceful light.
  • That explains some things. I’ve come across some of those so-called limits lately and found they aren’t true. It puts me in a new paradigm, still trying to work with it.
  • I’m not my broken body. I’m a perfect light.
  • I loved both messages. I feel inspired & hopeful.
  • Sometimes, my inner guidance causes me stress because it seems to push me to do or try things I don’t feel ready for. I know we have to get out of our comfort zone sometimes, but I also know that stress is a major contributor to health problems. How can I move towards a happier life and reduce my stress now.? For example, what if I gave up on these ambitions to change my life? Could that make me happier (i.e., less stressed) in the here and now, or will I just be bored and start falling prey to self-indulgence?
  • I have wanted to understand the energy I’ve been seeing, and the second message really resonated with me. A few times as I am lying in bed at night, I see whirling sparkles, sometimes concentrated where it looks like a ball of electricity. It’s quieter than silence if that makes any sense. Is this a “being”? It looks like it is communicating with me, hovering above me, but I don’t understand it. I tried to talk to it once, but as I said, it’s quieter than silence. It makes me think of what a black hole would sound like.
  • I, too, have noticed tiny sparks of light, things out of the corner of my eye, a sense of presence, brief and fleeting. I’m very aware of it no matter how busy I am, can you tell me what’s going on there? •
  • I have also been hearing that ringing in my ears at odd times. It seems to shift my awareness, my sense of consciousness, wondering if it’s some kind of communication?
  • I’ve been feeling like it’s time to see what I want to do with my life. I was want to kn0w if you could tell me a purpose I’m most connected to? I have ideas, but not sure. And how can I donate for all your help?
  • Since we are on the topic, what is my life purpose, Dr. Lesley?

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