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August 17, 2021

Real Channeled Messages From The Archangels UYT304

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Shared Healing Messages From Spirit And Archangels

As a Clairvoyant, a Medium, you can receive channeled messages from beyond the veil. Channeling Spirit is a beautiful experience. You will receive messages that are not just pertinent to you but can contain information for others. Occasionally you may even receive information that is important for society as a whole. These channeled messages often will have the Spirit you are in contact with, sending healing thoughts and prayers for your and others’ wellbeing.

Real Channeled Messages From The Archangels

How To Channel Spirits

More often than not, a Medium or Clairvoyant will go into a trance. At this point, the Spirit will take over the physical process of speech, relaying their message. Also, in some instances, the Spirit will actually converse with others present during the session. Basically, people can ask questions and receive answers.

Is Channeling Spirit Dangerous?

Spirit Channelers are not in danger in any way. They can break the connection at any time. Hollywood depictions of Angels or Spirits taking over a human body and not releasing them are not real. It is movie sensationalism. However, the process can be tiring.

And that’s a quick reminder for those people who don’t know why Dr. Lesly is reading past channellings as opposed to channeling directly online at this point in time. The process is can really be draining. As well there is never a certainty that a Spirit will accept the invitation.

Angels Sending Healing Thoughts

Channeled Message 1: Creative Youniversechanneling messages

The first one is called Creative Youniverse, and this seemed like the most appropriate name for it. So this is what the message is talking about, Source Energy.

“Source Energy is the creative source, the source of all creativity. All artists, poets, writers, inventors, socialists, all of your interests come from the one high, truly creative source of all. That is not to say that your creative spark is not your own, for it is yours. You experience it as your own. It fills you with excitement, a drive, a thrill, a passion. That is the creative source in action. When you feel that way, you are channeling Source Energy.

What is source energy? Source Energy is Creator Energy. You are Creator Energy. And then there’s a quote made in his name, eternally creative consciousness. You asked to talk about the human race. We will talk to you about the human race.

First of all, though, it’s not a race. Everything comes in its own good time. And it is time the divine imprint is upon you. It is within you. It is unraveling and is present within your being. It animates your every thought, your every action. God’s light, Source Energy, created light within you, illuminating your mind, thoughts, and actions. Each one of you has this. The degree to which you do or do not attune to it is related to the degree to which you are conscious or unconscious, awakened or awakened, clear or unclear, pure or unpure, in alignment or out of alignment.

You all have this. And you are invited, more than invited. Your mantle of unconsciousness is being discarded. You are being spiritually disrobed. You are being made spiritually naked.

As in your garden of Eden story, Adam and Eve were in the garden of knowledge, and they ate from the apple. They went unconscious, and became ignorant, and covered themselves in a mantle of unconsciousness. It’s time to take off the fig leaf. It’s happening slowly, but surely, in your timeframe. From our perspective, you see it has happened. This happening has happened all at once. The whole divine experience for you, you are divine. You are love, you are light, and we love you. we love you dearly.”

(Then, they showed me (Dr. Lesley) an image like the Vitruvian man, an image of a man and a five-channeled message includes image of vitruvian manpointed star with a mathematical formula. They showed me other images; atoms, molecules, time clocks, ticking models of the solar system, etc. Many historical characters, Leonardo da Vinci, Henry the Eighth Rembrandt, Anberlin, Lincoln. On and on in this big sequence and I said, “Well, why are you showing me these pictures? Below is their response.)

So you will understand what you want to understand. That you are always here. You always have been here. You always will be here. You are available 24/7 to each of the billions of people alive on the planet today. Creativity, inspiration, a drive for the betterment of the species it’s inbuilt to the system. And you are just as much a part of the system as we are. There’s so much Creative Energy.

Every single one of you can drink deeply from the well and from the cup and never run out. The creative source of the universe is beaming directly at you into your home, 24 hours a day. Bubbling up from within you, surrounding you, embracing you, loving you, stimulating you. You can’t escape it. It is you. You are a part of it. You are sons and daughters of the Creative Source made in the image of the Divine Creative Source. Creative beings with free will to choose how you will create what you will create and when you will create it.

Everything you think, say, or do is you creating. That’s you creating something; creating through thought, creating through action, creating a communication. You can’t escape being creative. Even when you’re not being creative, actually, you are. The very act of your existence is a creation. And that’s your earth walk, your earth journey to create. And then to see the results of your creation. To create and have what you created reflected back at you. And to decide, yes, I like this. Or no, I don’t. Then make another choice. And on it goes.

Your life journey is a bit like a tree or a tapestry that you create as you live it. You tend to think of a specific creation as an object, a painting, a book. But your life is a creation, and it has a shape, and it has a form. It has an energy about it that is expressed. And if you could see it from our perspective, you’d be amazed.

It’s like a magnificent play, with beauty or richness with contrasts, ups and downs, and drama. And it is your creation. Think of a play. Your life is like a play in some ways, actually, in a lot of ways. It’s like the play of you. You are the playwright, and you are the audience. And depending on how awake or aware you are, you are like the actor who hasn’t realized they are in the play at all.

Or you are the conscious creator, as the playwrights. And you’re the one enjoying the show, and having fun, whether it’s an up or down experience. “

Your Past Lives Explained

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Channeled Message 2: Segment On Time

We want to talk about time. Time is relative to the perceiver. Time is not absolute. You exist in time. And you perceive time, but you perceive the time as the perceiver of the time. You can alter your perception of time. You can bend time. You can stretch a second to last forever, and you can make a day pass in the blink of an eye. Your experience of time is based purely on your perception.

When you are very present, when you are in the now, you can increase the depth of your perception infinitely at that moment. The more acutely present you are, the more deeply at the moment you are. The greater the depth of experience you perceive or receive from that moment.

That moment may feel like a long time to you because of the depth of perception from which you are experiencing the moment. When you are less present with the moment, time appears to speed up, and it can disappear in a wisp of smoke because you have a shallow depth of perception. This is because you have focused away from yourself and have not been so present.

There is a fluidity to time. You can all be present. Many of you can be present at the same events. However, each perceives it differently based on your depth of perception, the acuity or degree to which you are conscious.

You have a saying time is an illusion. Time is not an illusion to you. It’s a rule. It’s the quality of your physical reality, and you embedded yourself within this dimension of time from free will. It’s a choice. It gives you certain qualities of experience that you thought would be exciting. Without time there would be no cause and effect. You could not cause something to happen. You could not see the effect of what you caused. You could not say something and see the response in another person’s face. You could not hit a baseball and get a homerun. There would be no cause and effect.

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Time is fun. It’s part of the game that you have chosen to have this cause and effect. Without time you could not have free will in the form you have it. You could not have choices in the way you have it. In one moment, you can’t have it all. So you must choose this or that.

So time gives you, or you might say from time stems, many of the other aspects of your existence, free will cause and effect, the ability to experience your life in a linear way. Where one moment leads to the next, seemingly from your perspective. Or from another perspective, all that life exists as one magnificent creation with all the choices, causes, and results showing up as part of the design within the magnificent tapestry. And beautiful, beautiful work that you do a stitch here a stitch there.”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Real Channeled Messages From The Archangels as Dr>lesley shares two more channeled messages from form Spirit. These messages come from a greater power with a far deeper spiritual awareness than us on this plain. These beautiful words are for us all and are ment as guidance to help us grow.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Real Channeled Messages From The Archangels:

  • How do you create the light within you?
  • How do you fan the flame of your light?
  • How do you create your life?
  • How do you control what you create?
  • How do these messages topics come about? Are they different than those you receive from your Spirit Guides?
  • I’ve been hearing lately in the spiritual community that we should expect time to feel like it’s speeding up in the coming months/years.
  • Would a different universe have a different structure than ours, like magnetics are different in another universe or plain?
  • I don’t remember the question during a past reading, but you told me one of my issues was that my sexuality is not my own. What does that mean? Does that have to do with the sacral chakra?
  • Can anyone channel archangels?

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