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the 7 secrets to awaken your intuition
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Your Psychic Abilities Unfolded.

My main focus in life is to teach people, including you, how to awaken your intuition, how to unlock your psychic powers. The term Psychic or Intuition is tossed around a lot in our Metaphysical community and yet it seems that it is not fully understood. We speak about going with our intuition or women’s intuition but do we use it to the fullest. In my how to get in touch with your psychic abilitiesexperience with clients and students not many do. I am certain that you like them would love to take the next step in developing your psychic intuition. Yes, they feel it because let’s face it intuition is seeing with the soul and even if you are a little “awake” you can sense that. Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next yet we do not trust that sensation. Some people will even shy away because they are afraid of a psychic attack. Do not fear!

Do you ever get that strange feeling that you just know something that you shouldn’t? That something has happened to someone. Maybe you feel that you should go somewhere that you were not planning. This may be your intuition. Whether you call it psychic ability or an intuitive gift they are both the same side of the same coin.

Awaken Your Intuition

Do you know how to get in touch with your psychic abilities? Do you even know you have them or maybe you display some signs of an intuitive person are you using the gift? Maybe not! The reason we don’t act and react to our intuition is that there is no “how strong is my intuition quiz‘ that can let us know we are actually capable. Or is there, check out my Psychic Ability Quiz? A system that will ensure you that you understand fully every time you are having a sensation that it will be accurate. What sign or signs do you look for when this gift shows up? What do you feel within yourself when your “Spidey Sense” tingles?

Whether you are a novice looking to begin the process of learning to awaken your intuition or have strong characteristics of highly intuitive people and are looking to go to the next level there may be a time when you hit some blocks along the way. Even extremely intuitive people run into issues with their ‘superpowers’. You can get past these intuitive roadblocks with a little effort. We discuss just this in this episode.

In this Podcast you will learn:

  • How to develop psychic abilities.
  • What are the types of Intuitive abilities?
  • What are the blocks to your intuitive awakening?
  • how to make your intuition stronger

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Awaken Your Intuition, Learn The 7 Secrets, discusses the issues around blocks and the learn of using your intuition. Is it time to open up and receive your gifts.

Find Your Intuition Style

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

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