September 3, 2018

Am I Psychic?

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Is It Easy To Discover Your Psychic Type?

OK, so you want to know the answer to the question, “Am I Psychic”? You are not alone. Many people come to me with the same question or one very similar. Humanity is beginning to awaken spiritually, environmentally, and psychically. You may not have a psychic awareness but you are psychic you just haven’t developed your gift as of yet, or have you? Imagine this: You are sitting home alone watching TV or reading a book. You are happy and relaxed. Everyone else is out visiting friends. Suddenly, you hear a voice. It isn’t from the TV or even in the house but you hear clear as day.


Where did it come from? Then you hear it again! Then something hits home, it  am i psychic because i can see ghostsis a voice from somewhere else in time and space and you actually wonder for a moment if you have lost your mind and are slipping over to the side of schizophrenia but you feel normal. The next thought that may occur is “do I have Psychic abilities”?

If you have ever had experiences like this or of any other type that you cannot explain, not to worry! There are ways to know if you are Psychic. Being “psychic” can mean different things to different people, so let’s begin by looking at what a psychic is and the main abilities one may possess.

You may have seen psychics in movies and wondered about their veracity. Well, Psychics are not like that. These are not strange and weird individuals going around stopping people on the street with messages for them from the great beyond. The truth is they are just like me and you and their abilities are usually extremely subtle.

The Types Of Psychic Abilities

Let’s look at the basics of The Four Clairs, the 4 main types of Psychic Abilities:

  • Clairvoyance: This is the ability to see clearly. It includes the ability to see spiritual phenomena such as beings without bodies and more.
  • Clairaudience: It means clear hearing. It is the ability to hear beings without bodies such as spirits.
  • Clairsentience: Clairsentience means “clear feeling” and refers to your ability to tune into the feelings and emotions of other people and spirits alike.
  • Claircognizance: This is the ability of “clear knowing” and relates to your psychic ability to tune into and instantly know all sorts of information.

You Can Discover Your Psychic Type

It is time to answer the question “do I possess psychic powers” that you may be asking yourself or others. Here is the interesting thing you are all gifted with these abilities and have one or more of these what psychic powers do i haveabilities and you can discover what your psychic type is. Being that we all have them most of the people you meet will have some form of supernatural expression. Just they keep these things to themselves for the fear of being branded strange or weird. You understand that don’t you.

Here is the real fun part of all of this, YOU can awaken your abilities at any time or develop one or all of these psychic abilities. All in all, there is no need to fear. You are not an eerie person. Actually, you are more normal than you may have originally thought. So the answer to your question is, Yes Definitely you are Psychic.

So now that you know that you have supernatural abilities many people would ask questions like, what type of psychic am I, what is my psychic ability, what psychic powers do I have, is my child psychic, and this quite normal. So if the next question you ask will be what are my abilities, my psychic superpowers, and how do I develop them? These are all great questions!

First of all, it is best to take it easy and pressure yourself. This journey of awakening should be relished and enjoyed. Another sage piece of advice is to find someone like myself who can help guide and mentor you in developing your gift. One thing to remember is to go at your own speed and that does take practice. You never know where it will lead you.

To Answer The Question Am I Psychic…

If this information resonates with you or you have had an “interesting” experience and you may believe that the answer to your question is yes, then you are psychic, but maybe you still aren’t sure and are looking to move forward along this exciting journey I completely understand. I have also walked the same path and completely get it. This is why I have created a helping hand for you to take that next important step or leap. This is a link to a free Psychic Ability Quiz your own psychic personality test. It is easy and fun. Jump in and I will see you on the other side.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

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  1. I just recently found out that most of the time my friends or anyone I’m talking to is about to say something I usually know what they’ll say..and then the deja vus just seem a bit heightened this time around than before. Also, sometimes I find myself talking to this voice inside me and it almost always says things to correct me in a way, from doing something that I was about to do. It kind of feels like it steers me away from a direction I was headed toward

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